How to Prevent Kidney Stones With Diet

this is what the surface of a kidney stone looks like under a microscope imagine that scraping down your urinary canal kidney stones affect approximately 1 in 11 people in the United States though twenty years ago it was only 120 a dramatic increase in the prevalence of this disease that started going up after World War two our first clue as to why it was published in the 1970s a striking relationship was found between stone incidents in the consumption of animal protein but this was a population study though you can’t prove cause and effect so next researchers in Britain did an interventional study added animal protein to their diet like an extra can of tuna fish to their daily diet and measured stone forming risk factors in their urine how much calcium they’re peeing out the the concentration of oxalate and uric acid in their urine before and after the extra tuna their overall probability of forming stones increased two hundred and fifty percent during those days they were eating that extra fish and that so-called high animal protein diet that was just enough to bring intake up to that of the average American so the average American intake of meat appears to markedly increase risk of kidney stones so what about no meat well even by the late 70s we knew that the only dietary factor consistently associated with kidney stones was animal protein and not just getting your first kidney stone the higher the intake of animal protein the more likely an individual is have multiple stones rather than just one single stone episode not protein in general it seems but specifically high in animal protein conversely diet low in animal protein may reduce the overall probability of forming stones to become very low indeed which may explain the apparent low incidence of stones in vegetarian society so may be worthwhile advocating more vegetarian form of diet as a means of reducing the risk but it wasn’t until 2014 actual vegetarians were studied in detail using hospital admissions data they found that vegetarians were indeed at a lower risk of being hospitalized for kidney stones compared to those that ate meat and among meat-eaters increasing meat intake was associated with a higher risk of developing kidney stones whereas a high intake of fresh fruit fiber magnesium may reduce the risk we can use this information to advise the public about prevention of kidney stone formation what advice should we give in terms of which animal protein is the worst despite compelling evidence that excessive animal protein consumption enhances the risk of stone formation The effect of different sources of animal protein had not been explored until this study was published in 2014 people who form kidney stones are commonly advised to restrict the intake of red meat to decrease stone risk but what about chicken and fish we didn’t know until now salmon and Cod were compared to chicken breast meat and burger and steak they found the gram per gram fish may actually be worse in terms of uric acid production however the overall effects were complex basically stone formers should be counseled to limit the intake of all animal proteins and not just a little bit only those who markedly decrease their animal protein intake may expect to benefit from dietary recommendations you

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  1. What about animal protein via dairy consumption?  I've NEVER been a big meat eater, yet by the age of 19 already suffered from my first kidney stone.  Upon examination (x-ray / catscan? don't remember which) …it was revealed that I had two or three stones still present in my kidney.  Of course, they don't typically get noticed until they begin their journey down the urinary track.  I'm now 31 and so far haven't had any such pain as then, but again — shouldn't this study have specified animal protein via dairy just as it looked into the effect of different animal sources?  Thank you so much for your work!  All the best 🙂

  2. Having just gone through the terrible ordeal of kidney stones (3) my first question to my doctor what can I do to prevent this from ever happening again.He explained that kidney stones are much more common in the southern portions of the country, and that the best prevention was to hydrate. : drink drink drink: keep your kidneys flushed. There was no discussion on diet concerns or restrictions,other than salt consumption.I would easily give all meat or any thing else to prevent any further stones.

  3. Does vitamin k2 play any role in reducing calcium stones and calcification of arteries? What is the best source for k2, according to Doctor mercola k1 to k2 is not sufficient.

  4. What does tuna fish do to kidney stone risk?

    Watch below or click the link to watch on

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  6. my best friends daughter has multiple stones in both her kidneys and she is only 15 I had no idea that ppl could get them so young, I will tell her about this.

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  9. Concerning keeping disease at check, diet is definitely something you need to modify first. Proper nutrition consumption could let your body heal itself and little by little put an end to kidney disease. Do you know some foods are healthy to normal people, but are very harmful to individuals who are with kidney disease?

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  16. This is totally true. I had a huge kidney stone 3 years ago. I was hospitalized for over 2 weeks and it caused sepsis and I almost died. I haven't had one since I became vegan. Even during my pregnancy last year which they say you're much more likely to get them in pregnancy (I think this is due to taking prenatals with excess calcium in them added to a meat eating diet, just a theory though) I still didn't get any kidney stones.

  17. The pictures he shows is a calcium oxolate stone
    the one he mentions in the first study is a uric acid stone
    there is a big difference

  18. Tengo una amiga que era pesquetariana y comia mucho atun y justamente tubo problemas de piedras en los riñones ahora entiendo la conexion, yo soy vegano asi qje vivo feliz sabiendo que tengo menor riesgo de desarrollar calculos renales

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  20. Good grief…after 33 kidney stones (and counting) I don't know what else to try, guess I'll start eating rabbit food!😥

  21. I got this kidney guide “Κemkemsο wiza” (Google it) with the demand of my wife she suffers with kidney stones. She has gone through 2 lithotripsies over the last two months but it didn`t split her 7 mm stone. Roughly 2 hours right after applying this, she discovered an improvement the soreness was subsiding afterwards that afternoon..

  22. I am a chronic stone maker – several hundred to this point. I started this diet 7 months ago – we shall see. I'll be back in 6 months when I get my annual CT Scan.

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