How Many Items fit in a Minecraft CHEST?

So, the other day I made a video trying to find out what 2 million would look like in Minecraft, to celebrate me hitting 2 million subscribers on YouTube and the answer is, it looks pretty crazy. I tried out a whole bunch of different methods; all of them looking very impressive. But it also got me asking the question – I wonder how many total items I could fit inside a Minecraft chest. You see, I really enjoy storage in Minecraft I build a lot of storage systems because I like to store large quantities of items I often have very high speed automatic farms running and you need to make sure that you have plenty of space for all of the stuff that is going to be flowing into them. But what if I had just one single double chest. Just one. How many items could I fit inside? Just as a quick disclaimer before we begin this is for survival minecraft only, otherwise I could fill a chest with items and then put those inside chests Which go inside chests, which got inside chests and so on and so forth it would get completely ridiculous and exponential. We’re not going to be doing that today anyway. Now that we’ve got that all the way, non stackable items is 54.16 stackable items such as ender pearls and things like that 864 and for all the regular items such as diamonds, dirt, stone everything like that you can fit 3456 items inside a double chest so there we go. I hope you enjoyed this video, and I’ll catch you in the next one. No of course I’m joking. We can go much, much, deeper than that, and that’s mainly thanks to these guys, the shulker boxes Thanks to shulker boxes We can now store items inside shulker boxe and then store those shulker boxes inside chests, meaning that we have a lot more storage space So let’s do the math on this one inside a shulker box you can fit up to 1728 items and inside a regular double chest you can fit 54 different shulker boxes Which means they in total you can get 93,312 items inside a single double chest Ninety three thousand! Almost 100 thousand items are currently sitting inside this 2×1 area I mean, that’s completely bonkers! But we can take it one step further than that by converting all of our diamonds into diamond blocks That way each one of these stacks represents 576 diamonds which means that inside the shulker box we’ve got 15,552 diamonds And thats a, thats a lot of mining sessions, I mean that would be you would have to be an incredibly dedicated Minecrafter to have this quantity of diamond blocks But you’d have to be an even more dedicated Minecrafter to fill up this double chest because in total we have got eight hundred and thirty-nine thousand, eight hundred and eight diamonds Inside here. All of them stored within their diamond blocks which are being stored within shulker boxes Which are then being stored within this double chest. Eight hundred and thirty nine thousand items! That’s just crazy, but and you probably should have expected this we can take this one step further and that’s all thanks to the golden nugget. You see golden nuggets and iron nuggets are interesting because they have a two-level crafting system. If we just place all of these inside the crafting bench you can see we can make one stack of golden ingots and then we can use those golden ingots to create seven gold blocks. But then if we want to get our gold bars back then we just chuck the golden blocks back into the crafting grid and there we go. We’re back at sixty-four gold ingots, and then we can place these inside again, and there we go we have nine stacks of gold nuggets back. Which means that all of those gold nuggets are being stored inside seven blocks of gold. So, using that logic Inside each stack of these golden blocks we have got 5,184 golden nuggets. Which already is quite an impressive number But that means inside the shulker box we have got 139,968 golden nuggets Now that is incredibly impressive. I’m already impressed by this, but obviously if we transfer that over to the double chest We’ve got 54 different shulker boxes inside here all of them containing those 139,968 golden nuggets that means in total we have got 7,558,272 golden nuggets right there, we’re looking at them right now Just over seven and a half million items, right here. Inside that double chest. So there is your answer. That is the most number of items that you can fit inside a double chest in survival Minecraft. Now we had a little bit gold left over from that previous experiment so I thought I’d glam myself up a little bit and stand upon my golden throne for this final part of the video Which is just a little bit of trivia about how much gold is actually inside that double chest. You see we currently have ninety-three thousand three hundred twelve meters cubed stored inside that double chest which does beggar the question how on earth does it all fit? There must be Some crazy tardis technology going on inside this thing, but also how is it not falling through the floor? You see that would weigh an awful lot, I mean 1 meter cubed of gold weighs 19 thousand 282 kilos. Which means that inside that double chest we have 1 billion 799 million 241 thousand 984 kilos of gold. That’s a.. that’s an awful lot. That thing weighs a lot it must be exerting a lot of pressure on the floor in fact it Is it’s exerting just under 9 billion Pascal’s, so you would not want that thing landing on your foot. But also, I mean, we have to ask it . Gold is worth quite a lot of money. In fact It’s 42 thousand 458 dollars per kilo at this point in time those are the current gold prices, which means that inside this double chest We’re currently storing.. 7.64 times ten to the thirteen dollars also known as seventy six trillion dollars. Now if that’s the case, I think I think I’m going to be giving up YouTube for the time being I’m going to get myself a fleet of private jets and we’re never gonna touch down. We’re just going to fuel them with money I’m just going to throw money through into the engines and on that note it’s time to end. I hope that you enjoyed this video if you did, be sure to that like button and if you really loved it then make sure to subscribe, but thanks for watching guys. This has been Mumbo, and I’m out to the Bahamas. I’ll see you there!

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  1. U could of have more gold nugget ender chest can hold 27 item so put the ender chest in one of the shulkers and then u can hold more gold nugget and if that chest was in real life the chest will be probily in the bottom of the world😂😂😂

  2. Hey ihave a tip you can store
    unlimited items by storing filled shulker boxes into shulker boxes and you can do this process unlimitedly in creative mode.

  3. Inside the chest put shulker full and in all those shulkers put shulkers full and inside put full shulker and repeat along, that's unlimited

  4. Mumbo standing atop his golden throne: now that I have all this gold, let me just craft myself up some wooden tools.

  5. Can't you just put the largest amount showed in this video, put them in an ender chest, and just put a hell lot of stacks of ender chests into a shoulder box, then putting those shulker boxes into a double chest since well they're still considered items in the chest since the shulker box system counts lol

  6. You can actually fit way more. Fill each shulker box with more shulker boxes, and then fill those shulker boxes with more shulker boxes, and then fill those shulker boxes full of shulker boxes, and so on. Unlimited storage.

  7. Wrong you could have put anvils considered them as iron nuggets and put it in a shulker box then made a ton of those shulker boxes put it in an another shulker box then make a ton of those to fill a large chest. DO THE MATH

  8. Place shulker boxes inside shulker boxes inside shulker boxes inside shulker boxes inside…..



  9. Shulker box filled with 64 stacks but leave one space that is a shulker box filled with 64 stacks leaving one space for another shulker box rinse repeat

  10. He could have used an ender chest in place of a shulker box in the ender chest adding a good amount of gold nuggets

  11. 26 stacks of gold blocks and one ender chest in one shulker box and 27 of those shulker boxes in you ender chest and 54 stacks of ender chests in your double chest

  12. What if we put diamons inside
    Shulker boxes inside of shulker boxes inside of shulker boxes

    If you think about it its infinite space

  13. You could go even deeper and in one of the shulker box you replace one slot with an ender chest which has shulker boxes inside, this means that you would be able to put gold blocks inside the shulker box inside the enderchest inside the other shulker inside the large chest. It would add up more and make that chest weigh more.

  14. Put and ender chest Inside 1 slot and fill it with shulkers with gold blocks
    That expands the double chest to triple chest – 1

  15. You can store a shulker box with 64 golden blocks each slot, into another shulker box and do the same thing 54 times, now thats another level

  16. How many items can you fit in a double chest?
    Mumbo: ~7000000
    Me: infinite – you can fit infinite items inside a double chest, single chest, ender chest, shulker box, dispenser… etc
    how? simple! shulker boxes were invented

  17. What if you store shulker boxes in an enderchest, store the enderchest in a chest and fill the rest of the chest with shulker boxes

  18. A double chest filled with shulkerboxes each filled with shulkerboxes filled with shulkerboxes filled with shulkerboxes?

  19. If we count ethereal storage, could we consider an enderchest filled with shulker boxes filled with gold blocks as the final level? Itll take up one slot, but that one slot will have the equivalent of all those shulker boxes in it…..

  20. I think that the biggest number that you can get is by filling the shulkers with notch apples. That would be 8 gold blocks per Apple

  21. 93,312 items in one double chest final answer and I'll tell you why

    When you take those diamonds and turn them into blocks, you don't make more item space then 93,312 items in the double chest. "Why?" you ask? Because the moment you take your three diamonds and turn them into a block, you change 9 items into 1 item, otherwise 9 diamonds would change into 9 blocks. The only thing that changes is the density of the block itself. That one diamond block had 9 diamonds in it but it still didn't increase the space in the chest.
    Edit: Mumbo says throughout the video *items*, not diamonds or gold

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