How Much Coffee Is Too Much? | Responding to Your Comments #10

– Hey guys, welcome to another episode of Responding to Comments. Why are we waiting? Bee-woop. (upbeat music) Only casual, am I the sole
male viewer of this channel? No, you’re not, actually
let’s do this right now, I’m gonna do this live. I’m going to My Analytics and I’m gonna find out in
the last 28 days what the, it’s 59% female and 41% male, but the reason why you may think that is because males are probably less likely to engage in the comments. Why does Advil not work
for me but Tylenol does? Diane, I have no idea. I do tell my patients
to experiment with both, if they’re both acceptable, so if one works better than the other. Sarah Amaladoss, what are some good ways to clear soft ears? Like when you’re on the plane
and your ears get clogged? Something that I do that’s very simple is chew on a piece of gum. That motion of your jaw can
open up your Eustachian tube and that can allow free flowing of air, which allows your ears
to feel less clogged, I think that’s a great way of doing that. Also drinking some water for an extended period of time so like slow chugs can also
open up the Eustachian tube as well. Should I be worried and see a doctor if at random times, different limbs start to go numb every so often? It happens especially when
I’m laying down in bed. Monica, that sounds like
a very unique symptom. When things are going numb in your body, two things are happening. Most likely something’s
happening with the nerves. So is there pressure
being put on the nerves that’s causing them to malfunction and causing you to feel numbness? Also it could be a lack of blood flow, for example, if you cut off the
circulation to your fingers, your fingers can go numb. Which one of those two things
can be happening to you is an important question. It can be answered only
through a thorough history, a thorough physical exam and again, maybe some tests or labs
that need to be ordered. Go see your doctor. Nate Davis it’s not safe
to wear two watches. Sometimes I wear a Fitbit and a watch. I know the Fitbit tells the time, but I’m old school, I like
to wear a classic watch. I know this isn’t an
example of a classic watch and guess what it is
safe to wear two watches. Doctor approved. I wonder if I can get sued for that. What is your opinion on
pre workout supplements. Noremac, great question. When I was in the beginning
of my weightlifting journey, I was very passionate about it, I was taking Creatine,
I was taking protein, I was monitoring my intake of carbs, I actually got to the point where I was like 218 pounds, but very low body fat. I was in really good shape. As far as pre workouts go, I am not a fan. And it’s really for two reasons. There’s a ton of caffeine in these things. Caffeine and sugar, usually
those are the two ingredients that I don’t like in there. If you’re gonna have something
to boost your energy level, might as well have a cup of coffee. Why have artificial caffeine
put into this chemical blend of God knows what? You and I hopefully both now know that supplements are not
regulated by the FDA. All of these blends that you
see in the ingredients labels, you have no idea what that blend is. It’s all sorts of chemicals. If you want an energy boost, drink some green tea,
have a cup of coffee, no need to go for a chemical
mixture of a pre workout. Kaylor Andrews hey doctor Mike, I was wondering what are the
white dots on fingernails, I’ve heard lots of
different reasons as to why. Leukonychia, specifically
punctate Leukonychia is white dots on nails and specifically white dots that when you press on your
nail bed they don’t disappear. A lot of times this happens
as a result of trauma, like you bang your nail and you get a little white spot on it. If you have a lot of these
and on multiple fingers, even if as far as you
find lines on your nails, that’s something you should bring up to your doctor, especially if they’re new or enlarging or increasing in number, because the state of your nails tell a great story about
the status of your health. Those who have immune problems, pulmonary problems, cardiac problems, we see certain signs inside fingernails that can give us and point
us as to where we should look inside their body. Every good doctor looks at patients’ nails when we’re doing a physical exam. I love coffee, I’ve been
drinking a cup a day since high school, but recently
I’ve been getting anxious and my heart gets shaky. Could that be from coffee consumption? If so, why has it never
affected me before? Thanks. Alyssa, great question, I generally discourage
those in high school from ingesting caffeine, just cause like you have
so much energy as is, taking more through
caffeine is just not great, you’re gonna build up
a tolerance early on. Shakiness and anxious,
could that be as a result of your caffeine intake? It’s possible, could there
be something else happening in your body? I’ll use an example and I’m
not saying this is happening to you. If your body is producing
too much tyroid hormone and your drinking coffee,
now you have two things that are increasing your heart’s output which makes it feel like
your heart’s racing, it can increase your anxiety,
all sorts of symptoms, but the only way we can figure out if it’s the tyroid that’s happening, if it’s something else, if it’s just the caffeine
is to rule it out by asking you questions. When does it happen, how
often does it happen, what other associated
symptoms are going on? Then doing a physical exam,
listening to your heart, seeing if there is a murmur, seeing if your heart’s beating normally, go see your doctor, find out
if it’s just the caffeine, if you need to reduce the
amount that you’re having. Generally we say below 400 milligrams, you shouldn’t be having too
many side effects with caffeine. Nowadays, with Starbucks
and Dunkin’ Donuts loading up the caffeine content. I’ve seen some patients
drink a large coffee with three espressos in it that equals like six, 700
milligrams of caffeine on one drink. Everyday when I wake up my throat hurts. So what do I do? I have cough drops and I take them but the pain comes back every morning. By the way, I’m not sick
and I’m not catching a cold. This has been happening every morning for about a year now. Emma, I can’t diagnose people
through the YouTube channel because I need to ask questions
I need to do a physical exam I may need to order lab work, maybe do some kind of culture, to see what bacteria’s around, but I’ll talk about my past experiences. I’ve had a lot of patients come in with the misconception that
they have some sort of bug, whether that’s viral or bacterial, it doesn’t matter for this explanation. The reason they think that is
cause they have a sore throat just like you’re saying for
an extended period of time. So I ask a bunch of questions and what we end up finding
out is that they have post-nasal drip, which means that you have excess mucus production
from the posterior part of your nose that at night, especially when you’re lying down drips onto the back of your throat, your pharynx and it causes soreness, because that mucus is irritating
the back of your throat. Another thing that could be going on is something called LPR,
laryngopharyngeal reflux. I know that’s a mouthful, but all that is is it’s
traditional heartburn acid reflux, the acid from your stomach going up, but it’s not causing you burning here. To cause burning here it takes
a substantial amount of acid but now if a small amount
of acid touches the back of your throat that can cause damage that can last many weeks and if you’re eating citrusy foods or you’re consistently
getting this acid in there, you’re causing repetitive damage and that can cause a chronic sore throat. Every once in a great while I feel a sharp pain in my chest or my side when I breath in which causes shortness of
breath for like two minutes. Is this normal? Jaybirdie, this doesn’t sound normal. Any time you’re feeling
symptoms in your chest or your lungs that induce
shortness of breath, that should be checked out. I don’t know your age, but
odds are you’re probably young and you don’t have heart disease, but even though something
has a lower likelihood of occurring in your age group, if that one thing can be very
dangerous to your health, like a heart attach,
you wanna catch early. My thoughts if I had to venture and guess and this is not a medical opinion, my medical opinion is that
you should see your doctor, but somethings that could be going on is that you can have a muscle cramp within the inner coastal muscles, which is the muscles in between your ribs and when you get that
sort of spasm in there it can make it heard to breathe ’cause you can’t take a deep breath and maybe that’s what you’re feeling. Also I’ve heard of people
having a diaphragm cramp which is that large muscle
immediately below your lungs that you can also have a
cramp or some kind of pain in and that can also make it
difficult for you to breathe. In the past few months I’ve
gotten this annoying headache on the lower back left side of my head. The pain stays there but also radiates down my neck sometimes. I also get headaches
frequently all over my forehead and back of my head,
should I go to the doctor to have this checked out? Riley to answer your
question very simply, yes. A headache that’s that
severe or that chronic, meaning it’s going on
for a long period of time should be evaluated by a doctor. Does that mean that there’s
something worrisome going on? Not necessarily. There are some red flags that we look for in patients who have headaches and don’t panic if you have some of these. These are just some red flags. A, you wake up with a headache. B, you have a headache
with physical exertion or sexual activity. C, you get headaches after you eat food. D, you have a headache that
causes neurological symptoms. Numbness of your face, bad vision and this can happen with migraines, but it is a red flag that we look at. The final one I guess would
be that you have a headache that’s very severe that’s been ongoing for an extended period of time. Now I now that’s not complete, I know I only gave you some red flags, but I think I answered your question, go see your doctor. Please keep it going,
smash the like button, hit the subscribe button and the notification bell so we can keep this channel going. As always, stay happy and healthy. (upbeat music)

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  1. Hey Dr Mike, what do you think about taking "fat loss" pills while working out specifically CLA pills as they are marketed to be more "natural"

  2. Each to their own for pre-workout. You wanna know what makes them sell so much? Convenience. If I am on the go and I want a quick boost of energy, I am not gonna wait for my cup of coffee to brew. For one, I do not believe in their blends or anything, I simply take them for the caffeine. Also 1 scoop of the pre-workout usually has less or equal to the amount of daily recommended dose if you are wondering.

  3. I heard a vegan say that ever since they stopped eating animal products and drinking coffee they have stopped having b.o. Could that be true?

  4. Hey Doctor Mike
    Can someone by allergic to contact lenses? My ophthalmologist says that I am and tells me to add eye drops to my eyes every night for 3 months

  5. Hey 🙂 so I have some weird issues. No matter what I eat, almost everytime I eat (once-twice a day) my stomach knots up and cramps and it’s rather painful. Everything also gives me heart burn and I can out burp a grown man. If I don’t burp sometimes it hurts and burns. It just feels like so much pressure. Also sometime the heart burn wakes me up and makes me vomit or burp a lot long loud burps in a row for like an hour. Is this normal? Does it sound like something I should ignore or should I see a doctor?

  6. Did he just say kids in high school shouldn't drink coffee? Lol, I've been drinking it since I was a fetus 😂😂😂😂😂

  7. It should be noted that for some of us caffeine will actually lower performance during heavy lifting, this is because of how it slows the regeneration of ATP by blocking the phosphate replacement from creatine phosphate (which is necessary to contract a muscle, you don't need to supplement with creatine for this to happen but if you want to use just ONE supplement that works, that would be the one, no other supplements are going to matter if you got your nutrition right).

  8. I’ve literally been drinking coffee since I was old enough to walk…. Cuban families, ya know ? 😂🤷‍♀️

  9. I love coffee. Coffee doesn't do much to me anymore so that tolerance is off the roof lol Now I'm slowly leaning towards Tea.

  10. Ha! I get jittery and anxious after drinking caffeine, then crash for like 16 hours, so I talked to my doctor. She was like, idk just stop drinking coffee…

  11. "Dont drink coffee in high school u already have so much energy" ….. BITCH WHERE? (Also I literally have been drinking coffee since the 3rd grade oof)

  12. Theres not that much caffeine in preworkout.
    Grande coffee at Starbucks has 330mg .
    One scoop of Myprotein preworkout has 150mg.

  13. Rather than ordering coffee at starbuck's order a refresher bcs it dosen't too much caffine like the regular starbuck coffee there you go a little starbuck's tip from me 😂 btw love you doctor Mike!

  14. Around once or twice a month my vision will start to darken, and I’ll feel dizzy and short of breath. After a few seconds this will go back to normal. Is this a big problem?

  15. I’m not a fan of pre-workout too. My cousins do it a lot, and I warn them and they say not to believe doctors. I felt offend since I want to become a Family Nurse Practitioner and I believe in medicine.

  16. Leukonychia isn't a mark left by hitting your nail on something. It's a defect in the nail that occurs due to trauma to the developing nail.

    Also, for a doctor you sure do talk a lot about "chemicals" in a pejorative sense.

    And you don't seem to know what it's like to deal with mental illness.

  17. Can you do a segment on pcos plz. Cause there so many different opinions on it! Thx luv your show and i watch you from Ontario, Canada

  18. Once in (2 – 6 months ) i have a sudden problem with my eyes , i start seeing so much light when i want to focus on something that i want to see , it gets so chaotic and i can't see clearly , and right after it this problem leaves my eyes , i start having a headache that goes for like 1 day max , and that headache is really bad i can't even move my head quickly or get up if im sitting in a chair or something because i would feel even more pain ! Thanks

  19. I drink a lot of coffee. For health reasons of course. I never drank coffee until I had brain surgery after brain surgery after brain surgery after brain surgery , because sometimes it helps to dull it as opposed to taking narcotics. I'd rather drink coffee than take schedule twos any day.

  20. Oh yes, as well as drink a cup of coffee as also opposed to getting a bag of caffeine costing me 300.00+ dollars .

  21. If I had a doctor like you I probably would see my doctor about all these issues I'm experiencing, but every time I've seen a doctor they can't wait to get you out of the door. I once booked an appointment for trouble with my knees/legs. Within 5 minutes he had checked me over, said he could refer me to a physiotherapist but waiting time would be 3-6 months and there was nothing he could do. I then went to ask a question about a lump on my finger as it was very painful, and the doctor said our time was up and there was no way he could look at it. So I had waited 35 minutes on the phone to book a 5 minutes appointment where the doctor could do nothing. And it's not a one off.

  22. What would you recommend for chronic sinus issues? I take OTC decongestant and use a neti pot every morning, but still end up with clogged ears and a stuffy nose…

  23. As a fellow workout enthusiast, I definitely can appreciate 2:28! 🙂
    Thanks for the great videos! I'm currently a Master's student who will pursue a PhD after (in chemistry), most likely in nanoparticles in the scope of treating tumors by photodynamic therapy. My dream as a child was to become a doctor, but average MCAT scores and a low GPA (3.11) prevented that. However, my drive to help humanity fight cancer and disease is still strong, thus my passion for research that has medical benefits.

  24. Uuuum in all technicality I have an immunodeficiency and a little sumthin sumthin has been a’going-ons with my nails.

  25. I'm drinking coffee since I'm 10 years old and when I was 15 years old up to 8 cups a day was pretty normal

  26. Doctor Mike, Sometimes when I get up to fast (I am only in my teens) rarely I get light headed and everything turns bright. I think it is Orthostatic Hypertension, but maybe you know? I read it is cause by lack of blood flow. Is this normal?

  27. This is so weird but yesterday I had a dream that I couldn’t breath from my nose and it made it kinda hard to breath through my mouth it lasted for like half an hour then the i woke up I could breathe fine while I was having the dream just in the dream it was hard to breathe

  28. Your audience compromises "59% female and 41% Males" out of those 41% Males audience, I believe 59% are gay

  29. 41% Male= 39% gay male + 2 % straight male who accidently clicked the page. Not that there's anything wrong with that!

  30. Isn't Advil ibuprofen (an anti-inflammatory) and Tylenol acetomeniphin (a pain deliver)? So if there is no inflammation it wouldn't be effective and if there is inflammation Tylenol would not be effective?

  31. I’m anemic. I know that means that I don’t have enough iron in my blood, but I don’t know exactly know what that means. Also I have intercostal spasms regularly that usually come with stress or anxiety. They usually last about 2-3 minutes, but about a year ago I had one that lasted several hours. Just kinda want your opinion on these two things.

  32. I have a question. Every once in a while my left shoulder will go limp for about 2 seconds. Let me elaborate, out of nowhere with seemingly no prompting several things happen simultaneously . 1) I hear an audible crack from my left shoulder (always the left). 2) I feel a sharp pain. 3) My arm just goes completely limp for about 2-3 seconds. Like someone pulled the plug and then plugged it back in. It's always so quick and confusing. Am I just sleeping on it weird or should I see a chiropractor or doctor?

  33. I always drink water as you said and chew gum too, but my ears always feel like they’re dying while the plane’s landing. It’s been happening since I was a kid and hasn’t slowed down despite me flying so often. Why’s it happening and how can I deal with it to minimise the pain?

  34. WHY DON´T YOU HAVE EYE BAGS??, like it´s so clear around your eyes, what you think we should do to have clear skin around the eyes. Greeting from a Med Student in Uruguay!

  35. Ep 29 of "This Podcast Will Kill You" has a pretty good insight on why it is that Advil/Tylenol works, or doesn't work.

  36. mike: "i generally discourage those in high school from drinking coffee…"
    me: sipping my caramel macchiato with an extra shot of espresso, 1/2 tablespoon vanilla powder and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder
    "wHy Is ThAt DoCtOr mIkE? hMmMmMmM?"

  37. If you had put that picture of yourself shirtless on the thumbnail, you would've gotten so much more views

  38. Hey Dr. Mike… I'm finding it hard to learn things because while learning I have a tendency to get caught up in anxiety over the exam and I'm sitting there thinking "shit I've got to remember this" instead of actually studying and learning effectively. I don't know what to do about it. I meditate on a consistent basis. Daily for at least 10 mins but it usually spans 30 mins. I don't know what to do about this learning blockage… Can you recommend anything?

  39. if i drink at least two 16 ounce red bull’s everyday does that mean i’m more likely to have a heart attack or that my heart will explode or is that a myth

  40. I've actually been drinking coffee since I was 2 and now my tolerance is sooo high. And my growth is not stunted if you were wondering, I'm 6"1'

  41. I actually quit drinking caffeine for a year and shaking and physical feeling of anxiety has gone down. Caffeine has never been my friend anyways. But every once in a while I will drink a little caffeine and I feel like when I do now I react to it better and it’s almost like the break made my body decide to handle it better? Does that make sense? Probably not.

  42. Eh, I thought and still think that caffeine does not give you any energy. It just suppresses your sleepiness. You can be burned out and on a caffeine trip at the same time. Have fun with that.

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