How to Get a Bigger Chest (LIGHT WEIGHTS!!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Today I want to show you how to build a bigger
chest with lighter weights. As a matter of fact, it becomes incredibly
important, especially here in chest training, because we tend to focus on wanting to rule
out weights. Through exercises like bench-press, inclined
bench-press. However, if you’re not getting the focus,
and that attention through your chest, you’re not getting optimal contraction, and activation
of your chest. Which means you’re going to hold yourself
back. That’s when light weights actually become
critical, and they actually become really, really effective because you’re not used to
using them. You’ve got to back off on the ego a little
bit here, but it actually works. So here’s what we have to do: you take a much
lighter set of dumbbells than you’re used to. Especially to try this. What we want to do is a couple things. First, and foremost, you have to pre-activate
your chest. There are two ways we could do it. Posturally – I’ve shown you how to do this
before. We’re in the bottom position here, you pre-activate
by getting your chest to be proud of the shoulder, in other words, a lot of times our shoulders
tend to dominate because we let them round in at the bottom. So the shoulder is ahead of the chest. Jessie, we come all the way down below on
the side here. You can see that the shoulder is more prominent
than the chest. But I can get the chest to be more prominent
than the shoulder by getting my shoulders back. From here, now with the chest being active
here, in the front of this, when I go to initiate a contraction the likelihood that it’s going
to lead the way is higher. That’s what we want. The second thing about activation is actually
trying to activate. So when I’m down here what I’m going to do
is I’m going to actually try to tighten my armpits. From here, tighten my armpits. Here, tighten my armpits. Get a little bit of that chest pre-activation. I’m going to show you here in a second as
I stand up what this does. What we’re trying to do is that. I’m not moving my arms. I’m just trying to tighten my armpits and
get more activation here of the chest. We could do that in this bottom position just
by tightening. Now, with this pre-contracted, when I go to
initiate the contraction there will be a lot more work being done by the chest because
you activated it first. But that’s just the beginning because now
it’s how you do this exercise that matters. We tend to have it fall apart in this place,
too. What happens is, at the bottom, whether we
pre-contract, or we don’t we tend to focus on the dumbbell as the item that we want to
move up, and down. This is what it looks like. Now the problem with this is, you’re forgetting
the major function of the chest. The thing that differentiates it from the
triceps and from the shoulders that are also helping out with this exercise. That is the adduction component of your upper
arm in the exercise. So the chest wants to bring the upper arm. Forget this. Forget all of this. The upper arm, from here to here, it wants
to bring this across your body. That’s what it’s trying to do. That’s what differentiates it from those other
two muscle groups. So if you want to have the chest do the work,
then this needs to happen. When we do this you’re not getting much of
that. You’re starting out down here, and you’re
bringing it to, about, here. Down here, to here. When we have so much more room to go. We can adduct it from here, all the way across. There are two things that will help with that. One: changing the direction of the dumbbells
as you come up. Because, if we come to the top we run out
of room. It’s better than this, but you still run out
of room. So if you were to turn them, now you’ve got
that extra range of motion. But more important than that – because many
people can bench just like this and get great results – more important than that is, again,
not focusing on these dumbbells. People will bring them up and think that they’re
getting them closer, but the elbows are staying out. So what you want to do is, you want to focus
on your biceps because your biceps are attached to that important part of the arm that we
just talked about. So as I come up the biceps lead the way. Here. Get your biceps to come together. You’re never going to make it – I hope,
unless you have some really bad anomaly of your anatomy – but you want to get them
together, as far as they can. Elbows go out on the way down, pre-activate
with a little bit of a contraction here, and then drive the biceps together. Down, and out with the elbows, drive the biceps
together. It’s so damned hard to do it this way because
my chest is working so much harder than it normally is. Down, drive the biceps together. And you can see that, yeah, I’m only using
30lbs here, and I’m used to using a lot more. However, I’ll be damned if my chest ever worked
that hard. So do you abandon your heavy training? No. You want to use that to create tension, and
overload. However, if you want to get a more focused
overload on your chest from the very first time ever, then you need to start incorporating
some sets that are lighter, but done with a lot more focus. I promise you, you will have a much bigger
impact on how big your chest will ultimately be. They will be more effective than your heavy
training alone if you combine them with your heavy training. This is the perfect complement and t’s the
one that, yes, requires you to check that ego at the gym door. But I promise you much, much better results
in doing by incorporating it. Guys, if you’re looking for a program that
puts the importance where it needs to be – it’s not just the exercises, it’s how you do the
exercises. That’s what matters the most. I try to coach you through everything we do
in our programs to make sure you’re getting the most out of them. Use the program selector in the link below
this video to find the program that’s best, and most suited to your current goals, and
form there I’ll take over the rest. I will coach you through, give you my best,
and show you how to do everything the best way to get the best results for your time. If you’ve found the video helpful leave your
comments and thumbs up below. Let me know what else you want me to cover
and I’ll do my best to do that for you in the days, and weeks ahead. All right, guys. See you soon.

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  2. Jeff liked the video! I would really like to see a video on juicing. I know you said in your 17th week we need to do this.

  3. I always felt like a lighter weight is more important to make the right range of motion then it is to lift a heavier weight it’s so important to lift the right way to get the right results

  4. Yes focus. I can not do to much heavy training I'm big enough but I have half a lung on one side so I add more as time progresses but go back to lighter to focus cause alot of times the area I want to workout feels abandoned while I'm working area like chest
    Feels like arms are getting the work out. So I'm taking out straight bar incline and replacing it with cables from straight to all variations to 90 degree sitting up

  5. these videos are always helpful, not to have you rethink training all together, but just that extra little insight that might give you that extra burn, and thats what we want

  6. I'm in the gym 3 times a week,I'm going to give this ago,but I'm into cardiovascular work,as in my heart& lungs,I keep my self very fit,I mean as fit as I can by doing the cross training machine,and believe me I sweat like a rightpig,but very good advise,il be doing this down the gym,see how it helps me.

  7. Thank you Jeff , I appreciate your videos very much , I was having a hard time with my chest and this has been helping me out tremendously, thanks again man

  8. Holy shit this exercise made my chest BURN for the first time ever! I've benched 190 lbs (yeah yeah not much) but goddamn this shit gave me a run for my money with 25 lb dumbbells!

  9. I think this is my biggest problem with working out. I without like this all of the time but don't really know how to lift heavy for maximum gains. Every time i lift heavy it's like the muscles i don't want to target are the ones that get sore.

  10. All your videos are awesome (and science-backed)… I have been following and implementing your workout techniques at the gym and the results are immediately visible (in 2 weeks!). Thanks!

  11. yeah check the ego at the doors guy! 'cos, right, if you can bench press two 30-lb dumbbells like that you need to be a little bit embarrassed! 😛

  12. Jeff, ur goona be the couse of my divorce! Ur on my fone day n nite, wife says shes lost me to a youtube celebrity! Haaaaaa! At least ill be the fittest 63 yr old in Chicago! 😆

  13. It seems like press fly and in one of his video he said dont touch dumbell together because it remove the tension from your chest bcz in that position u muscles take rest and tension removes at that time.

  14. But Jeff doesn't have a big chest AT ALL. Look at him side on. It is literally 3 inches from his back to his chest. LoL his six pack sticks out farther than his chest. The title should be "don't do this If you want a big chest." Not trying to be a dick, but anyone that has such a low body fat percent and has a little bit of muscle will look like jeff. Personally I'd rather be at 12% body fat and have muscle instead of looking like I haven't ate in a week.

  15. Huge fan Jeff on behalf of the serious mind body connection athletes I would like to say thank you for your ongoing advice encouragement and analysis which makes a huge difference in our workouts and how we approach them.
    I was hoping you could give advice and tips on which exercises and how much weight is best to train for martial arts especially increasing muscle speed and mass to absorb blows while maintaining good mobility.
    Thank you and please continue to impart your vast experience and knowledge with us all its literally priceless and it works !
    Respect, Stephen Gormley

  16. Fantastic information and training methods with the scientific explanation behind the "why" to do it this way ! Thank you !

  17. 1. Take lighter weight 0:40
    2. Preactivate your chest 0:47
    2.1 Chest proud of shoulder 0:55
    2.2 Try to activate the chest 1:30

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