90 Replies to “How to Treat a Stomachache | Stomach Problems

  1. Don't go a two full days without any food. I've been there to help train me in military lack of food situations.

  2. I have a stomach ache right now and it's been going on for a few days now, I drink water but I just come out with a pain feeling.

  3. I went to bed and woke up this morning still having a bad tummy ache. Sometimes I feel like vomiting, but I can't. It's so bad 😢😢

  4. what if you HAVE to eat the thing that is giving you a stomach ache? my parents make me eat fish which makes me want to throw up.

  5. Last night I had the worst ache, I woke up at 2 am and threw up all over my bed. At least I don't have a stomach ache anymore

  6. I drank water and now my stomach hurts!!! So do I never drink water again? (Note that I drank out of a bottle not right from the faucet)

  7. my stomach really really really really hurts right now as if someone punched me in the gut it's not for me having to go to the bathroom because I've tried and it hurts when I lay down even more also when I sit or stand up so what am I supposed to do it really really hurts

  8. My stomach hurts because I've been workin on a six pack so anyone got any ideas it sounds crazy that I'm only 11 and I got a 2 pack already

  9. My stomach hurts so bad cuz I'm lactose intolerant and I ate something not knowing there was milk in it. Its keeping me from sleeping it hurts so bad😖what do I do

  10. my stomach really hurts bc i was sleeping and the air goes to my stomach and now it hurtsssssss och even i poo

  11. OMG I just had a HUGE stomach ache but my stomach just growled like a bear so now I feel better.

  12. I woke up at 11:25 and felt the need to vomit and I did but I didn't make it to the toilet I made it to the sink but the weird thing is that I threw up noodle but I didn't eat any then at 12:00 I vomited again and I didn't make it the the bathroom I accidentally vomited on the floor I don't know why I vomited but my stomach still hurts😭😭😢😢

  13. How to heal a stomach ache that every 10mins or 20 mins your stomach will, just like getting punch by a baby or a 5 year old kid that punch with full force

  14. I'm only watching this because my tummy is hurting 😩😩😑😑 and I have school in the morning / not helpful but thx anyways☺

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