How To Treat And Eradicate Helicobacter Pylori Naturally

Greetings, New Zealand naturopath, Eric Bakker,
author of Candida Crusher, formulator of the Canxida range of supplements. Thanks for checking
out my video and I hope you’re enjoying the helicobacter pylori series so far. So far,
we’ve covered many different videos. I’ll just read out a list of some of the videos
that we’ve completed. “What is Helicobacter?” “What are the signs and symptoms?” “What are
the causes?” “How to test and diagnose.” “What are the risk factors?” “How to prevent it.”
And now we’re going to talk about helicobacter natural treatment. What is the most effective
natural treatment for this bacteria? Before we go into natural treatment, I should
talk a little bit about the medical treatment or triple therapy. I used to be a big fan
of triple therapy for many years. Particularly, when I worked in medical centers, I’d often
prescribe triple therapy for patients, and this basically means two different antibiotics
and then either an acid blocker or a stomach shielding drug.
In fact, Dr. Barry Marshall never recommended one medication alone for helicobacter. He
believed that it was important to alter the environment of the gut either by shielding
the gut and giving a strong drug or by blocking the acid production and giving one or two
drugs. And so eventually evolved the treatment called “triple therapy,” which has become
very popular. Triple therapy is also used with drugs like rifaximin and drugs like that
in a SIBO sense, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. And some naturopathic doctors
are actually recommending antibiotics, too. I’ve got mixed results, but I’ve been in practice
now for nearly 30 years and what I did discover over a period of time was that three quarters
or more of patients with an HP infection who had triple therapy would come back and say,
“I’m feeling sick again. It lasted for six months or it lasted for one year or it lasted
two years, but now, I feel like crap. I’ve got the same symptoms. I’ve got heartburn.
I’ve got bloating. I’m just not interested in eating much and I’ve got a lot of diarrhea
or constipation. What’s wrong with me? I went back to the doctor and he tested and he said
everything’s fine, but I’m pretty sure I’ve got the same thing I had last time.”
What do you do in that case? These days, I just treat naturally and there are many different
kinds of protocols that I recommend for patients, but I’m not going to be biased here and I
also don’t really care what you take. I just want you to have a good result with what you
do take, so I’m going to come up with a lot of different suggestions for you.
I had an interesting discussion with a lady when I was in Sidney, Australia in 2015 at
a medical conference, a retired gastroenterologist, who told me, “Eric, I don’t treat with triple
therapy anymore. I gave up after 20 odd years of using it. I found it just didn’t work with
the majority of people.” And she said, “I found that most people who ended up getting
it would come back saying, �It’s back again.’ I was always reluctant to give it two or three
times over.” And she said, “The other thing I discovered was many people have strong side
effects from the triple therapy. And the triple therapy can produce side effects like metallic
taste in the mouth, headache, diarrhea, vaginal yeast infections or jock itch, so a patient
can end up with a lot of yeast infections.” But the big thing she said is you wipe out
so many of the beneficial bacteria that they end up with a secondary problem. You potentially
have a good kill rate on the upper digestive system, but eventually that comes back again,
but then, you’ve killed off the stuff below and that can take a lot longer to come back.
All you’re doing is you’re basically giving a person a very short term cash loan with
a high interest rate. That’s what you’re doing when you’re giving triple therapy. You’re
buying them a little bit of time, but there’s about 10 to 15 percent chance, in my opinion,
that they’re going to be cured for this disease. There’s a bigger chance they’re not going
to be cured. You’ll get a very good eradication, but you won’t get a complete elimination.
I said to this lady, “Okay, you’ve told me that, so what do we do? How do we get rid
of this?” And she said, “Well, it’s about controlling the bug in the body. It’s about
keeping the symptoms at bay by managing effective diet and lifestyle and making sure the patient
eats the right kind of foods and has the right fermented and cultured foods.” I put my arm
around this lady because she’s a nice old lady, she would’ve been about 69. I said,
“You should’ve been a naturopath. What the heck are you a gastroenterologist for?” And
she said, “I’ve always been a naturopath. I’ve always worked like this with people,
but sometimes you need to use stronger medications than what you guys use.” But I asked her if
she uses any antibiotics now and she said she would never recommend them. After all
those 40 odd years of clinical experience, she said to me, she found in most cases antibiotics
are a complete waste of time when it came to the digestive system. I thought, “Wow,
that’s quite a powerful thing for someone to say whose been in conventional medicine
for so long.” “A complete waste of time.” But in this video, we’re going to talk about
the natural treatment and the eradication and I assume that’s why you’re looking at
this because you may have tried triple therapy and found out it was a complete waste of time.
You may have had recurrent triple therapy treatment and had a long history of symptoms
as a result of that. Don’t worry. The chances are good that you can still get your health
back. How do we eradicate this thing naturally?
The really important thing for you to get through your mind is you are not going to
get rid of this thing by just taking pills alone, end of. If you think that just taking
a pill will eradicate this thing, just switch off the video now or go and watch some crazy
cat videos or something or people falling off bicycles and stuff like that. Because
that’s probably going to make you laugh because it’s laughable what you’re thinking. You can’t
get rid of this bug with pills alone. Just remember that one. Write it down. It’s important.
You’re going to get rid of this bug by changing aspects of your diet and lifestyle. You’re
going to get rid of this bug by getting to bed on time. When you’re tired and not liking
people on your iPad in bed at one o’clock in the morning. You won’t get rid of a tummy
bug doing that. Checking your mobile phone every 15 minutes for notifications or emails.
You’ve got to learn to relax a lot more and go with your gut instinct or gut feeling.
When you get tired, you need to chill out. I want people to have relaxation sessions
most days where they have like a 10 to 15 minute complete break from everything and
lie down. You just relax. I have that seven days a week. I think they’re
very, very crucial because they recharge your batteries. By you being more intuitive about
your diet and lifestyle, by understanding the basic tenets of good health, you’re going
to be miles ahead of anyone who thinks they can eradicate this by taking a pill. Pills
are the icing on the cake and they will assist in complete eradication. I shouldn’t use the
word “eradication.” I should use the word “control.” They will help to control the bug
so it doesn’t become a problem. The rest is critically important.
The second thing is the alcohol intake. You cannot wish to get rid of helicobacter if
you’re drinking alcohol on a regular basis. It’s not going to happen. You’ve got to stop
drinking alcohol completely for at least 6 to 12 months. That’s the best way for you
to go forward. If you’ve got any kind of stomach problem, stop drinking now. If you can’t stop
drinking, again, please turn the video off because you’re probably wasting your time
in going any further. Sleep, no drinking, and making wise food choices. Going forward,
the foods that tend to aggravate need to be pushed to one side. If you’re starting to
eat foods that create queasiness or nausea or bloating or burping or make you feel unwell
in any way, push them aside and don’t have them for some time. Don’t get too restrictive
with your diet, though. But it is important to stop eating out and making bad dietary
choices. I’ll say it again. You cannot get rid of this
bug with a pill alone. You need to make choices across the board. You need to fix up those
sloppy habits you’ve got. You need to fix what’s broken when it comes to your diet and
lifestyle. You know what you’re doing is either good or bad, so you need to turn the bad into
the good. Those are the sort of things that are going to help you get on top of the helicobacter
infection. Even before we talk about treatment. This is common sense stuff. You’ve got to
get that right first. Once you’ve got that right, you can start
putting increasing amounts of things into the digestion that are going to help counter
bacterial infections. There’s a reason why people in certain countries eat the foods
that they do. Have you ever thought, why, for example, in the tropical regions, they
eat lots of chili and garlic and ginger and turmeric, cardamom seed, ajwain seed and all
these special seeds and barks and nuts and roots and herbs? Particularly, endemic around
the tropical region. And think of where some of the most powerful herbs grow for eradicating
parasites, oregano, basil, rosemary, thyme. They grow in the warm climates, the dry climates,
the hot climates. They’re climates that are conducive for bacterial infection.
These are the sort of foods that are good to include into your diet. Cloves, another
spice, garlic, turmeric, ginger, the green herbs, oregano, thyme, rosemary, basil, marjoram.
Include all of these into your diet, particularly fresh green herbs. You want to really add
a lot to salads and to different things that you prepare. Steamed vegetables or bagged
vegetables, put these sort of things in there. With meats you can use a lot of rosemary.
Rosemary has got very powerful antibacterial qualities about it, too. Fresh garlic. I’m
a fan of that. If you can’t tolerate it, you may need to steam it or cook it until you
can tolerate it more. Remember, because you’ve got the infection, you may have a big problem
tolerating certain kinds of foods. Tolerance comes over time. It doesn’t mean to say you’ll
always have to avoid those kinds of foods. But incorporating those things into your diet
is going to work. Check out my videos on fermented and cultured
foods. Yogurt is very, very good. Kefir is excellent for a problem with the stomach,
so coconut kefir might be more effective. The water kefir is quite strong, but the milk
kefir is usually okay as well, if it’s been made properly. Sauerkraut is another potentially
good food for people with helicobacter. These are going to change the way the bug really
lives and thrives in the gut. You’re going to change the acid/alkaline nature. These
foods have got lactic acid in them. These foods tend to be favored by the beneficial
bacteria that also live in the gut. Because, yes, you do have beneficial bacteria that
live right from the mouth right through. So by eating fermented and cultured foods regularly,
you’ll slowly turn the tide on this gut dysfunction. Drinks are very important to understand with
helicobacter. I don’t like people drinking really hot or really cold foods when they’ve
got a HP infection, so coffee and tea is probably out. You can either drink things that are
tepid or at room temperature. Icy cold ice creams or really hot drinks, not a good idea.
Not a good idea. You’re just going to aggravate the stomach. Chewing food properly and eating
at regular times is very important as well. Digestive enzymes may be of significant benefit
for you with HP. Because remember what we said? A percentage of people have poor stomach
function. The over acidity that you’re experiencing is the gas production of the bacteria and
the inflammation it causes in the wall of the stomach, so anti-inflammatory foods are
good to have in the diet. Try to understand the fact that HP is an inflammatory kind of
condition. By having an anti-inflammatory diet, you’re going to go a long way towards
working with the immune system, not against it. So if we look at inflammatory foods, red
meats, soda drinks, ice cream, sugar, alcohol, these are all inflammatory foods. Green vegetables
and lean meats and neutral or alkaline grains are anti-inflammatory.
I’ve made other videos regarding inflammation and other articles you can read on
that will cover this quite nicely. It’s important that you eat the right kind of foods. Anti-Candida
or the Candida Crusher approach is a very good approach for eradicating this particular
bug as well. I’d also like you to take an antifungal/antibacterial product. Many people,
in my opinion, with helicobacter have also got low levels of fungal problems in their
body like a fungus. They can have different kinds of fungus. Rhodotorula, for example,
is a particular type of yeast that can thrive and Candida species can move there. They can
have parasite problems. They can have cryptosporidum. They could have Blastocystis. They can have
many other associated problems with this. Taking one particular product as an isolate,
to me, is not really a good idea. I prefer you to take a broad spectrum approach.
In the old days, I used to give people mastic and bismuth and particular herbals like licorice.
A particular form of licorice I found would be very soothing for the stomach. I’m continually
working with Candida patients and parasite patients. I’ve created a formula and I’ve
found that formula works beautiful with helicobacter patients as well. And that formula is called
Canxida Remove. That contains a whole bunch of different things in it and some of the
best antibacterial you’re going to find in any kind of natural supplement.
I’ll often start a patient on a half of a Canxida Remove tablet per day when they’ve
got an HP infection or any type of upper digestive problem. I’ll start them on a half a tablet.
And then after three or four days, I go to a half a tablet twice per day. In three or
four days, I go to one table in the morning, half a tablet in the evening. In three or
four days, two tablets. Three or four days� You know what I mean. I just gradually, gradually
build up until they can tolerate three tablets per day, morning, noon and night. And I’ll
keep them on that for a six week block. If you can build up to three of those Canxida
Remove over a six week block, you should notice a significant improvement in your upper GI
systems. Not only that, but you’re going to also really go to town on any bacteria or
parasites further down in the digestive system. I’ve made three products that I think are
going to work outstandingly for helico patients, the Canxida Remove, the Canxida Restore and
the Canxida Rebuild. The Restore contains enzymes and probiotics, which is perfect for
people with helicobacter infection. The Canxida Rebuild, I think it’s one of the first multivitamins
ever created for people specifically with gut dysfunction. So I created the Canxida
Rebuild for people with helicobacter, with Candida, with parasites, with SIBO, with food
allergies, with leaky gut, with all of these kinds of functional gut problems.
The Canxida Rebuild is an excellent product. It contains things like thyme and oregano
and also I put mastic in there as well. Mastic is a resin they use in supplements. It comes
from a particular tree that belongs to the pistachio family. It’s been used in middle
eastern countries for stomach and GI dysfunction, so I put that in there. The Rebuild is basically
a multivitamin with an antibacterial/antifungal base and it works perfectly with the Remove.
The Remove and Rebuild work beautifully together as a tandem. But when you put the Restore
in there, you’ve got the triad of what I think are the three best nutrients for the gut.
Try them out. They’re available as a pack. You can get them online at They’ll
soon be available here in Australia and New Zealand for many customers and all my fan
base in Sweden. Hello all you Swedish people and people all throughout Northern Europe
and Asia as well. I hope this video has been of some benefit
for you today. What am I going to say to close? You can’t eradicate helicobacter with a pill
alone. Thanks for tuning in.

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