How to Handle Baby Diarrhea | Infant Care

It can be very hard to discern when your baby
has diarrhea, especially for breast fed babies that go to the bathroom often. However, if you notice that your baby is going
to the bathroom more often than normal, you have to start writing down how often and when
they’re going to the bathroom. You can call your doctor and speak to them,
and if they think that at that point the baby has diarrhea, you have to do a few things
to make sure the baby is OK. The number one key to making a baby comfortable
during diarrhea is to make sure they’re hydrated. This is of crucial importance for a young
newborn. You need to make sure that their electrolytes
are balanced, and a doctor may recommend that you introduce something like a Pedialyte to
help the baby sustain themselves through the diarrhea. If your baby is sick and having diarrhea,
you want to chart again how often they’re going, when they’re going, and if there’s
large amounts of volume. If the baby is going very often, they may
develop diaper rash so if they are having diarrhea, it’s crucial that you change their
diaper often and apply liberal amounts of diaper cream. Lots of added baths during the day will also
help keep the baby comfortable, free of diaper rash, and just help the baby through this
uncomfortable time. Because diarrhea is so dangerous to a child,
you need to be in constant contact with your doctor should this happen to your baby. They may get diarrhea from spoiled formula,
a virus from a sibling, a virus from a neighbor. You need to figure out what is wrong with
the baby, and how to treat it. So logging the information for the doctor
and keeping in constant contact will really help. Sometimes during diarrhea babies will not
even be able to tolerate their own mother’s milk or formula. They may have to be placed on something called
hypoallergenic formula, and that is the most mildest formula out there. This needs to be determined by your doctor. So it needs to be very crucial that you log
what’s going on with your baby in regards to how they’re going to the bathroom, their
comfort level, their crying level, and really be in constant contact for your doctor. At some point they may stop any type of formula
or breast milk and start only Pedialyte.

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