I’M ALIVE!!! HOT Fall Transition on Chickamauga 2019

what’s up guys still I’m sorry you
haven’t had any videos and like a million years from me it’s been a crazy
year you know my sons had a lot of health issues I’ve had my own health
issues and stuff and just stacked up medical bills along with having to work
to kind of recuperate from that kind of stuff it’s just it’s kind of left mee
with little time to edit now I’ve still been on the water I still go out there a
couple times at least a week and do some fishing but the actual editing I’ve been
slacking on it big time so hoping to change that right now we’re starting to
get some answers with Tristan and everything but I’ve got some great
footage here of the fall transition a couple years ago with Tristan when he
was little bitty catching some nice fish we’re gonna go at the end of this video
stay tuned because I’m gonna talk about current conditions this fall transition
is very strange compared to years previous it’s extremely hot we’re
breaking records every day in fact I’m out here today again we’re breaking
another record it’s gonna be 99 degrees according to weather channel and that’s
really affecting the fish in ways that I wouldn’t expect and it’s not affecting
them in ways I wouldn’t expect so we’re gonna talk about that at the end I hope
this is gonna help you guys catch a bunch more fish going into this
particular fall transition here in 2019 on Chickamauga but anyway let’s pop into
this video first and I’ll see you guys at the end one breath yet again you call it giant
when I call it baby just bleeding a little bit sorry we made
you bleed oh yeah oh yeah baby bro you’re not big
enough bigger than both the ones I’ve caught catching all the big ones Oh what do you doing kiddo now we’re
going to circle where are you going now go over that way we’re giving it
in the ground No alright I hope you enjoyed the footage
there I had a blast fishing with my little buddy there he’s my favorite
fishing but he’s always excited to be out on the water likes to play with the
minnows likes to feed the fish likes to snack and just catch a bunch of fish
nowadays he’s out there with his own fishing rod doing his own thing and
catching fish with me he stayed in there right beside me he’ll stay out with me
all day but just kind of some things going on with him you know the last you
saw right there about two years ago was when we really started to notice him
dropping off on the scale or the chart as far as his weight goes you know he’s
not able to put on weight his body’s not absorbing nutrients away it should he’s
not able to eat very much at a time he grazes all day so he’s eating all day
but he takes really small bikes has a lot of stomach pain issues and so he’s
extremely below late so on the very low end of the scale he’s another several
pounds below that point and it’s gotten to the point you know where he was
diagnosed with failure to thrive we’ve had people ask if he’s got plenty of
food to eat at home which he definitely does but it’s just been a tough year as
far as that goes he’s hasn’t been feeling well because of that and in a
lot of ways he’s still himself he’s still this rambucks just super energetic
kid but it’s getting to the point where it’s becoming more serious finally after
seeing a bunch of different doctors and things we’ve kind of come to get some
more results and what we found he did a scope last week so they put him under
anesthesia put a camera down his throat check this all his digestive system
things like that and he’s got a lot of inflammation and when he was a kid he
had a ton of reflux issues and they think that he’s got basically about the
worst case of heartburn that they’ve ever seen in a kid and so what that’s
causing is you know him to have a lot of pain when he’s eating and that’s
probably why he’s has issues with different foods and things like that so
basically we have kind of a plan going forward now he’s going to be in some
feeding therapy as well as they’re gonna give him some stimulus to kind of
increase his appetite so hopefully a combination of that he’ll be able to get
rid of some of his fears about certain foods that were hurting him as well as
some medication basically some high strength prevacid just like my dad has
to use and I have to use sometimes in order to keep that heartburn at bay but
hoping to get him putting some weight on feeling better feeling right getting
back on the scale for this coming year but you’re gonna see some more videos
from me that things are kind of settling down I
know my work schedule is gonna be clear enough as it starts to cool down and
things like that so I may be posting as many videos as I can have tons of great
backlog contents you’re gonna see some of that as well as some new videos we’re
gonna go into depth on you know fall transition type stuff we’re gonna go in
today on different fall bakes that I’m using we’re probably going to talk
swimbaits we’re gonna talk Alabama rigs again and we’re just gonna push off into
the winter and do our thing like normal but I’m just glad to be back glad to be
back with you guys now let’s talk fall transition so this year is like I was
saying before is wild you know we’ve got extremely high temperatures the lake has
been steady it hasn’t been fluctuating down so in
other words on the operating guide that you see on TV a typically at the end of
September we start to taper off as far as the the lake level so we have winter
pull here they drop the lake about six to eight feet so we’re not tapering off
as quickly as normal another thing is we’ve had a long drought now you know at
the beginning of the year we’re way ahead of rain we had all kinds of floods
super surplus of rain well it’s like it’s stopped and especially since this
hurricane since that hurricane has come up through here it’s pushed that warm
air up and it hasn’t allowed any cold air so we haven’t had any real cold
fronts at all we haven’t had any significant rainfall at all and so
what’s happened is what I thought we were gonna have a really bad grass here
on Chickamauga not the case at all because of the lack of current because
of the bright sunny extremely hot days the mats have come up all over the lake
there’s tons of grass everywhere it’s not quite like it was in 2016 but
there’s tons of grass another thing low current and it’s blazing hot out there
water temperatures are still upper 80s in a lot of places in some areas it’s
dipping down a little bit into the 70s but very hot water for this time of year
extremely unceasingly warm now in my mind what I would think would happen is
that those fish it would slow down their transition so in other words a lot of
those fish would stay deep in a summer pattern and the bait fish would stay
largely main lake to the first thirds of the crease well greatly to my surprise
that’s not been the case at all these fish have transitioned actually early
this year so Elvis seeing all the way in in August
those fish were already transitioning way to the backs of back waters way into
the flats on main lake way into the backs of the creeks like all the way to
the last third of some of the creeks and things they
fish were there and the fish were following them up so these fish have
been really shallow they’ve been in emergent grass so they’re in actual
grass mats but they’re also into that hot drill that’s growing out into that 8
to 10 to 12-foot range which is just crazy to me they’re they’re finicky
they’re not biting like they do when we have these cold fronts in the fall that
I don’t think that sense of urgency has really hit them so that they still act
like summer fish but they’re already where they’re supposed to be as far as
fall fish and we talk about this all the time from the springtime when they’re
going pre spawn I’ve noticed that when the days start to get longer in the pre
spawn regardless of it’s a really bad cold front or whatever’s going on those
fish go ahead and they make that transition up anyhow sometimes it’ll be
high 30 water you know water degree temperatures and those fish will be
pushed up into the 2 3 4 foot range well it’s the same things happening here
those fish are transitioning early I think because the days are getting
shorter and I think because there’s just a moon phase it’s like that biological
clock is ticking in and they’re doing their thing regardless of what the
actual current conditions are and that’s made me really rethink several years ago
I was big keyed on to water temperature all the time you know water temperature
for spawned water temperature for this part of the the transition in the bass
and to me I’m starting to get away from that because the more I actually observe
all this the more I see those fish doing things independently of what the actual
weather conditions are we’ve had the craziest weather in the last five years
that I’ve ever seen and those fish have maintained their same schedule
regardless of what the weather has done so I just thought that would be a cool
tidbit for you guys we’ve got some nice weather coming in next week I think as
soon as that cold starts to dip in a little bit or cooler I should say we get
those highs and seventies lows in the 50s this bite is about to kick off and
those fish are already set up where they need to be and it’s gonna be fun just
getting back there and whacking on a few fish so able to catch plenty of fish
right now but it’s mostly a first thing in the morning bite for me and a late
afternoon but especially the late afternoon by it’s been fantastic so if
you’re getting down too late if you’re discouraged by this heat if you’re
discouraged by the really tough fight get out there find some schooling fish
just like every fall a lot of times what happens is these fish school together so
instead of in the summertime where you pull into certain areas and it’s all one
pounders you pull into another it’s all 2 to 3 pounds
pull into another area it’s all four to five pounders it’s not like that and the
fall time these fish all get together and what will happen is you’ll throw out
their catch a 1 pounder they’re out there catching 1 pounder you might you
know cycle through 15 of those then all sudden you stick a 5 all the sudden you
stick a 6 all of a sudden you bring in a small fish and an eight pounder comes up
eats it off the end of your line so get to these fish together get them fired up
at the key points today it’s all about timing
use those reaction baits and think you have good success this year catching
some big fish on Chickamauga and I think that grass bites about to fire off the
grass mats are getting good they’re getting nice and hollow so that frog
bite I noticed more and more fish blowing up in those mats in the actual
mats itself right now so I think as soon as those temps to dip down it’s not
upper 80s 90 degrees in those mats when those fish can get comfortable in there
you guys are gonna see a lot better by punching by it’s halfway decent right
now to you but anyway hope that helps you guys hope you enjoyed the video I
will catch you next time but as always I hope this week finds you out on the
water and I’ll catch you there

25 Replies to “I’M ALIVE!!! HOT Fall Transition on Chickamauga 2019

  1. Got a future hammer!! Thats how i learned drive a boat with my paw paw over 25yrs ago. That was cool u let him drive

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  4. Caleb good to see you again. I hope and pray that you and your family are able to get the help that you need and deserve. The bass quest family is all officially in your corner and routing for you all to get better.

  5. Welcome back! ! That lil guy is a rounder for sure.. love how he had to get him some "foodies" before releasing

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  8. Dude you aren't kidding about a weird year. I've been blown away by what the fish have done this year. July was ledge time and it was over by august and I was finding some strange happenings in far back places and I think it has to do with the low flow and that is why they moved back with the shad early. We had one night when shad were literally jumping everywhere like asian carp and coming into the boat. It was nuts. I have also caught some bass choking up yellow bass in these areas. Pretty cool stuff. Man it's crazy the knowledge we gain year to year and just how much we overthink things sometimes. Glad you are getting settled back down.

  9. The timing of this video couldn't have been any better. Our club is coming up from middle GA next weekend for our fall 2-day tournament. Nice job!

  10. want to go fishin bad but i discovered a yellowjackes nest under my trolling motor in a place i cant get to with spray but theres a small hole in the corner that they come out and i have been spraying that . workin some but they are still there. dont want them things comin out when your on the water. would see the first man since jeses walk on water

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