How stress affects your body – Sharon Horesh Bergquist

Cramming for a test? Trying to get more done
than you have time to do? Stress is a feeling we all experience
when we are challenged or overwhelmed. But more than just an emotion, stress is a hardwired physical response
that travels throughout your entire body. In the short term,
stress can be advantageous, but when activated too often or too long, your primitive fight or flight
stress response not only changes your brain but also damages many of the other
organs and cells throughout your body. Your adrenal gland releases
the stress hormones cortisol, epinephrine,
also known as adrenaline, and norepinephrine. As these hormones
travel through your blood stream, they easily reach
your blood vessels and heart. Adrenaline causes
your heart to beat faster and raises your blood pressure,
over time causing hypertension. Cortisol can also cause the endothelium,
or inner lining of blood vessels, to not function normally. Scientists now know
that this is an early step in triggering the process
of atherosclerosis or cholesterol plaque
build up in your arteries. Together, these changes increase
your chances of a heart attack or stroke. When your brain senses stress, it activates your
autonomic nervous system. Through this network
of nerve connections, your big brain communicates
stress to your enteric, or intestinal nervous system. Besides causing butterflies
in your stomach, this brain-gut connection can disturb
the natural rhythmic contractions that move food through your gut, leading to irritable bowel syndrome, and can increase your
gut sensitivity to acid, making you more likely to feel heartburn. Via the gut’s nervous system, stress can also change the composition
and function of your gut bacteria, which may affect your digestive
and overall health. Speaking of digestion, does chronic
stress affect your waistline? Well, yes. Cortisol can increase your appetite. It tells your body to replenish
your energy stores with energy dense foods and carbs,
causing you to crave comfort foods. High levels of cortisol can also cause you
to put on those extra calories as visceral or deep belly fat. This type of fat doesn’t just make
it harder to button your pants. It is an organ
that actively releases hormones and immune system chemicals
called cytokines that can increase your risk
of developing chronic diseases, such as heart disease
and insulin resistance. Meanwhile, stress hormones
affect immune cells in a variety of ways. Initially, they help prepare
to fight invaders and heal after injury, but chronic stress can dampen function
of some immune cells, make you more susceptible to infections,
and slow the rate you heal. Want to live a long life? You may have to curb your chronic stress. That’s because it has even been
associated with shortened telomeres, the shoelace tip ends of chromosomes
that measure a cell’s age. Telomeres cap chromosomes to allow DNA to get copied
every time a cell divides without damaging
the cell’s genetic code, and they shorten with each cell division. When telomeres become too short,
a cell can no longer divide and it dies. As if all that weren’t enough, chronic stress has even more ways
it can sabotage your health, including acne, hair loss, sexual dysfunction, headaches, muscle tension, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, and irritability. So, what does all this mean for you? Your life will always be filled
with stressful situations. But what matters to your brain
and entire body is how you respond to that stress. If you can view those situations
as challenges you can control and master, rather than as threats
that are insurmountable, you will perform better in the short run
and stay healthy in the long run.

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  1. If anyone is reading this in 2019, I love everyone in this thread. You all have very logical, diverse points of view on the education system.

  2. How ironic, I know that I'm stressed out all the time but now this has just caused me to stress out over how much stress I have

  3. Every time I have to write an essay for my college english class, I always get a fever and develop an illness the day before it's due. I guess the stress lowers my immune system

  4. As if it's enough that I have irritating bowl syndrome now I have to put all these other side effects of stress into consideration.. damn it 😫

  5. Great video! In my case, although I see the stressful situation as something exciting and non-threatening, my body still reacts the same. I get sick right away, changing my mindset hasn't helped me physically yet and that worries me. I'm 23, a healthy weight and my doctors already warned me about high cholesterol, so I'm a bit scared.

  6. I am always stressed out and drained every day my feelings get hurt too easily no matter how sweet I try to be I feel ignored I feel like my interest level has decreased on things that made me happy years ago feeling like my passion is dropping everyone used to like me a lot

  7. If increased heart rate is not healthy and when I drink coffee my heart beat increases it means that coffee damage my body?

  8. Not only that but the way american society is desined is to cut so much into your time working the traditional retail jobs and make you not put the right foods into your body ex:after work your only option is fast food restraunts,philly cheese steak with fries and catch up and you eat to die ranther than eat to live.

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  10. I’ve been stressed every day for a month now and it is making not want to do Anything. I’m nauseous and my body hurts. I love it

  11. Who woulda thought school shooters were right to murder those bullies. Before they ruin someone else’s brain

  12. Aye this happens to me ALL.THE.TIME. Every time I finally get off school or I know something isn’t that important my brain just like yay no stress and I gEt SIcK. IM EVEN FRIGGIN SICK RIGHT NOW AND ITS MA FIRST DAY OF SUMMA HOLIDAY WHAT R U DOIN TO ME SCHOOOOOOOL

  13. Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures was buried and rose again on the third day according to the scriptures 1 Corinthians 15 verse 3

  14. Ok this is extremely important BUT am I the only one who sees this blue guy as an alien from NathanPyle's comics "Strange Planet"? They're pretty similar

  15. When you realise that you already have some of the effects said in the video

    ‘ well I’m going to die soon ‘

  16. I am suffering form fever since 20 days all reports are normal like malaria dengue typhoid agrrectul liver lung only found tlc 14000 normal tlc 12000 blood small infection what I have fever due to strees because my dream is to become doctors but I can't get good marks only 10 left so tell me my fever is due to strees or any other

  17. haha "you need to be stress so you can focus on your study more"- my teacher … HAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH

  18. That’s why I try to live stress free, everyone deals with stress, I just try to keep mine under control so I can live better and healthier.

  19. Stress is something else, paying bills, working over 70YRS,just give Christ ur stress He will take care of ur stress.Praises The Lord 💞

  20. For those with high stress and/or panic attacks: go two whole weeks without eating any processed foods and significantly lower your sugar intake. As someone with panic disorder I cannot recommend this enough. It doesn't CURE but it absolutely helps. Try it for two weeks, see how you feel, and decide whether you want to keep it up or not.

  21. When I'm stressed I get depressed…. i cannot eat, I start loosing weight, I sometimes I faint…… I'm going through a lot right now….. I'm 35 and I'm scared something might happen to me if I keep dealing with this amount of stress…. how can I be strong and ignore some things…. I just started therapy….. hopefully it will help. Any advice anyone? Thanks!

  22. I’ve been having a really tough year and a half. I really don’t know how I developed anxiety but that’s where it started, then it was some sort of depression and all of that was accompanied with stress. My stress levels where really really high, every muscle in my body twitches (literally every single one), headaches, I gained a lil weight cause I was craving sweet foods a lot, my colesterol went up a bit and I was in a non ending cycle of feeling ill, going to the doctor, running blood tests to see if everything was okay, not eating well cause my stomach hurt, more tests, etc. All I have is stress and it was killing me slowly, I even planned on taking my life cause I was fed up. Stress is horrible. I’m getting better slowly, the twitches are still there

  23. I'm currently stress daily and I constantly have cough and flu this past 2 weeks 😔 my stress and anxiety and depression seem to be chronic.

  24. I've question

    …When I'm watching this video and before watching it.. So I felt a cold surge that is expanding itself over in the back right side of my head…. It's like someone just poured ice cold water on my brain..

  25. Love how I'm only 11 and I'm literally stressed about school that I have to stay up to 1am to finish home work , lol….imma die of a heart attack 😰

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