How to Treat & Prevent Abdominal Pain | Stomach Problems

So if you have abdominal pain, trying to treat
it and trying to prevent it are very difficult questions to ask. So it’s important to understand where the
pain’s coming from in order to treat it, in order to prevent it. So if you’re having pain, say, in the right
upper quadrant that may be going up to your shoulder, and it’s more of a cramping pain,
that could be gallbladder disease or a gallstone or something of that region. It would be important to see your doctor,
because they may order some tests to take a look at your gallbladder to see if the gallbladder
is inflames or if there’s a stone that’s stuck in the duct or some sort of abnormality there. If you’re having epigastric pain that’s associated
with heartburn or pain after eating, you may have gastritis or a peptic ulcer or something
of that region. The doctor may ask you to see a gatroenterologist
to do an endoscopy to take a look inside your stomach to see if you have an ulcer. if you have right lower quadrant pain, the
most common cause of pain in that area is appendicitis. So you may have to go to the doctor to have
that evaluated to make sure you don’t have appendicitis. If you do, that’s considered a medical and
surgical emergency. Your doctor may order a CAT scan in order
to take a look at that region of your digestive tract and order the appropriate tests. If surgery is required for the appendix, he’ll
call a surgeon to do an appendectomy. Again, if you have pain on the left lower
quadrant, diverticular pain, or diverticulitis is probably one of the most common causes
of pain in that region. Again, the doctor may order some tests or
a CT scan in order to investigate that. Now based on their investigation and the tests
that they’ve ordered, they’ll recommend different therapies. Depending on the cause, they’re going to have
special medications, such as antibiotics or if it’s a surgical abdomen, you’ll have to
be referred to a surgeon to have surgery done. So it’s a very difficult question to ask,
but understanding where the pain is coming from helps to manage it.

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  1. Alright, your videos fucking SUCK. The only people subbed to you are people who liked your actual fucking how-to's. They were interesting and informative. Nobody gives a fuck or a half about this shit. Unsubbed.

  2.  was wondering about the colon,,,  ive had this weird sensation down near my bladder,, i dont know what it is, but sometimes its a lil uncomfortable, im 46,, + my belly blows up when i eat ,, ive been taking a probiotic, and eating better  i used to smoke alot like for 20 years and i have a bad anxiety prob, so i thought it was the smoke that was making my bowels all colorful and diarrah,  but im drinking alot of water mixxed up with lemon, and i drink warm tea,    could you help me a little?? ty Victor… i do have some pain, but im eating alot better,,,   

  3. My bowel is having sparks of pain, and sometimes a few mins of pain. It's good if I stay still, but if I move it hurts. It's gone now but I doubt it's gone forever

  4. I was in a airplane and my stomach begins to pain and then im screaming so loud i screamed "ARRGGHGGHHGHGHGGHH FUCK MY STOMACH HURTS SO MUCH!!!!"  and it hurted so much and it lasted for 12 mins
    Please tell me what it is?

  5. I had this same problem when I woke up and my stomach hurts and when I got breakfast I didn't feel like eating it only lasted for like 2 minutes didn't hurt that bad

  6. My stomach hurts because I didn't eat anything for a day and now when I eat something slowly then drink Gatorade i puke a few minutes after

  7. Actually I have the same problems and I went to the Doctor and the Doctor gave me Medicine but it didn't working… I also don't even know what is this and I don't really understand why I have this kind of sick .when I want to eat I feel like not wanting to eat because I feel Nausea Vomiting Bloating I have a stomach Abdominal pain ..But I'm definitely sure there is a Cure ..

  8. I am 56 years old and was diagnosed with prostate cancer and chronic stomach pain . I initially had radiotherapy but it did not achieve a cure. I then had hormone therapy (casodex and zolodex implant) when my P.S.A. Started to climb again they changed the casodex to Diethylstilbesrtol. In 2014 a scan indicated the presence of secondary bone cancer in my hips for which I have recently undergone a single high radiotherapy dose, since they have stopped the Diethylstilbesrtol and given me dexamthasone but continued with the zolodex implant, My concern is that the oncologist discharged me to the care of urology.
    I was recently catheterised and awaiting a cystoscope to examine my bladder before i saw a post on youtube the testimony of mr john levison on herbal remedies i contacted him and i was introduced to Dr sale bashiru who after some questioning sent me herbs and oil that cured me cured totally withing three weeks of trial… i am indeed thankful,God bless you sir.jf you may need his assistance here is his Email:[email protected]

  9. I get a sharp pain in my lower abdomen whenever I make any sudden movements after being still for a while. what is this?

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  11. All we are hearing is go to a doctor like ma'am we are all suffering here and don't feel like going to a doctor well some..

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