What is up scoot toot nation! Now 186 subscribers
strong. So this weeks video is short and sweet. Im
gonna show you how to unlock the Call of Nature trophy in the last guardians. First, I want to apologize for the
offensive jokes i made in my last few videos. I realize now that theres probably better
ways to get out of my contract. But now that shits out of the way, lets get
to the important stuff. For this one, you need to catch Trico in the
act. Now i wasn’t entirely sure which act it was so i jumped on Netscape to figure it
out but all i discovered were some terrifying new fetishes that i’m anxious to explore. Also, i can confirm the reddit method for
this trophy does not work. I repeat it does not work. *Burp* I spent a few hours stroking tricos butthole
all over a bunch a different places. I mean uptown downtown i get around just to try to
make this trophy pop but all it did was make my hands cramped and sweaty. *Boy screams* So i decided to take a quick looky loo inside
to see what was clogging up the ol’ poopchute. *Schlerp* Time for the moneyshot. Trico’s giant head isn’t the only thing knock knock
knocking on heavens door so is his ass. When you get to the first room with two guards
stand on this platform and wait for trico to shove his stupid head in the door and take
a giant shit outside. Boom! Trophy unlocked. You’re welcome. Now before I go, I wanna announce the winner
of last weeks send nudes dude contest. Congratulations Dave, you won again. Thats 14 weeks in a row.
I hope you use your winnings to finally see a dermatologist for your Plaque psoriasis.
And not to repeat myself again but this contest is open to all my viewers between the ages
of 18 and 21 – Yo Scooter you’re reading the one from like last week bro. Wait wha? Dave didn’t win, man. What do you mean Dave didn’t win dawg? Dave didn’t win. Who won then? Who won this
week dawg?! Yo check this bro. Oh ho ho shit yo that’s Alf! It’s me! *Moan* If you liked that click the subscribe button,
click the like button and click the paperclip with the googly eyes. See ya on the flip flop
scoot toot nation. Now 175 subscribers strong.

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