How To Get Rid of Genital Warts || How to Remove Genital Warts

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welcome to our Channel today, we will discuss how to get rid of genital
warts Genital warts (also known as venereal warts,
or anal warts) are a kind of lesion that grow on or around the genital area of the body. Genital warts are fleshy skin growths or skin
changes that occur in and around the genital area in both men and women. For women, Genital warts can be found on the
cervix, the vagina or the anus. While in men, warts can be found on the penis,
anus, scrotum or other parts of the groin. Genital warts can be embarrassing, so if you
want to know how to get rid of genital warts, then don�t worry. Our home remedies for genital warts give you
all the wart removal remedies you need to know. 1. Witch Hazel Applying Witch hazel for genital wart removal
is another popular genital wart removal remedy. Just get distilled witch hazel and apply it
to your warts, wash it after fifteen minutes. Do this twice a day, for at least three weeks. 2. Banana Peel Banana peel is one of the best home remedy
for genital wart removal. Place the inside of a banana peel piece on
your wart and stick it with a tape. Leave it overnight and remove in the morning. Repeat daily at night for about 2 weeks or
till your warts change color and fall off. 3. Castor Oil Castor oil may be stinky but it is a great
home remedy to get rid of genital warts. Soak a cotton ball in the oil and then tape
it onto the warts. Change this cotton ball at least thrice a
day. 4. Potato Cut thick slices of a potato and rub them
on your warts slowly, 2-3 times a day. Do it for at least two weeks, to notice the
difference. 5. Oatmeal Oatmeal doesn�t help in genital warts removal,
but reduces irritation, itchiness, and the pain up to a great extent. Fill a tub with warm water and mix some finely
powdered oatmeal in it. Soak the affected part in this water, to get
some relief. 6. Duct Tape Duct tape has been proven highly effective
in treating plantar warts. Duct tape suffocates plantar warts by cutting
off oxygen supply. Just take a piece of tape and cover your warts
with it for six days. Then remove it and rub them with an emery
board. Repeat this procedure until the warts vanish. 7. Garlic The antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties
of garlic aid in treating skin conditions. Studies have proved garlic to be effective
against viral infections. Take 8 peeled cloves of garlic and crush them
to make a fine paste. Apply this on your warts and wash with water
after an hour. Do this daily till the warts vanish. 8. Vitamin E Oil Gently rub the vitamin E oil on the wart and
put gauze over it. Repeat it till the wart disappears completely. If vitamin E oil is not available, you may
squeeze the liquid from the vitamin E capsules and apply it to the warts. 9. Aloe Vera Aloe vera has a soothing effect on skin and
is used for treating various skin conditions. It reduces pain caused by genital warts and
prevents infections. Take the gel and rub generously on the affected
area, 3-4 times a day. Repeat this for 2-3 weeks. This is one of the effective natural remedies
for warts. 10. Baking Soda Take a spoonful of baking soda and mix it
with the castor oil. Apply this paste on the warts and cover it
with a bandage. Do this twice daily, for three weeks. 11. Epsom Salt Fill your tub with warm water and add Epsom
salt to it. Soak yourself in it for thirty minutes and
then, dry the genitals. Do this thrice a week. 12. Tea Tree Oil Tea tree oil possesses anti-inflammatory properties,
which reduces swelling and pain. It is one of the most effective home remedy
to get rid of genital warts. Soak a cotton ball in the oil and dab it on
the affected area. 13. Apple Cider Vinegar Apple cider vinegar is an effective home treatment
for genital warts. Just dip a cotton ball in the ACV and apply
it to the warts. Use sticky tape or a bandage to hold the cotton
ball in place. Leave it overnight and then wash off in the
morning. You can help treat genital warts at home with
these simple home remedies. If none of the remedies work, you can consult
your doctor for cryotherapy. It involves freezing the warts with liquid
nitrogen. So you should still see a doctor to check
for and treat any sexually transmitted infections that may be causing the warts.

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  2. Potatoes and Oatmeal? You think I'm going to rub food on my genital warts? No! My penis wants to be inside of things, it's not a human mouth. It doesn't get hungry!

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