How to Optimize Gut Health and Improve Healthy Bacteria in the Stomach

You mention resistant starches could
that include squash, purple sweet potatoes, regular
yams; are these some of the better ones? High in
fiber, some the blue zone that’s what they eat, right? Absolutely. Excellent sources of resistant starch. Or green bananas. Okay. A green banana is 35 percent resistant
starch. Okay. So as long as that banana is green on the end and
you open it up and it’s not turned all into sugar you eat that banana and almost half of that banana is resistant starch. Okay. I like using
strategies; I use things like white bean extract. I use
white bean extract to help reduce the glycemic index of starches people are
eating. Because once again, I was lecturing in front of 250 doctorss at
just for the pre-conference event and I asked a very simple question-I said we’re all here for Integrative Health, we all get that the value of diet, we’re all eating right.
How many have you have been able to avoid eating a cupcake, a piece a cake, a danish, a bagel, a cookie for the whole last year? Wow, the whole year. Now that’s how- I
mean we hear this all the time! Absolutely. Worse, you could ask the same question
the last week I think, or even, let’s be honest,
the last day. But I walk by see what the docs are eating. I see the result, right? They’re addicted too, right? Is there some addiction going on with all
the gut and the hormones? That’s all important to bring that up. It is now,
what’s funny is like my closing thought is bad as I only had two
doctors raise their hand and say the whole year. The whole year I did not have any of
that. And you and I told him? I have a psychiatrist outside waiting for him. Right? Because you’re a little OCD if you accomplished that. Grateful for the dedication. So there is
an addiction issue, there’s also the addiction issue
going a couple of ways. First of all, when you’re stress eating,
typically your dopamine cascade is off the reward cascade is compromised. That
could be a genetic trait that’s related to the alcohol gene, right? A lot
of people with those. And so when you’re under stress, not only
does the potato chip taste good, you wanna rub it on your head and then
you wanna you know figure some way that you can lick the inside the bag. That is when we know our dopamine is compromised, right? But the other important thing he
brought up is that aspect I have when our hormones in our gut aren’t telling our body were satisfied. The
only other answer they have is you need to eat more. Yeah. And you
need to eat more because there’s not enough energy being provided to the brain, right? Then and once again There’s two ways your body makes
energy. You either make 38 molecules per mole of ATP, you know when you take in your
carbs, or you make 2. And when your insulin
resistant, and your thyroid hormones are not functioning correctly, you make 2. So basically, you make
nineteen times less energy. What is your brain gonna tell your gutt
and what is your gut going to tell your brain? I’m starved, I’m
hungry, feed me.And look at the person who is starved, right? You go to the buffets the person sitting there doesn’t
look starved, no but their brain between the
grhelin, the excessive grhelin that gets released, not enough glp-1 so you know, obviously a hormone that
responsible for insulin and also regulating satiety to a
certain extent, and how you’re going to utilize glucose.
These are big important things a coming from the get-go. I think a lot of
people think hey if i’m having a regular bowel
movement every day that means my gut is fine Now it should be four bowel movements per
day. After every meal, correct? Exactly. But you know what most
people get they’re happy with one. Right. That’s the norm, is the established
norm. Oh yeah, every morning I have a bowel movement after a cup of coffee. Well why do they have telephones in the bathroom? And magazines? Because they plan to spend a
lot of time there because it’s all backed up Doctor Burkitt spoke about
this years ago. He said a hundred grams of fiber a day. They would
eat, they would squat down, and boop gone on their way. Not sitting their straining on the
stool. And then straining causes other problems. Diverticulitis, hiatal hernias,
pushing the pressure up varicose veins, a lot, a host of
problems in the western world that weren’t present in
primitive times. That was that whole concept for me that I think is
important- gotta get across to docs. You gotta get the resistant starch in. Get it in from foods. Eat the fibrous vegetables, add the
flaxseed meal, get the organic flaxseed, get Chia seed, get Hemp seed, whichever one you have
a political or social agenda with. Take that one, and use that because everybody’s different, right? You hear old flax see is
toxic. Oh, no it isn’t, look at all these good studies My point is that for the most part I
know when people take in fiber like what you just said a hundred grams a day.
If I can get people to 50 grams a day it changes their life. And most people
don’t know when I show a doctor, because we do a lot of
education on nutrition what is a serving of fruit, or a
vegetable that gives you fiber, and they see oh my gosh it’s a cup- raw. That’s only two grams of fiber and I’m supposed to get to 50?! Yeah. Right. So we better start thinking about
how else we get it in – well even a bowl of salad is a few grams of fiber. Exactly. They’re
totally not getting sufficient fiber. And then
problems that really start to come up is when I don’t have enough
fiber the beneficial flora can’t be fed Right. And when the beneficial bacteria
can’t be fed and then make butyrate you have the short-chain fatty acids-
that’s when the mucosal barrier sheds so you get mucosal barrier shedding,
the repair rate isn’t enough, that mucosal barrier get leaky, and I
actually showed a picture that just came out where the epithelial cells where
the mucosal barrier is separating and you can see the leaky gut in
that picture While so, it was
actually an x-ray and it was interesting So it is very interesting

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