How to Fix Elbow Pain (ONE SIMPLE EXERCISE!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Elbow pain is a very common side effect of
training. I’m not going to say ‘inappropriate training’
because it’s just that sometimes we’re not paying enough attention to the muscles
that control, and command, and prevent the elbow pain from occurring. When we are lifting we’ll either get pain
right here on the inside of our elbow – pretty common – or we’ll get it on the outside
of the elbow. Either place can be pretty debilitating, in
terms of trying to grip a bar. So, here’s what I want you to do today,
because I promise you, this is going to work, and it doesn’t take a whole hell of a lot
of extra time. What you do is get a setup here inside the
bar, inside a rack, just so we have something about chest height. What we’re going to do is realize that our
elbow is not really the problem, guys. What’s happening is, it’s a slave to the
joints below and above it. You might be thinking to yourself “I’ve
heard you talk about this before, Jeff, in regard to knee pain. The knee is basically being controlled by
what happens down here at the ankle and what’s happening here at the hip.” The knee is just a hinge joint and if my ankle
is all jacked up, then the knee gets twisted and turned in weird ways. And if the hip is all weak, or jacked up it’s
going to hit the knee again, twisting in all different ways. So, a lot of torque and knee pain. Well, the elbow is the same thing, despite
the fact that your hands are not in contact with the ground, making it less obvious as
it would be with the ankle. So, what we want to do is, we want to make
sure that we strengthen and stabilize the wrist and forearm, and then up here in the
shoulder. One exercise can handle all of that. We get here, underneath a bar. We recline our body a little bit behind us. Now, the wider we have our hands, the more
challenging this will become, and the more centralized we have this one hand, the easier
it is. As far as the recline on the body, the higher
up I am to start, the easier it is. The more I come underneath the bar, the more
challenging it becomes. If you want to start this out, you could got
with a centralized hand position with a more upright body. We get ourselves here to start. Watch, the centralization will come in a second. Just like this. Then what we want to do is take one hand,
put it in the center so it’s in the middle of our body, and all we do is let go with
one hand, and try to maintain that same position of our shoulders and torso here. Meaning, no tilting. What it wants to do is tilt and pull away
from the body. You see how the shoulder wants to get pulled
forward. You have to make sure you hold your torso
here stable, and level, and we don’t get that over distraction of the arm. You’ll feel all the scapula stabilizers
work to hold on and maintain that position. What your goal is, it’s to be able to do
this for about 45 to 60 seconds. At the same time, you’re obviously working
the flexors in your forearm to also improve your grip and forearm stability, and wrist
stability. When we can do that, great. Then we go over here, we switch hands, and
work on the same thing. Again, we don’t want to see any dropping
here. Now, as we progress – because that’s too
easy – we go back out to that wide position. So, what we do here is, we let go, and now
we have the same challenge. But you can see that the weight is now more
displaced off to the side with more of a tendency to fall, so I have to work even harder to
hold that. So, we do the same thing. We work to see if we can do that for 60 seconds. Whatever ability level you struggle with,
that’s the one you want to work toward. Then we can go back and lower the body. Now we just have more weight of gravity forcing
downward that we have to control. So, we start, again, back in the middle, one
arm here, and hold. Don’t let it pull too far away. Keep the chest out and don’t let your torso
tilt. Not even a little bit. I’m lightening up now. You work on that, again, on both sides. The only final thing you can do is, once you
get in that position, you can go dynamic where you switch hands. And I don’t want to see a single inch of
drop. So, when I get here, and I’m going to switch,
normally you’d see a little bit of that first. No. You’ve got to stabilize, come off. Come here, switch, no tilting. Up, switch, no tilting. See if you can get 10 switches. On top of that, guys, I think prioritizing
forearm strength and grip strength is imperative to protecting your elbows. You’ll see me doing this. Anybody that watches me work out, I would
do this in between sets. Here I am just grabbing a bar and hanging. Instead of just sitting around doing nothing,
I try to work on my grip strength. Which, I think, has led to a lot of other
lifts being stronger. It definitely helps me on the deadlift and
it helps me with all of my exercises, really. I actually do it here. I mix it in on ab work. If I can, instead of just doing all two-handed
hanging stuff, sometimes I’ll go with one. I will caution you, if you have issues with
your shoulder this could be a challenge at first, but it’s been helping me get over
my labrum issues because I’ve been getting stronger, stabilizing my shoulder, and preventing
that destabilization that comes from having a torn labrum. So, all of it in time, guys. You’ve got to find out where you sit and
what you need to work on. But this is how you get over elbow pain. Stop focusing on the elbow. The elbow is a hinge joint that’s acting
as a consequence of what’s going on below it and above it, just like in the lower body. Guys, I hope you’ve found this video helpful. If you’re looking for a program that cares
about all this stuff, because it all matters – it’s what we call ‘putting the science
back in strength’ – we have that over at In the meantime, if you’ve found this video
helpful leave your comments and thumbs up below. I will cover what it is you want me to do
in the future weeks. All right, guys. See you soon.

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  2. Simply…..WOW💥🙏👍
    I golfer elbow for months & then tried your method for a day & BAM GONE… Thank you for the priceless info
    Btw, my cure for restless leg sydrom is to stand straight & use your fingers to try to touch your toes with knees locked; feel the stretch on the back of your leg for a min or two… Or/&…. Rinse your affected leg under cccold water in the shower for a minute before going to bed

  3. Awesome video just started getting an annoying constant pain there and im glad i knew i could come to the channel for the answer. 👊🏻

  4. Man 8 months of pain, tried everything 4 different doctors. One week doing this, the pain is almost gone. I was really depressed and now I have hope that this pain will be gone!!!! I cannot thank you enough.

  5. Gonna try it out. Thanks. But a little piece of advice. Why do you talk so fast? Sometimes it is hard to follow. No offense though.

  6. I really want this to be the truth. I've had this pain for years and it continues to get worse in my right arm. I usually have to pause training 3 days out of the week just so my elbow feels manageable again. Using compression sleeves eases the pain but it doesn't stop it. I freaking hate this pain and I'm just trying to get my body back right. I can't stand other people getting it in the gym and I'm not getting to lift the weights that I really want and know I can lift.

  7. This works for me guys, I had this pain for a week and I can't use more than 70% weight I usually do, after 2 days doing this today I feel great again.

  8. Guys this is legit. I’ve had golfers elbow for 7 months! I’m talkin EVERY day constant tightness in my forearm, constantly rehabbing it, literally all day every day rubbing and massaging the inner part of my elbow because of constant tightness. Finger tingling and cold feeling in my hand. Literally all my fingers started acting up. I was concerned I had nerve damage and was done lifting. I couldn’t do pull-ups for 6 months without constant tightness in my tricep which caused elbow pain. I have done this exercise at the end of every work out. 2-3 sets of 30 second holds. No joke my pain is cured. No tingling. No tightness. I can do heavy pull ups again. This dude literally saved me. Much love man.

  9. After first day at workout for biceps … my elbows were dead.. I couldn’t straighten it cause it pains a lot .. I’m still very motivated to go to the gym , but when I think of it mehn.. I try not to go not to increase damage

  10. Wow, thank you! Been struggling with a great deal of elbow pain and trying to train through it. You describe my symptoms exactly, I will be doing this today in my workout

  11. Is this something you're able to do with resistance bands if they're places above you (obviously off ground) I've got 60-90 n a 110-140 band. I just don't have the money to go to a gym.

  12. 9/10 times when I have elbow pain is because I have tight muscles in my forearm. Foam rolling it with a softball in the tender areas or a hard smooth surface does the trick

  13. If I have the pain in both elbows, can I do these exercises anyway? I have started and am able to do the exercises and there is some pain the next day. Thanks! You’re awesome.

  14. hello man please give me some answers , thanks , i am expriencing a really brutal pain on soemwhere between elbow and triceps , this happens specially when im doing dumbel triceps …. should i completly stop training those muscles for a few weeks ?thanks. seams its called Triceps Tendonitis

  15. Thank you so much jeff my elbow pain is gone just for trying this exercise… I’ve been in chiropractor and pain hurt more even with therapy… but after doing this exercise i felt that my elbow is back to nornal no more pain.. again thank you very much..

  16. Total bullshit video.
    Never gets specific about the injured/strained/inflamed etc muscles in question.
    I have severe inflammation in my triceps tendon (I was examined by an orthopedic surgeon, as opposed to using a YouTube video to diagnose my problem).
    How would the advice given in this video, in ANY way rectify an inflamed, or partially torn triceps tendon?
    Answer: It wouldn't.
    Use some common sense, and realize that when it comes to proper advice, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

  17. This didn't work for me at all, his other video however fixed my forearm pain easy:

  18. I’ve had elbow pains for years from rock climbing & training one arm lock-offs. I have a few standard exercises which work a bit to minimise it, but never get rid of it completely. Really hope this works.

  19. I’ve had elbow pains for years from rock climbing & training one arm lock-offs. I have a few standard exercises which work a bit to minimise it, but never get rid of it completely. Really hope this works.

  20. Does this have to be a horizontal grip and does it have to be a bar or can we just hold our hand using a ring grip in a horizontal position

  21. I've tried exactly what he said in this video. It actually makes the condition worse. Hanging by the barbell with my left hand, I had this extreme pain. It was unbearable I had to stop. I hope that I haven't caused some bad damage. But an advice to you guys out there with golfers elbow DON'T TRY THIS. IT MAKES THE SITUATION WORSE

  22. I have a strained forearm muscle. It hurts when I pull anything. Like tying my shoes. Should I do this exercise? Will it help!

  23. In my case the pain Occurs when i m in a bench press or shoulder workout, at a 90° rest position, anyone who experiences like mine?

  24. I just started experiencing elbow pain two days ago, and this video pops up on my YouTube feed. I’m gonna give it a try tonight and hopefully it helps!

  25. Eliminate Excruciating Elbow Pain in Just Minutes without Expensive Appointments, Drugs or Surgery

  26. Mr. Jeff, when you said you have labrum tear, did you ever get a surgery for it or you just focused on strengthening the muscles around it?

  27. Thank you for the info, helps a lot. My elbow and bicep kills every time I do cable curls, bar rows, supine grip only. Hammer curl / hold i'm ok.

  28. Just now did the same exercise for just 2 minutes ..seems it works against 60 days Tennis elbow.. I need to repeat it for another 2 days.

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