How to control pregnancy vomiting or nausea? Here are the Tips!!

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How to control pregnancy vomiting or nausea? Here are the Tips!! Vomiting is the common syndrome during the
first trimester of pregnancy. It’s started with five to six week and attain
the peak with nine or tenth week of pregnancy. This happens due to physical, hormonal changes
and abnormal gastric motility during pregnancy. There is no root cause identified why vomiting
sensation happens during pregnancy. Mostly vomiting will occur during morning
hours. Recent research indicated that nausea and
vomiting happening for 50 to 90 percent of a pregnant woman. Here we described following tips to avoid
pregnancy vomiting. Try to eat little food at the various frequency. Always eat healthy snacks eating a light meal
than heavy quantity because light meal will help to maintain appropriate blood sugar level
which will prevent vomiting sensation. Drink more water and maintain body hydrated. Take water frequent intervals and even you
can add little lemon and honey to waters and consume frequent intervals. Because water is the one of the best medicine
to control pregnancy vomiting. Better to eat the right food at right time. Various research study suggested ginger one
of the remedy for vomiting syndrome. So add more ginger to your foodstuff. Ginger contains an important ingredient called
gingerols and shogaols which provides pungent smell and taste and this helps to treat nausea
and vomiting syndrome. Vitamin B6 is an important supplement for
morning sickness. Many studies prove that vitamin B6 decreases
vomiting sensation. A pregnant woman must take vitamin B6 rich
foods such as brown rice, avocados, bananas, fish, corn, and nuts. Try to avoid spicy and junk food and take
an orange, lemon juice which will minimize the vomiting sensation. If vomiting not controlled, then check with
physician some time long vomiting condition called hyperemesis gravidarum and this makes
you more dehydrated and your body needed more nutrient. if too much vomiting while pregnant you need
to be more conscious and immediately check with a doctor. Thank you very much for watching my creation,
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