Is Alkaline Water Good or Bad? Alkaline Water Pros and Cons

So is alkaline water good or bad? In this
video, I’m gonna have a quick chat with Botanist, Life Scientist and Founder of
Elixir Botanica Rosemary Chng and we’re gonna get into the science of
alkaline water so stick with us as we explore the pros and cons of alkaline
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help as we weigh in on the pros and cons of alkaline water. You know how alkaline
water is the rage right over the last couple of years it’s become very popular
what exactly is alkaline water? So when you talk about alkaline water is
actually water that has a pH is above seven okay so that means when we talk
about pH, what’s that? Okay pH is actually a scale that measures the acidity or alkalinity you know of a liquid so it starts from zero
to fourteen, seven is neutral and at seven that’s water
okay you know regular water right now alkaline water advocates you know
people to drink water at pH 8, 9 or sometimes even 10 now I think that that
is a very dangerous thing to do and the reason is simply because our stomach is acidic. Exactly, I thought you need acid to digest your
proteins especially your meats. Yes, yes absolutely! So because our stomach is very acidic
so on the scale you know our gastric juice our stomach
juice – the pH is between 1 to 3.5 So can you imagine that if you
are taking alkaline water at 8, 9 or 10 then what’s going to happen is that when you
drink this water you will actually be diluting your acid and raising the pH
now if you raise the pH right or you over raise the pH then yes you cannot digest
your proteins and so you’re gonna have problems with indigestion now the problems with indigestion to me is is one concern but I think that one of the more
major concern that I have you know with people who who drink too much alkaline
water is that you know our stomach is acidic for a reason. It’s to help to
sterilize the food that we take in so as you know wherever you’re eating your
germs everywhere yeah so all this going into your tummy and then if you don’t
kill those germs then what’s gonna happen to them you know you’re gonna
start to grow and proliferate in you so one of the the big concern that comes
out of that is this bacteria called Helicobacter pylori now Helicobacter
pylori thrives you know in a alkaline environment and if we don’t treat it in
long term you can get stomach cancer Oh dear I heard that alkaline water can
cure cancer how true is that? I think that’s one of the greatest myths ever
they say that cancer thrives in an acidic environment actually I think the
opposite is true because what happens is that cancer cells they have what we call
anaerobic respiration so they don’t need oxygen to respire so thereby they are
byproducts of the metabolism is actually acid so they are producing a lot of acid
right. Now if you don’t remove this acid in the long term the acid will kill the cancer cells and that’s why they’re secreting all the acids out of the cells itself
and that’s when the surrounding environment you know when they do tests
on it the tissues it is acidic so what are the benefits or risks of
drinking alkaline water then? I really cannot think of very many
benefits of taking alkaline water, if any but the risks are plentiful you know I think
that when you take alkaline water the first one is that you risk you know
getting indigestion you risk having an overgrowth of
bacteria and harmful pathogens in your system you risk actually also upsetting
and altering the normal pH that is in your system. Can I ask you something
about acid reflux? Sure I read that drinking alkaline water can actually
help acid reflux , is it true? On the contrary no it’s not
true yeah and I think that one of the things
that we found out you know for people with really bad acid reflux is that
their stomach is not acidic enough so now in order for you to stop acid reflux
taking a glass of lemon juice you know with your meal, which is acidic
by the way, it’s a lot better than drinking your glass of alkaline water. Many people
who drink alkaline water, their pee becomes alkaline and that’s one of the ways they try to test themselves to see that whether their pee comes out
alkaline now I think that that is a very dangerous thing because you need your
pee to be a little acidic so that it can kill whatever germs there are and
therefore you don’t get like for example UTI you know Urinary Tract Infection because bacteria can grow in your bladder okay and I also have a question about bone
health how does drinking alkaline water affect
bone health the minerals that are essential for bone health
for example calcium, magnesium, boron right these are absorbed in our body okay in
an acidic environment so if you don’t have a sufficiently acidic environment
you know in your elementary system then what’s going to happen is that it’s
going to inhibit or reduce efficiency of the absorption of these minerals
so and then if you don’t have enough magnesium or calcium then the long-term
side effect you know of the continued use of drinking alkaline water can actually lead to osteoporosis or other bone health issues like or even the loss of your
hair you know because we need all these things right you know for keratin for nails and for hair so you might want to be careful
especially if you notice that your hair is falling out or your nails are getting
brittle it might be because of the alkaline water that you are drinking so
you might want to check that out and I have a question about taking alkaline
water with medication or even with supplements is it safe? It is not
advisable, really. You know for you to take your supplements or your medication
with alkaline water because of the pH of the water you can actually chemically alter the efficacy or the function of the drugs or
the supplement that you are taking and so if that be the case what water would
you recommend that we drink? I think the best thing that we can drink is pure
water yeah Pure water at pH 7 or is slightly above 7
I mean that’s fine but anything you know going into 8 or 9, I think is just gonna
mess up your system. Okay one day I myself did an experiment you know and I
tested alkaline water, tap water, distilled water and then I left them on
the shelf right. Now what happened was that a few days later, and then when I went to test the pH again the alkaline water became regular water.
No. Yeah, so there is no real scientific, it’s not stable even. I mean, fresh off the tap you know of your machine right. That means alkaline
water, it gives it you a 8, 9 or 10 or whatever number you are choosing but
then again when you leave it on its own what happened is that nature you know
the forces of nature are so great that it will just revert back to what it was
originally which is water at pH 7 Now that’s a very interesting fact I didn’t
know that alkaline water loses its alkalinity over time so in other words
it becomes regular water, that’s correct then why do people spend so much money
on a machine thinking that they’re getting alkaline water but after a while
it becomes regular water again And so if you have been drinking
alkaline water for some time now and you experiencing digestive problems or you have acid reflux what can you do about it? Okay the first thing you should do is to
just stop drinking your alkaline water you know I think that’s a little bit
basic thing right so for digestion issues you know Digestion and IBS we
have this one that has a lot of good herbs inside as well as enzymes you
know and vitamins to help them to restore their gut health and then we also
have for those who have acid reflux that we recommend that they take this sodium
bicarbonate with spirulina – all natural of course and then it’s called
pH Pro so natural antacid and then this will help them to at least you know
for the stomach to heal you know and then for them to restore their balance
and remember not to take them with alkaline water. So in summary, be very clear about what exactly you are drinking and if you want
to find out more about alkaline water how it affects your body I’m gonna put a
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  1. I have only ever heard the pros this was great food for thought!! I think everything in moderation is important. I really mineral water.

  2. even IF our government kills me slowly, I will still stick to the good old tap water. I guess i was too used to the chlorine and lime taste than a distilled one became unpalatable for me. As such, this is also good info on thinking of getting healthier with these manufactured water and finding out that the adverse is true! I really like Rosemary's sarcastic "EVER"! B-)

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