How to Heal a Cut Fast

Hey, guys, Dr. Axe here. I want to show you
how to heal a cut fast and this is something that pretty much everybody
in their life is going to get a cut, a scrape, a burn somewhere. I know
just recently actually I got a little paper cut opening something. And again, it
can happen all the time, and so what you want to do immediately after you
get a cut is clean the area so you can actually just rinse water over the
area, clean it with a dry towel, or if there’s any sign of infection or dirt
buried within there, you can actually use a little bit of hydrogen peroxide
at the very, very beginning after you get a cut or, let’s say, a scrape
or burn of some sort. Now three key ingredients in helping you heal
a cut fast, and the first one is tea tree oil, also know as melaleuca. Tea
tree oil has powerful anti- bacterial and anti-microbial benefits, so
this is one of the things you’ll definitely want to do in your homemade salve
you’re going to make. The other thing you want to do is lavender
essential oil. Lavender has powerful healing abilities. It’s probably the number
one thing you could use to naturally heal a burn. And last, but not least, is raw honey. And
not just any honey, again, raw honey that contains pollen. Raw honey has
powerful anti-bacterial properties. It also helps paste, kind of create
the paste that stays over the area, because if you’re just using essential
oils by itself, a lot of times those will go into your skin and body
immediately when you actually want them to stay localized on that area. So, what you’re going to do is you’re going
to clean the area like I said. You’re going to take a mixture, and you can
actually get a little tin and put about a tablespoon of raw honey along
with about 10-15 drops of lavender, 10-15 drops of tea tree oil. Mix
them together. Go ahead and take the salve. Put it right on the area wherever
you’ve damaged or have that cut, and simply then put a Band-Aid over it
or some sort of bandage over the area not allowing anything that can cause
any more further infection in there as well. So again, you want to heal a cut fast. Three
key ingredients, tea tree oil, lavender essential oil, and raw local honey.
If you do that, you’re going to see your cuts, any scrapes, any injuries
you have are going to heal very, very quickly.

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  1. I was accidentally wanking and accidentally pulled my wanker off…I think the honey will help paste it back on. Thanks doc!

  2. there was a broken glass lamp in a garbage bag and i cut the whole length of my foot, by my toe its like a scratch but as i was running the shard cut deeper and deeper towards the heel i was in emergency all day.


  4. IM SO MAD!! I was raising my hand in school and when I put it down my fingernail cut two places in my face and now it’s so bad lmao I’m just annoyed it’s on my face because I don’t want people to think I have acne. MY FACE WAS SO CLEAR BEFORE IM SO ANNOYED

  5. My dog Bite me and it left a bleeding cut between my mouth and nose it hurts and school is tomorrow and i cant look like this when i go to school ill look Weird and ridiculous!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  6. I cut myself but it was
    on purpose I'm so fucking tired of living it was accidentally Im going to doctor I need to get rid of this fast

  7. Diet plays a huge roll too. Maximizing your natural testosterone will drastically increase the speed you heal. Keeping the wound clean is a given, body chemistry is just as important though. If you are a skinny person make sure to increase your calorie intake. Also make sure you have fats in your diet no matter what your body type. Most importantly…. SLEEP…. You should be getting atleast 10 hours a night if you are injured. If you feel like you can sleep even more, do it! Sleep is extremely underrated and helps with all aspects of health. If i had a recent surgery sometimes ill sleep 12-14 hours a night for a week straight, and I ALWAYS heal up in faaaar less time than the surgeon expects. Ive actually had 7 major surgeries so ive gotten healing down to a science. My last surgery had an estimated 6 month recovery time because it was cutting into muscle tissue. 30 days after surgery I had my first check up and my surgeon was in disbelief. He had to recheck his charts to make sure i had actually had surgery because he couldn't even tell where the incisions were made. He ended up cancelling all my follow up appointments and telling me I was back at 100%.

  8. Just now a car started beeping and I jumped and something sharp cut me and I was like danget but I put a wipe on it and it did go away a little but then it opened even more but then I put another one and I squeezed it and it went away for like two minutes and it's bleeding even worst right now

  9. I was looking for my 20 dollars and when I found it I hit my back on the recliner and got a cut on my back

  10. If u want to get rid of a canker sore what I found out that really helps is get a table spoon of salt and mix it into your water and gargle it 3 times and brush your teeth and it should go away overnight if not u should see a doctor

  11. I was hiking and climbing a hill and lost my footing and sliced my hand on a rock. It Punctured the skin but didn’t puncture the flesh. What should I do

  12. Thank you I was grating an apple and graded a lump off the top of my little finger I couldn’t stop the bleeding till I used your suggestion HONEY your an Earth Angel 👼 thank god for people like you😇🌈🙏❤️

  13. Dr. Axe what is the best way the heal a tongue? I had a mild seizure and bit thru the side of my tongue. I am keeping it clean, as much as possible and I am using orajel for the numbing. I have been going back and forth on using super glue. what are your thoughts?

  14. Once I cut my finger with scissors at school by accident and my teacher was busy emailing one of my classmates parents when I was crying like I NEED A BAND AID!!!!
    so I just took a tissue waiting. lol

  15. How good does this work I scraped my face up in the bottom of a pool from the bottom of my eyelid to my chin I have no accual skin left just muscle and fat will this still work or what

  16. I cut my self with a saw cleaning up some branches, I hope this will help.I have to apply this every day,I hate scars.

  17. Thanks your a life savor my chicken has sharp nails and seriously cut my skin and it was gushing blood it’s a big one I said but I looked under general helps so much it’s like in seconds it heals thank you so much your life saver👌🏼

  18. Me (being me) grabbed a broken slinky and cut my leg with a 11 inch scrape and I have drama tomorrow at school, how do I get rid of it? Help!

  19. I got poison ivy been using baking soda and vinegar it helps the itching, looking to heat the wounds what do you recommend. Thanks

  20. Why not use antibacterial ointment l got a piece of glass stuck in my foot took it out and was looking for quick healing method as l still have to work the rest of the week with no sick time

  21. I dropped a knife on my toe. It cut really deep and hurts so badly, I hope these home remedies will help, thank you for sharing

    Me: watching this video

  23. Lol people be here cuz of accidents and I’m here cuz I intentionally cut myself but I now regret it (they aren’t big cuts. They’re barely an inch long and a millimeter deep)

  24. triple antibiotic will always be the best imo…put it on real thick … i basicly cut finger in half to bone.. used a glob off that the skin grew over it so fast .. no need for stitches

  25. I was looking more for like "let it breathe" or "pressure" or "how often to change binding" instead of this magic-based salve mixture

  26. I got a pretty bad cut while I was shaving… left me with a weird wound that doesn't seem to be healing along with razor burn. 😫

  27. I was "playing" with a sharp object and "accidentally" cut up my arm oops. I have to go surfing soon so I need the cuts to go fast 🤠😪

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