How Should I Feel 36 Weeks Pregnant?

How should I feel 36 weeks pregnant? It’s been nine months, what do you mean
I have four more weeks! I already know how many weeks to expect this
to take. You’re approaching the point where you could
go into labor any minute. End result, any time you feel that practice
contraction, you look at a clock to see if it comes back after X minutes. I’ve had practice contractions. You’ll start to feel like every practice
contraction may be the final one or the back pains you’ve been feeling may be the sign
of early labor. I was hoping for more information on how I
should feel at this point other than is it over yet? It is common to feel bad back pains due to
the growing load you’re carrying. The baby only grows about a pound a month. And you’re adding a pound a week in fat,
blood, lymph and every other fluid your body needs to support that load. That’s why my ankles are swelling like they
did in the first trimester. You may suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome,
too, as there is more swelling in the wrists. That’s minor compared to the feet. Depends on how much time you spend texting
about the baby. But putting your feet up more and staying
hydrated with water over soda and energy drinks will help you clear out the extra fluids. Then I’ll get my workouts just going to
the bathroom. It is normal to feel like you need more trips
to the bathroom due to the pregnancy, though part of that is only the baby’s pressure
on it. You may feel acid reflux and ill if you eat
too much due to the same pressure on the stomach. It isn’t as bad as morning sickness. You’re likely to have more leg pain at night
too. We were just discussing swelling in the legs. Both from the muscle strain and extra fluids,
it is common for women in the third trimester to have leg pain that may keep them up at
night. The baby does enough of that with its most
active time around ten to midnight. That’s just practice for feedings at 12,
2 and 4. The leg pain is a common problem, though severe
pain in one leg but not the other is a blood clot and requires medical attention. I’ve only had the standard leg pain and
bloated veins. Spider veins will go away after you have the
baby. Varicose veins may reduce but won’t go away. I’ve heard the same about stretch marks,
that they will fade in color but won’t go away. Most women get them on their stomachs but
some get them on their breasts, too. I’ve only noticed the leakage. You’ll get to deal with that until after
things dry out if you decide not to breast feed or weeks after you wean the baby. I haven’t had the baby yet. Then you need to get a maternity bra that
doesn’t rub the nipples, causing them to leak, and has space for absorbent pads in
the interim. I’ve heard I need those for down below too. Higher vaginal discharge is normal, but any
blood or heavy leakage is a reason to see the doctor or go to the maternity ward. Along with almost everything else these days.

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