How To Heal The Gut Lining Naturally | Research Supported Herbs For Gut Health

Hi, i’m Dr. Zyrowski and in this video I’m
going to teach you how to heal the gut lining naturally, and how I use my product GI Repair
in order to support this process. There’s no secret that many people suffer
from gastrointestinal problems. It’s estimated between sixty and seventy million
Americans suffer every single day from them. Many of which suffer unknowingly . The reason
this is such a big problem is because, our gut it very important to us, it’s very important
to our overall health. First of all, 80% of our immune system is
located in our gut, and then also our gut has something called the enteric nervous system,
so a large part of our nervous system is actually located within our gut as well. Now, when you suffer from gastrointestinal
issues, it’s not just your gut alone that suffers, you know? It’s not only the lack of absorption for vitamins
and minerals, and maybe some gut pain, but also it affects how your brain is functioning,
it affects how your hormones are functioning. So, it’s a really big deal to make sure your
gut is functioning properly. When it comes to gut health, it’s important
to understand, it’s a sensitive issue because when people have poor gut health, they’re
typically sensitive to a lot of things. So, when we look at the GI Repair supplement,
it’s simply very few ingredients, four to be exact and it is free of all the different
allergens out there like, wheat, eggs, dairy, peanuts, those types of things. So, we need to make sure in order to actually
get the gut well, that we have something that is free of all those different allergens,
but also has very few ingredients and very few things that are going to cause you to
have a reaction to. Now, when we look at the different ingredients
in here, they’re all very powerful when it comes to healing the gut. The first one first one that we’re going to
start with is arabinogalaetan. First thing that is important to know about
this is that it’s actually going to help decrease ammonia production. So, when suffering from intestinal permeability,
things like leaky gut, it’s important to decrease the ammonia production and transportation
throughout the body because it can cause a lot of different symptoms. Next, it’s going to help increase the Microflora. Many people who suffer from poor gut health,
also have poor mircoflora. So, it’s going to help increase good Microflora. And also it is going to increase short chain
fatty acids, which is going to support the healing of the gastrointestinal tract. Next big one is, L-Glutamine. L-Glutamine is an amino acid, and one of the
that it does very well is it transports nitrogen. When it comes to wound healing, it’s important
to be able to transport nitrogen very effectively in order to help heal the different wounds. Now, the other thing it does very effectively,
is it helps support the epithelial tissue when it comes to, you know, whether it’s leaky
guy or any of these other intestinal issues like ulcers or Crohn’s, it’s an epithelial
tissue problem. The epithelial tissue is suffering and there’s
some problems there. So, in order to actually support that, L-Glutamine
does a great job. It helps with decreasing ulcers, it helps
with decreasing necrosis and atrophy of that epithelial tissue. Next big ingredient, which is really been
around for thousands of years is aloe vera extract. You know, it’s very funny because aloe vera
extract is something I used to put in my smoothies, and everybody hated my smoothies because I
would get one of those big aloe vera leafs and I would take the gel out of the inside
and i’d put it in the smoothie, and I can’t say it was very delicious at all, actually
it was kind of gross. But, you know, I was trying to heal my guy
and I was using the aleo vera leaf and throwing it in the smoothies and it wasn’t to good. But anyway, this formula contains aleo vera
leaf extract and it is a very powerful anti-inflammatory when it comes to the gut. Now, it also is loaded with minerals, and
vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants and it also supports microbial balance. Once again, when it comes to healing the gut,
and getting the gut lining well, aloe vera extract is very powerful. Now, the next and very powerful ingredient
is licorice root extract. This also has a very powerful anti-inflammatory
effect on the colon. Now, when the colon is suffering, when the
colons health is not great, one of the things that happens, there’s a lot of spasms within
it, so it’s an antispasmodic which is going to help bring relief and soothe the digestive
tract. So, when you take all of these different ingredients
here together, put them together and you know, not only are they great individually for supporting
gut health, but when you put them together and they work synergistically, you get such
better results. So, what we do with the GI Repair powder is
we simply just take a scoop out, mix it in water and go ahead and drink it. Now, here’s the thing, I think it tastes almost
like an unsweetened black tea. And so, use this power on a daily basis until
you start seeing some better results with your gut health. Now, the other thing you can use, and that’s
very powerful is using enzymes, probiotics and those also support gut health as well. So, if you’re someone suffering from gastrointestinal
issues, GI repair really helps support that gut lining. Until next time folks, make it a great day.

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  1. I've been suffering from poor gut health for a long time. Ive heard of many of these ingredients, its awesome you have them all combined into one formula. Ill give it a try!

  2. Drinking high concentrated organic gingerroot tea will help you too!
    Great video in explaining those key ingredients. And they are so commonly available, its amazing…

  3. So informative and explained in a way we all can understand. So many people suffer needlessly when there is this kind of amazing product out there.

  4. I have mild gastropathy, erosion in the gastric body, is this supplement good for me? my wellness doctor says that according to a muslce test my stomach is not accepting aloe vera too well

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