Husband & Wife Share GERD Surgery Testimonial

(dramatic drum music) – My name’s Adam Jones. I was a patient at MountainView Hospital. I chose MountainView Hospital because I was suffering
with severe acid reflux for many years. My symptoms over the past 10 years were just chronic heartburn, unable to swallow, just a difficult way of going through life with constant pain. – I’m Iris Jones. I’m a patient at the
hospital of MountainView. I had chronic gastritis and also a little bit of acid reflux. And it got to the point, and it was just normal for me to be in pain. It was part of me. My husband had this surgery I think like 18 months ago, so he was already a patient here. We had a great experience
at this hospital, with the hospital and with the doctor. Because of his experience
and now we’re twins, we have the same surgery. I decided it was a good decision. – My stay at the hospital was fantastic. And the nursing staff and the
doctors took great care of me. I really enjoyed the experience and have recommended others
to this hospital as well. – Because I saw my husband
going through the whole process and the recovery, I know what to expect. So when I made the decision
of having the surgery, I was ready. The doctor was and he’s awesome. He made me feel very
comfortable with the procedure. He did explain me everything
that was going on. I remember telling my husband I feel like I have a different body. It feels like this is not my body because something is missing right here. The pain is not there anymore. It’s just gone. It actually took me a few
days to kinda get used to this new body. (soft drum music) – My life has improved
100% since the surgery. The surgery that I had was life changing. My quality of life has
gone up tremendously. I’m not constantly going to
the store and buying antacids. It has been life changing. It is the best decision I ever made. (dramatic drum music)

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