How To Remove Stomach Fat With Jump Rope

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  1. Hy brothers, im from Brazil, i have one year jumping rope, and the mission of reduce this fat its very difficult, the last body fat!!!I want to buy your rope, do you send to Brazil?Sorry the poor english bro!!!

  2. My bad I came to know about this channel late. I love skipping a lot. Your videos are motivating me to push even harder. You guys are awesome. Thanks 😊

  3. Hii Zen dude ,I am your new follower from India.
    I also do skiping rope 2000 time in one time a day , either in morning or evening but not regular.
    I want to loose weight specially in tummy , love handle and heavy shoulders.
    Am I right in doing this for my goal.
    your this video is very helpful .
    My Mom also recommed this to me because whenever i do this rope skipping regularly I starting loosing weight .
    She says she notices changes in my apperence.
    Waiting for your reply .
    Thanks in advance.

  4. Thanks you two because after your first video I decided: "Shit I'm gonna do it!". Now I jump rope 4 times per week and I it freaking awesome! Thanks one more time

  5. Well you see I have a pretty good amount of muscle but I'm worried that if I eat less than I burn I won't be able to increase muscle mass, what should I do?

  6. So glad found your chanel.I love words about calorie deficiet & consistent through our body workout like jump roping .I never know about rope jumping would be hepful in weight loss .S o thank u for zen.

  7. How much jump rope should I do to get flat belly I am doing 100 jump in 10reps in last 2months but I don't get any result pls give some advice

  8. You can't target fat in a specific area. Your body just uses calories; you have no control over where it pulls them from.

  9. For diet, you have to choose your food. You can’t just eat anything even though you have a deficit. Make sure you know what you put in your body

  10. Ok, here's my challenge, (dilemma, problem…whatever you want to call it, lol) I'm a 52 year old female who is in the middle of menopause. I am very physically active in my job as a letter carrier, lifting heavy trays of mail, walking at a fast pace (purposefully) with a satchel full of ads or parcels, I eat a healthy diet, drink plenty of water, and YET: I have this silly little pooch on my lower belly that doesn't seem to budge. Is there hope?

  11. I have tensor fascia lata so have to take a break from running. Is not that bad now it stopped hurting but I need to prevent the pain. I will start jump rope but do you think it might damage my tensor fascia lata or does not have anything to do woith that muscl?

  12. what if we want to lose stomach fat BUT at the same time we also want to maintain our muscles? are we still going to eat less than what we burn? thanks

  13. Hey there Dan and Brandon! I wanted to know what eating in a calorie deficit means. Does it mean if my daily calorie requirement is 2000 i should be eating less than that for weight loss or is it if i eat 1200 calories than i should burn more than 1200 calories for weight loss.. Please clarify! You guys are doing an awsm job.. Keep up

  14. A lot of talk about the benefits, but no "how to remove fat w/jump rope." I was expecting to see some specific exercises and time constraints. Links were to promote your jump rope and your channel.

  15. So i have to burn more calories then i eat. So for example if i ate 1000 calories then i should burn more then 1000

  16. Tried low jump roping today (bent knees) it’s brutal… very very hard to do
    Human flag is easier lol

  17. Gosh thank you so much for this in formation.. I just started jumping goal is to lower my pressure and look cute doing it. God bless you!!

  18. My waist shrunk 2 inches already after 1 month. I am so thankful for your videos! But one question… My arms always so sore after jump rope. I have taken some protien powder to improve some sore muscles. But my arms still sore during jump rope so that my Hands can't keep up the rethym of my legs. Should I train my arms first for a few weeks before jump rope or mix two of them?

  19. Jump rope dudes u guys r the best motivation and mentor for all the fitness advices you give I enjoy watching your videos as well as practicing the routine workout you guys post .. I suggest you guys keep posting good videos as It would really help lots of other people over the globe,, m from India…by the way

  20. Do I still need to eat at a caloric deficit if I am not fat but skinny fat. I am still confused by this cos I always thought that caloric deficit is for overweight people

  21. plz make a video on.. how to get rid of face fat by jump rope plzz I beg you plzz I am a teen and I am so shy and fell embarass for this..

  22. Do you guys have any advice to lose weight without getting a bunch of loose skin? Is that even possible? Also I’m a total beginner I can’t skip more than 20x in a row. Should I be getting better (skip more consistently) before starting a beginner workout?

  23. Hi everybody. I got a problem with my stomach. I've started bodybuilding 2 months ago , every part of my body changed except my stomach (by the way am a thin guy, and yes it do exist :a thin guy with a belly, especially the lower part of it ) Can someone tell me if jumprope can make my abs appear, or is it goona make me more thin, do I need to do more sets, or do it just take time to see some results?

  24. I've been jumping rope for like a week and believe me it's THE BEST method to burn fat
    Why haven't i known it before 😭😭

  25. Good work guys,

    I was 110kg on the 2nd of September 2018 (last month), I weighed myself this morning 16th of October 2018

    93.5 kg's – so 16.5 kilos in around 5 weeks

    *No alcohol
    *No sugar
    *500-800 calories of clean food a day
    *Walking 5-7km every day (*recently turned this into jogging – last 5 days*)

    I always ate healthy and was around 80-85 kilos, then 2 years ago I stopped smoking and I just ballooned, drinking more, eating more, not exercising etc

    If I can do it, anyone can

    Oh and I am going to be 40 in March

  26. I am normally ok but only have stomach fat which doesn't go and I am working on that by jumping rope everyday for 30 minutes

  27. Got my ropes and did 15 minutes freestyle (30/10) today. Hooked! I'll get to the fancy stuff. Just ordered all the shirts. I'll hack off the sleeves and look great in the spring. BTW, 60, 5'9" and 173lbs. Yep, got some work to do! just… the thing

  28. Heyy! I’ve been jumping rope 30 minutes daily for 2 months now. It showed me amazing results lost fat around my shoulders, tummy area and my legs got toned. Im enjoying it very much learning new tricks and moves
    Thanks for your videos, you guys motivate me everyday to do it

  29. My goal is to jump rope for 4 week straight and only have one day off per week while esting healthy foods.

    I have getting so much better compare when I started this journey. I have lost weight but not enough like I was expecting.
    Another thing you have to keep in mind is to be patiencr and DO THE THING.

  30. I am doing 1000 skippings every single day.but still not loosing more belly weight is 63 kg want to be 58 according to my height.but my weight is stuck on 63 dosent move.plz help

  31. I eat 1,700 calories a day and burn 500-600 calories a day by jump roping. Will I loose weight continuing this?

  32. Bought both the get lean and get strong Crossropes and waiting for them to come in. Excited to start

  33. Been using jump rope since 2000. Jumping rope is the best work out you can do to control and lose weight bar none. I jump about 4 days/week, 15-20 minute per session. I’m 42 years old and feel great.

  34. My workout is usually a minimum of 8-10 sets of 2-minute intervals with a 15-30 second break in between. Every 3-4 weeks I try to have a one workout session where i jump 15-20 minutes straight with no rest or no mistakes to see where my conditioning is.

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