How can I manage nausea during pregnancy?

– Nausea in pregnancy can
certainly be an issue, and it really does affect a
lot of women in pregnancy. Approximately 70% of women then have some form of nausea during pregnancy. In most cases it’s something that’s mild and it really doesn’t require too much, otherwise then really kind
of avoiding certain things that may trigger the nausea. But in certain cases, you do need more. Certainly, vitamin B6 is
one of the classic things that can be used, and just a small amount of
that actually is very helpful. Ginger is also then one of the things that can help with nausea, and it can really help in many forms. So everything from ginger
ale to ginger snaps, to ginger tea and even ginger root itself ground up and made into a
paste actually can be helpful. And so those simple things
that just over-the-counter really can help with nausea.

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