How to Reduce Carcinogenic Bile Acid Production

colon cancer risk and westernized populations may be reduced by decreasing the intakes of animal products blaming aggressive factors such as animal protein and fat we’ve explored how animal protein can putrefy and produced a rotten egg gas which may be toxic to DNA but what about the fat it can simulate the synthesis and secretion of bile acids into the intestine that’s what bile does helps the body digest fat so more fat in the intestines means more bile in the intestines which wouldn’t be a problem they said bile acids have long been suspected as being carcinogenic especially secondary bile acids see biomass to stimulate the growth of bacteria which convert the primary bile acids our liver makes into secondary bile acids and secondary bile acids have been shown to be cancer-causing so this could help explain why fat rich diets are correlated with colon cancer high saturated fat intake is associated with elevated levels of bile which is what you tend to see in people with colon cancer and so are considered tumor producing factors in colorectal cancer development and perhaps breast cancer is these secondary bile acids can get absorbed into the bloodstream and circulate throughout the body this may help explain the extraordinarily low rates of colon cancer in sub-saharan Africa with native Africans putting out just a fraction of the secondary bile acids compared to African Americans well if a diet high in animal fat stimulates the growth of these toxic and carcinogenic secondary bile salt producing bacteria what about people who don’t eat animal fat we’ve known for about 40 years that those eating plant-based diets have less bile in their stools and reduce capacity to create colon carcinogens those eating vegetarian produced just a fraction some of the secondary bile acids implicated in cancer about 70 percent less put people on a plant-based diet and within just a week the bacterial enzyme activity produced these secondary bile acids is cut in half and within a month the press is cut in half as well one of the most important toxic effects of these by lasses the BAS and our BMS is the increased production of free radicals that’s one of the ways they can damage our DNA and undermine our DNA repair pathways compared to this diet if you switch people to a vegetarian diet for just 12 days you can get a 13 full drop and I’d raxil free radical production hydroxyl radicals one of the most destructive free radicals which may increase colon cancer risk they only last about a billionth of a second but in that time can convert harmless substances in the bowel to DNA damaging mutagenic substances and bile acids are believed to promote this process so fecal free radicals may activate carcinogens in the colon on a standard American diet the amount of free radicals produced in the stool is quite remarkable corresponding to that which would be produced by a fatal dose of gamma radiation so what do we do about it what’s an achievable practical measure to decrease free radical formation in our colon well we could just eat a more plant-based diet but there’s not a lot of money in cauliflower and carrots so instead we could attempt to colonize people colon with genetically engineered antioxidant producing bacteria you you

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  2. could you do a video on high brix vegetables vs standard organic vegeatbles ….the differnce in nutrient density and vitamins and minerals …i think people need to know that just because fruit and veg is organic ,…it doesnt mean its high quality…and maybe discuss the digestion problems with poor quality grown organic produce….

  3. Dr. Greger when are you making a video about Helicobacter Pyloris or GERD? thanks!! Im a post VSG and new vegan low fat patient and im suffering with this two issues. Will love to get your findings on these.

  4. GMO bacteria!! Yikes perish the thought.  Naturally you were joking.  How silly it is that most folks would prefer something like that over carrots and cauliflower.  Why is it that so many could be saved from the devastation of colon cancer when it's so easy to be vegan.  Oh, and buy the way, you have the added benefit of having medicine that also tastes delicious.

  5. Can you try making a video that isn't strictly vegan oriented.
    Not asking for a meat video, just one that maybe doesn't talk about the omnivore vs. vegan debacle.

  6. How does Dr. Greger have the time to make these videos, do all this reaserch, and fly around the world giving lectures?

  7. No closer look at the 1939 study methods? Sorry you and Bluto are on a roll. Your close looks from studies need more than a look we are all trying to go to. Who funded what? Science is bought and sold, you don't study in a vacuum. Studies and their sponsors have science they want to share before the studies. You only point this out for the meat and dairy funded studies. More due diligence won't make me go back to wings and beer, just fill in the blanks. Thank you

  8. I love when modern evidence helps establish the validity of alternative medical practices. A corner stone of The Gerson therapy for treating cancer is to use coffee enemas to get stagnant bile out of the body. In addition to a plant based diet of course.

  9. How about Bile stasis in the gallbladder, by reducing and stopping meat/eggs and fat this will turn down or slow down the emptying of sludge/bile/cholesterol in the gallbladder and this could saturate cholesterol/bile etc, isnt this a problem?

  10. Dont veggies like broccoli, artichoke, lettuce, etc helps stimulate the production of bile in the liver and other plants help bile be expelled, i.e. more bile being ejected out of the gallbladder into the colon? Is it this bile that is bad or the fact that animal protein and fats are involved, and get converted to secondary bile acids?


  12. Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else trying to find out remedies heartburn try Reflux Recovery Tactics Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my friend got cool success with it.

  13. explain how ESKIMO had 0 heart disease and normally ate blubber fat, whale fat, etc… no FIBER as nothing grows there… BUSTED

    you vegans, which crops are sprayed with glyphosate, except the few rich that can buy the organic one's, are the most sick & depressed people there are… no iron , no B12

  14. What about someone like me who suffers from Bile Acid Malabsorption? I developed it after having my gallbladder removed 8 years ago. I have excess bile in my intestines on a daily basil despite the fact that I've been eating a fruit & vegetable diet for over a year now. It hasn't gotten any better. What can I do to heal this & stop the overproduction of these bile acids? I tried the pharmaceutical drugs for Bile Acid Malabsorption but, had severe allergic reactions to both of them. This was due tot he fact that I also suffer from severe Histamine Intolerance. I'd like to heal naturally. Any advice from you is greatly appreciated!

  15. Your push towards vegan neglects to include fruits & vegetables in America are Genetically modified, drenched in pesticides, including organic which causes bile duct cancer along with every other cancer, today.

  16. The Keto Diet is quickly looking to be a huge public health burden the longer it stays around because of the high fat levels, even if only for this one reason. That said, the segment at 0:55 that talks about the creation of secondary bile acids doesn't seem to have a direct link to animal fat. He just said its stimulated by fat.

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