How to Get Naloxone

[Music] [Dr. Chris Jones speaking] In most states laws have now been passed where
you can go to your local pharmacy and receive naloxone, as well as training on naloxone
like you can get a flu shot. You don’t have to have a prescription, you
can go in and ask the pharmacist for it. Typically there is an exchange around how
to use the product how to recognize an overdose and you can be equipped with naloxone there. There are also many community-based programs
or hard reduction programs that exist in communities across the country – where they have training
courses where you may spend a couple of hours going through a specified curriculum around
recognizing overdose how do you respond how do you alert EMS call 9-1-1 and how do you
administer naloxone. So, there are many opportunities that individuals
can seek out – but certainly the option that’s emerged in the last couple of years of going
to the pharmacy, is a real step forward and in expanding access to naloxone.

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