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Hello, my name is N’ael, I am a SSI divemaster and a Padi rescue diver I am someone who is very subject to nausea, i get it almost every morning and I am also very prone to motion sickness if i am not driving i am probably gonna get sick and since i am not able to drive a boat i had to cope with being seasick it can be very discouraging to go diving with nausea because it is one of the worse feeling you can get during a dive… umh maybe cold is worse…? i feel like the bigger the boat, the more sick I get there is some things about big boats that force my body to resist to the movement of the wave I feel like small boats are easier to… aaaaaaeuh get in syncronisation with and also watching the horizon line can be very usefull sometimes that’s not enought and I need to get medication however medication is kind of a tricky subject in scuba diving because a lot of medication can affect your blood steam and then -prevent- you to go diving so what i do is that i usually rely on natural remedies so for example you can use ginger and licorice that are some very cheap and easy to find alternatives to medication they are use with pregnant human being that cannot take medication so sometimes they use that to releive their morning sickness and such joys of pregnancy in canada you can find some ginger pills in the US I think too but sometimes I just put some ginger bits in some water and let it infuse, it can be hot water, it can be cold water drinking is a very huge and important thing to do while diving in general but if you are experiencing nausea if you were ever going to throw up at least you’ll have something in your stomac because you do not want to throw up with nothing in your stomac that can be very painfull Licorice is definitely another aquired taste not everybody likes it I try to have mine as sugar free as possible so I have some little pellets that i find in biocups in France I think in old… pharmacy you can have some sticks that you can chew or you can have a candy it is not a bad idea to have something full of sugar before going diving because you are going to need a lot of energy anyway so if that’s a way for you to eat licorice and not have nausea anymore… do it if you cannot do without your medication, just make sure to go check with a scuba diving doctor not just your regular doctor they are very familiar with the rules and danger that applies with scuba diving just makes sure that they are ok with you taking this medication and that is not going to change you blood flow or something like that if there is no scuba diving specialist doctor around you, you can go and talk to DAN which is an insurance company that is full of services i used them before while i was training for divemaster and it was great, they have a good customer service you can contact them if you have any -question- i am not sponsored btw, i just like this company and i am pretty sure that they could direct you to a medication in you country that you could take before diving if you do have a medication for sickness that you use before diving and that works, feel free to put it in the comment section I am pretty sure people will be happy to kow it but just makes sure that they are compatible with you health if you have health issues, if you have stomach issues… might not work for everybody if you have any other tips on how to avoid being sea sick other than “don’t take the boat” feel free to let us know in the comment section i am sure other people can benefy from it i don’ own all the knowledge on scuba diving i just want to share what i learned i have been diving for more than 10 years so… maybe my tips can help some other people if you liked this video give it a thumbs up feel free to subscribe for more scuba diving videos i usually do a educational video once a month i try to if you have any questions let me know downstairs, i might to a video about it and i hope to see you next time, byye!

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