If you’re missing someone this Christmas this song’s dedicated to you – The Piano Guys ft Craig Aven

So last year, was a really tough year for us. We lost our daughter, Annie. People talk about grief, pain, fear, sorrow. All of these words, can’t really describe
how you feel when you really go through the loss of a loved one. Even though we held onto hope, that we would
somehow see her again, it was just a brutal time that we were going through, right at Christmas. It felt pretty hard to celebrate. And then I found this song. It was just a video on Facebook by this
Christian artist and he was singing about the very struggle I was having. As my wife and I listened to the words of
this song, it expressed exactly what we were feeling. It also gave us what we needed at the time. That was comfort. So many people struggle with loss at this
time of year, not just me. If you are missing someone this Christmas,
I want to dedicate this song to you. I also want to dedicate it to Annie, my
sweet Annie, who I miss very much. I’m not going to lie. Christmas really hurts this time. Cause you’re not here to celebrate with me. Tears fill my eyes. And memories flood my mind,
As I place your ornament upon our tree. Although this year I have a broken heart, It gives me hope and joy as I remember where you are. Chorus:
You’re with the Son of God. You’re with the Prince of Peace. You’re with the one we’re celebrating
And that thought amazes me. Sometimes I still break down,
Grieving that we’re apart, but But the sweetest gift is knowing where you are. You’re with the Son of God. Got your picture in a frame
And a stocking with your name. Oh God knows it’s been hard letting go. And I can’t bring you back,
But I’ll see you again. And oh, that thought is healing to my soul. I’ll miss making angels with you in the snow. I guess instead you will be singing with them all around God’s throne. Chorus:
You’re with the Son of God. You’re with the Prince of Peace. You’re with the one we’re celebrating
and that thought amazes me. Sometimes I still break down,
Grieving that we’re apart, But the sweetest gift is knowing where you are. You’re with the Son of God. And I know the Christmas season
Was your favorite time of year. You loved to help us decorate our tree. But now that you’re with Jesus,
I can’t imagine how you feel Cause He’s the one who bled and died
upon the tree for you and me. Chorus:
You’re with the Son of God. You’re with the Prince of Peace. You’re with the one we’re celebrating
And that thought amazes me. Sometimes I still break down,
Grieving that we’re apart, But the sweetest gift is knowing where you are. Yes. The Sweetest Gift is knowing where you are. Yes. The Sweetest Gift is knowing you’re in His arms. You’re with the Son of God.

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  1. i miss my dad and mom ,bro. they are far away from me i hope to meet them soon 😔😔😔
    this song make me cry more than i need crying

  2. To Everyone here a lifetime on Earth is a blink of an eye in Heaven there is no death only everlasting life.
    Show love compassion for the rest of your days and live life for every second .
    Talk to your loved ones that have passed over and ask them for help.
    God Bless to You all. 🙌🙏👍

  3. My grandma died this last July, and it's been a struggle for my mom and grandpa these past few months; but especially now during the holidays. My grandparents were married for just over 59 years. </3

  4. I lost my dad August 2008, he suffered complications from a brain tumor . I was in boarding school when I was notified. I was 14. As a child, he was my best friend but given the kind of community I grew up in, children were not really taught to say "I love You" to parents.. Maybe 'cause it such candid expressions of affection between child and parent was never something that existed in our culture. It was like you don't need to say it because intuitively you know and that is the one thing I constantly regret. Not being able to say "I love you dad" or goodbye. I know a lot of people will think it's been long enough and people, even my family can't understand why I still feel so much sorrow and heartache every time, every day but I just can't seem to stop grieving. I cry hot tears sometimes subconsciously when it crosses my mind so yeah, you're right.. The terms mourning, grieving, being sorrowful just doesn't cut it most times.. I surely can relate a lot to how you feel and this is late but I'm sorry this happened to you and I pray you get the strength to endure it better than I have.

  5. I miss my niece so much.She was killed on valintines day.No holiday is the same.I love you miss you so much mary.If I could have one more .minute with you I would never let you go
    The paine is just to much.You were to young to go.

  6. I lost my friend this November, my aunt’s husband, and my 10-year-old golden retriever, all back to back. Sept and Nov. My dog and I won’t have those cozy Christmas’s anymore. 😔😢

  7. Karen,, my HEART is connected to yours in HEAVEN,,because our grandsons are there. One second at a time, one minute at a time,, one day at a time,, we'll go on😞💙💙

  8. Sorry for your loss, I've lost so many in 3 years,just two weeks ago my sister by an irresponsible driver. Had to share this soon song with my friends and family. Beautiful song..❤🙏😢

  9. Thinking of our loved ones that are no longer here with us! May we remember them with much hope, joy, love and reverence for they are celebrating the birth of Baby Jesus in the presence of God, the Virgin Mary, St. Joseph as well as all the Saints and Angels in Heaven.
    May they Rest in Peace ✝️ Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah. Amen.

  10. Our only son, Jordan, was killed instantly in a head-on collision 4 weeks ago today, when he was on his way to visit us for a couple of weeks. So the grief is still very fresh for both of us. It is a comfort to know that he leaped into the Father's arms and is now gazing into the face of the Son. We have had glimpses of joy, hearing from so many people who have expressed the impact that Jordan had on their lives for Jesus, even if having met him only briefly, and knowing that his testimony lives on, as there have been almost 7,000 views of his Celebration of Life so far.

  11. I love you and your wife and your selflessness. Sweet Annie is the daughter of wonderful parents who are a blessing to all whoever knew her in her short life. I am so moved by your selflessness. I pray God shapes my heart to be as loving and adaptable as yours this Christmas season. I’m more moved by your heart than the song although it is a beautiful song

  12. I lost mom almost 18 years ago now. She passed away after losing her battle with cancer on December 21, 2001.
    This song really hits close to home.

  13. I’m so sorry for your loss …….. I lost my grandmother two years ago I’m 2017 a year on the 10th for my pawpaw and now my youngest grandbaby is 5 months old he hasn’t ever been home from NICU at Texas children’s hospital and now not gonna not I won’t be spending Christmas with him but he will be took off of life support after Christmas and my heart honestly hurts thank you for this sir

  14. It's been another rough year. 2 years since I lost my uncle who was like a second father to me. More of a father than my actual father is to me. And i also lost a friend who was a state trooper in Tennessee. He died in a car wreck. He was only 24 years old. Left behind a wife. Please be thankful for those who are still with you. You never know how much time you will have left with your loved ones and friends. 😥❤

  15. Lost my grandmother due to lung cancer 5 days before my 18th birthday last year. still stings to this day, but I know she is up there with God and Jesus.

  16. The comment section is filled with so much loss and pain. I hope that each and everyone who is suffering the pain of losing someone will not feel so alone this Christmas! My heart is with each and everyone of you! ❤

  17. Wow.Enjoyed listening to this song.It conveys how I feel that my precious daughter it s no longer here with us,but to know where she is brings a peace,and to know I will see her one day ..Thanks for sharing this video.My heart goes outcrop all parents that have lost a child,and also to all the children that has lost a parent,and for all that has list any loved one ,family,or friend.

  18. Thank you so much for making this video. I lost my best friend to suicide and my father in law this past year. It has been so hard for my family. Thank you for sharing this song.

  19. This is my hope and prayer for Toby Mac and his family that just lost their sweet 21-year-old son. I hope he hears this song. It is so wonderful, comforting, and emotional. What a powerful refrain of beautiful words and music. May all that are hurting be blessed by this sweet, marvelous song.

  20. Had a sister murdered on december 1 few years ago then my neice was missing,found in creek two weeks later this happened this february,I cant wait to see everybody and eagerly look for Jesus to return,and I believe it will be soon!We are at the end of this age,hallelujah!!!

  21. I lost my beautiful daughter Chrissy, 4-2-2012 not one day or second goes by that I don't think of you, then last year 11-6-18, my daddy went to heaven, I miss them both so much. This song actually brought me some comfort, thank you so much for this song

  22. I'm so sorry for the loss of your daughter I couldn't imagine the pain it brings to lose a child. I lost my mom 4 years ago to cancer and I cry for her everyday, my husband lost his brother a year ago to suicide, we are grieving heavily. Christmas is so hard😢Beautiful song thank you.

  23. Michael my everything! Taken way to soon. I’m still in disbelief. Until we reunite one day, I can just imagine you singing with the choir of angels. I love you and trying to move forward. I Love you most!

  24. My Heart is Heavy And Saddened For Your Loss And All Of My Thoughts & Prayers All Are Extremely Are Carried Out For All Of Your Families And Totally Loved Loved Loved Loved Loved This Beautiful Song?

  25. I miss and will always miss my darling dad Eldridge Vanderputt and Vanessa Vanderputt my sister who is with Jesus! RIP I always love you!!

  26. some of the most incredible lyrics i have ever heard. Basically, it's great making snow angels with your kid, but instead she is singing with actual angels around the throne of God, how incredible is that!

  27. It's been 10 years since I lost my husband. When will this pain stop?? He was the BEST husband, father and Christian EVER!! What we had was so rare!

  28. Thank you for this. I thought this year would be easier being the second year without my precious momma! But it is proving to be a bit harder. She love. love. loved Christmas and everything about it. It has left a huge hole in my world. however I am so thankful for the promises the Lord has given us. She is with Jesus, living, laughing and breathing free, for that I am forever grateful. Thank you again for this song, it soothes! Blessings on you as you continue to heal! Grief is definitely a process….l

  29. Oh my god that really touched my heart I started crying so much IV lost so many people I miss them all so much tears really did felled my eyes just now

  30. I can’t imagine! Such a reminder to hug and kiss our loved ones daily, you’ll just never know. I can’t imagine not hearing my 17 year old daughter and 11 year old son coming through our front door.

  31. I know exactly what you are goin through…lost my son 4 years ago…surreal is the only word I can think of..like a living nitemare <3 to you gonna listen to your song now..Thank you and Bless your family

  32. Im 12
    I lost my dog I knew since toddlerhood in June he passed away and then a few months later our other dog passed and he was only 4 months

  33. God’s continues Healing your ❤️fullness with He’s Love . I Know how painful is I lost my young and professional nephew in January 15 2019 and today when I heard this song I cried a lot I could not overcome this loss of a child I spent with me a while I taught him moral principles as a child, he always remembered that stage, when He grew up was very greatfull about it When he graduated
    from a Degree of Tourism & Hotels. I was very proud of him, I wanted him more as a son than as my nephew. His departure plunged me into pain and sadness for his sudden departure at age 26. He was clear where He wants to go with dreams and defined goals I’m Christian woman and I know where he is now with our Savior and Lord, indeed missing him a lot, Miss he’s call and messages and pictures with family this Christmas is a little sadness because pictures without him.

  34. She's with the son of God! Praise God we're just passing through this world! We will meet the Lord and savior one day and all our loved ones!!

  35. This is the first Christmas for me and my family without Dad. He was the sweetest. He accepted the Lord Jesus before he died. When he gained a little strength, he shared his testimony of accepting the Lord and God's transforming power in at least 6 Christian fellowships. I miss him deeply and I'm sure my family too is going to have a hard time, but truly the greatest gift and joy is knowing that Dad is with Jesus. Thank you so much for this beautiful song!

  36. This is first Christmas without my darling, my everything, my best friend, my husband. I miss you. If I could see you one more time…………….

  37. Thank you this is a beautiful song.
    I woke up at 2 am and got my phone, and when logged into YouTube seen this.
    I lost my son and my husband.
    I have my mother and my sister ‘s. But it is just not the same, when your love ones ( yours) are token to soon. My son was only 24 and my husband of 29 years age 49.
    They was my life and now it’s gone.

  38. this is gonna be my first Christmas without my Dad, i thought i can be tough, but hearing this, i'm sobbing :'(

  39. The inspiration coming from this song and music is powerful and just. There is much comfort in being here right now. Thank you and blessings Annie.

  40. I lost my grandma in the summer and she was the one that was a Christmas Joy to me every Christmas but now she is gone my heart aches and hurts, but I know that she is singing GLORIA with the angels in Heaven. Peace to all who have lost someone, you are not alone in this. And remember God is with you all the way. Love you all.

  41. I didn’t know that he had lost his daughter Annie. My cousin took his life a day after Christmas, and it’s extremely difficult every year, but this song speaks truth. What an amazing way to spend Christmas, with the Son of God.

  42. We always had the mucsic and God together ….Llast christmas was tough but This year is so unbelievable with you gone… …My heart is lost without my big sister …we were ying and yang…always had eachother backs through all the years of good times and Bad… The waves overcome me most days…Everyday I look up in hopes to hear you singas you always did…I was always listening for my house to yours…Always thankful for your many gesters… I love you Big Sister Roseann Bresci aka Ember James…RIP … May everyone be blessed to have a sister like you have always been….

  43. I didn't loose someone…. But my family is broken. It broke the moment that my parents got divorced, it didn't only affect their relationship, not only me and my sister. It is the whole family connection suffering from it ever since. Every Christmas I have to make the decision, where do I wanna spend the most „beautiful" time of the year…. I'm just a girl, it's hard enough packing my life together every 14 days, and coming back after a weekend, going on with my life like nothing happened. It's hard enough that it feels like one of them is dead everytime I am at the house of the other one, even if you know theire not. Last Christmas I acted happy in front of my family and spend most of the time crying in my room. I used to love Christmas. I was excited for it, until I remembered It won't be the same. I want my life back

  44. On December 4, 2019 Joshua Voth a correctional officer at Fremont Correctional Facility was killed in a boiler explosion which he left behind a loving wife and three beautiful children. I pray this song would bring his family some peace this Christmas due to this tragedy. Thank you again Craig Aven for such a beautiful song that assist those grieving over our losses until one day we are reunited in Heaven with them.

  45. What a beautiful song ! May God be close to you n your family 😰 I too, lost my mom 3 yrs ago n still achy over her passing 😰

  46. This was in my recommended at the perfect time, last Saturday my brothers mate was murdered outside a club in Birmingham uk called popworld and although he was my brothers mate it feels like I’ve lost someone too even though I never really knew him, I guess it’s weird what the death of someone can do, they way it can affect family of friends, this Christmas I want to bring #justiceforjack spread the # guys ❤️❤️💜

  47. I just lost my aunt and my God Mom in this Christmas will be hardsome praying for everyone who have lost someone and that they would not be able to be with them this Christmas crying 😭😭💔

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