How to Burp a Baby

How to Burp a Baby. Whether nursing or taking a bottle, babies
tend to suck in air as they eat. Burping helps them get the bubbles out—and
heads off little tummy aches at the pass. You will need A breast-feeding or bottle-feeding
baby And a burp cloth or two and an absorbent bib (optional). Step 1. Know when to burp your baby. If you’re nursing, burp her when you switch
from one breast to the other. If you’re bottle-feeding, burp her every time
she downs an ounce or two. In both cases, you should also burp her at
the end of the meal. A baby may also need to be burped between
feedings. If she seems uncomfortable or is crying and
you can’t figure out why, try burping her—it may be random gas. Step 2. Sit your baby upright on your lap, facing
you but angled slightly to one side and leaning slightly forward with her chest against your
hand. Cup her chin with the thumb and index finger
of that hand. With your other hand, firmly pat or rub your
palm/fingertips in circles in the middle of her back, using gentle pressure to help push
out the air. When using this position, you may want to
put a bib on the baby to protect her clothes—and your hand—if she spits up. Step 3. If that’s not working, place a burp cloth
on your thigh and lay the baby across your lap. Let her tummy rest on your other thigh—this
will put gentle pressure on her belly and help push out the gas as you rub or pat her. Step 4. If this doesn’t work either, drape the burp
cloth over your shoulder and hold the baby against it, being sure to support her head
and neck with one hand. With the other, rub or pat her back firmly. Step 5. Any of these methods should bring results—a
nice resounding belch—within a minute or two. If she doesn’t burp, that’s okay too. Sometimes these things have a way of working
themselves out. Did you know Feeding babies sometimes spit
up what looks like an entire meal’s worth of milk—but usually it’s just a teaspoonful.

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  1. swallow a baby whole, then get someone to sharply squeeze you around the midriff, causing you to 'burp a baby'

  2. Burping is Farting through the mouth, you know…………

    by the way, the woman in the video is real hot !

  3. that babys going to one day be dressed in a mini skirt, with her legs up in the air in hte bedroom of some frat party drunk as hell getting slammed by a member of the college football team

  4. honey, we are making a baby tonight!
    what? are you mad? wtf are you thinking about? why?

    why!? i need to pratice making babies burp, idiot!!!

  5. Any of you ever hear of babysitting, u dont need to "have" a baby to burp it expecially if your young like under 17. Just stating facts.

  6. I tried to burp m baby cousin the knee way, sitting them upright and cradling their chin, and she spewed all over my jeans.I still think she's the cutest though <3

  7. @elisec790 Lol same! I'm 16, but I'm watching because this baby is so darn cute and I can't wait to be a mother one day!

  8. This does work on newborns. My baby would choke and wouldn't burp and the nurses recommended I did it sitting down and it works every time

  9. I am a new dad and I just wanted to say this video helped a lot the nurse showed us but not go in to detal about have her lean to one side with her head slightly facing yhou ect.

  10. That chair is too narrow. He could hit his head on the handle when he is being placed on his tummy.

  11. Even after burping your baby not settling down, then give your baby babies magic tea. It is great for colic, reflux and all other tummy troubles that bother newborns to get some sleep.

  12. You mean a FED baby instead of a FEEDING baby? Because if you try to burp a feeding baby you're just gonna get milk everywhere ಠ_ಠ and you're gonna get milk everywhere.

  13. i try to use step 3 my baby spit milk does it means that there is no gas? and should i stop burping my baby after the spit?

  14. I'm here cause I feel bad. I saw a women slapping the heck out of her babies back in public… I should have said something I feel guilty of not doing anything. 🙁

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