Hollow Knight- How to Find Isma’s Tear Ability to Swim in Acid

Hey, how you doing today, my name is Relyea and thank you so much for stopping by. Today We’re playing Hollow Knight and I’m gonna show you how to get Isma’s Tear as quickly and easily as possible The first thing you’re gonna want to do is make sure that you have a Lumfly Lantern which is gonna cost 1,800 geo I personally think it makes it a little bit easier as you’re going through the Royal Waterways so you can pick it up right here and then we’re gonna go ahead and use a stag station That’s gonna take us all the way down to the City of Tears right here Alright, so the first thing you wanna do is head down to the main area in the City of Tears All right, and so from here this takes this simple key to unlock and this is where we are on the map right here So let’s go ahead and jump right in As You can see here on the map. We dropped into the Royal waterways We went to the left and then we wind down towards the bench We did need the desolate dive to open up this area to get to the bench now we’re gonna press on and the next thing we’re gonna have to do is defeat the dung defender in Order to open up the path that is gonna allow us to get to Isma’s Tear so essentially everything that you need to get this done is one you need the desolate dive to You’re gonna need to defeat the dung defender and three you’re gonna need the crystal heart ability to get Isma’s Tear as well If you’re missing any of these abilities be sure to check out some of my other videos I have covered tutorials on how to get each and every one of these abilities already So once you beat the dung defender, you can go ahead and pick up the defenders crest. Don’t forget to subscribe. It’s right there Why not and then go ahead and flip the switch in this next room Once you get this done, you’re gonna double back in just a little bit So I’m gonna go ahead and pull the map right here I’m going to show you exactly where we’re backtracking just a little bit and then we’re gonna continue down into the right Until we need to use a crystal heart ability to get our way across Alright, so we just want a good little ways I’m gonna show you this is where we are on the map right here and we’re gonna use our crystal heart ability to get across this whole area If you do not beat the dung defender before this point this area right here is gonna be blocked off and it’s gonna be filled with the acid you Do have a couple of mini fights that you have to deal with These guys are super annoying. Once you drop into this area. You have a couple of enemies that you have to fight So make sure your full health before you get here. The good thing is that once these guys are down They are the last obstacle between you and ish most here Right here you’re gonna find Isma’s Tear and there it is You are no longer gonna be affected by that acid and this is gonna make life a lot easier You’re not going to be affected by that acid anymore and it’s just gonna open up Different parts of the map for you if you found this video helpful in any way shape or form Do me a huge favor and be sure to subscribe for even more Hollow Knight tips tricks and how-to videos again My name is Relyea and I thank you so much for stopping by

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  1. I hope that this video help you out. I found the Royal Waterways a bit tricky my first time through. If the video did help please consider subscribing and leave me a comment letting me know where you would like some help or just some video suggestions.

    If you would like a full game guide be sure to check out Hold to Rest's Hollow Knight walkthrough here: https://holdtoreset.com/hollow-knight-guide/12/

  2. Your videos are all very good, but I would love it even more if you put timestamps in each tutorial video. (Edit) I am Spoofii on the Switch, add me!

  3. ah ok. i had forgotten exactly where the tear was so seeing it on your map jogged my memory. was stuck for hours trying to find it again haha

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  5. You are the BEST mate. Keep up the good work!

    BTW make more Hollow Knight Videos, maybe a full gameplay walktrough or something.

  6. Oh heck hello again favourite gamer with the best game face ever

    Legit didnt notice until i saw your channel name wheeze

  7. At first I didn't wanted to use any video's to help to get me through the game, but this really helps!! At least I know now where I can go and can't go, thanks for this video, I give a big thumbs up and a subscribe 'w') b

  8. Sooooo… first i got the crystall hearth so i can get the tear so i can get the shape of unn so i can use it against grimm… that is alot of work for a charm xD

  9. Or you can use the way easier with going from kingdoms edge to isma's Grove is the easiest and fastest but you have to make far in the game before you can get to the kingdom edge of course

  10. God, that dash at 3:10 was what I couldn't find. Usually exits you havent visited show up on the map, but there's absolutely no indication of that exit on the map prior to entering it. One of the rare bad game design moments I've come across so far.

  11. Me: this is gonna be e-

    You have to defeat dung defender

    Me: what was I saying again?

    Me: oh yeah, It's gonna be impossible.

  12. Thanks for the tips I totally didn't know where that water switch lead to. I have the wings, the hook, the shadow dash, the soul scream/fireball, kings brand, super sayian dash and my nail upgraded with all three arts, a butt load of charm pins/slots (need 14 more for the whole set) and I still die in the acid water. I'm like there's gotta be a way to swim in it because I've seen paths to areas I've been to that requires swimming in the acid. I was lost but this was a big help. Thanks again man. Next I gotta find the banker bitch who stole my Geo. She is next on my hit list after the acid swim ability.

  13. me: *becomes a great sub to your channel hopefully*
    also me: *wants you to get more subscribers so try I make a million fake accounts and sub but realize I have no idea how to make another account*

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