Herba Family Wellness Chest pain help

i think uh… came to a herbal
chiropractic after our spending uh… little balb in the hospital for chest
pains alfaro had a heart attack with roe v_ part of tests and all the uh… stress test everything that they had
gone on there and i’ll everything seemed to be ok but you know
they could jailed and the new saying wait a minute i still felt still quite hot so i told my wife is one of the time
that uh… something happens and the friend of mine
has been just time to give me a great big hug from behind picking up off the
ground and her to snap crackle and pop in i’ve had problems like that passed in the felt better so essentially what can
we go let’s check in to natural way chiropractic i tell you why has been the solution they haven’t had
any of that uh… those problems since i’ve been coming here uh… the uh… do such a wonderful job they are take the x_-rays at the beginning date frequently check through it isn’t the
come once a month for the insurance thing they really care about your health usage of our program help you to be
committed to the program if you’re committed to your health and uh… i don’t know i think this is
one going on a month and i have two months be inherent flaw live better justanswer swings are grown a lot better
o although things that were the reason rather or the other thing a lot of changes so you just monthly ask town what do you think about the other half
ready for you well i i i i had to go down to a school
in eighty five four i was a holistic school of medicine for
massage therapy and i saw an canoe some of the prevented that something is
amiss they spoke highly of the alternative things of course years
ago it wasn’t the alternative that was the main thing but when we have this thing with medication started
popping up which hasn’t been all that long really wacky him and all that stuff but the natural way of dealing with things
you know it just makes sense that you know if you could a kink in the hose it
doesn’t go as much water out or if you are pinged him on your versus going to cause
uh… you’re going to have the energy flow to
those areas that you would normally and so uh… to me it just makes perfectly good sense course fucked it’s the longer common sense that some common sense
because people don’t go on out the crazies fro you get away from what he says about he’s the one that wrote the book on this cookbook guidelines of instruction
manual for these get away from that group for the get away from the common sense
and it just makes perfectly good sense
that’s what i’m trying to save also a cloudy day asa baber
congratulations girl in iraq out by six thousand process or is it

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