Is Coffee good or bad ? | Dr.Michael Greger

Dr. Michael Greger M.D. Physician and New York Times bestselling author “Coffee ” Do coffee-drinkers live longer
than non-coffee drinkers? Is it “Wake up and
smell the coffee” or “Don’t wake
up at all?” The largest study ever
conducted on diet and health put that question
to the test, examining the association
between coffee drinking with subsequent mortality
among hundreds of thousands of older men and women
in the United States. Coffee drinkers won, though
the effect was modest. 10 to 15% lower
risk of death for those drinking 6
or more cups a day, specifically due to
lower risk of dying from heart disease,
respiratory disease, stroke, injuries and accidents,
diabetes, and infections. That much coffee was found
to increase the death rate of younger people,
though, under age 55. Hence, based on this study,
it may be appropriate to recommend avoid drinking
more than four cups a day. But if you put all
the studies together, bottom line –
coffee consumption is associated with no change
or a small reduction in mortality starting
around 1 or 2 cups a day, for both men
and women. On a cup by cup basis,
the risk of dying was 3% lower for each cup
of coffee consumed daily, which all provides reassurance
with respect to the concern that coffee drinking might
adversely affect health. Well, at least,
longevity. Healthwise, though a recent
population study found NO link between coffee consumption
and symptoms of GERD, reflux disease such as heart burn
and regurgitation, if you actually
stick a tube down people’s throats
and measure pH, coffee induces
significant acid reflux, whereas tea
does not. Is it just because tea
has less caffeine? No. If you reduce the
caffeine content of the coffee down
to that of tea, it still causes significantly
more acid reflux. Decaf did cause less,
though, so GERD patients might want to choose decaffeinated
or even better, drink tea. Coffee intake is also associated
with urinary incontinence, and so a decrease in caffeine
intake should be discussed with women who have
the condition, or men. About 2 cups of coffee
a day worth of caffeine may worsen urinary leakage
in men as well. A 2014 meta-analysis suggested
that daily coffee consumption was associated with a
slightly increased risk of bone fractures
in women, but a decreased risk of
fractures in men. Not hip fractures,
though. No significant association was
found between coffee consumption and the risk of
hip fracture, though tea consumption
may actually be protective against hip fracture,
though appears to have no apparent relationship
with fracture risk in general. There are certain populations
in particular that may want to stay away
from caffeine, for example those
with glaucoma, and possibly even those with
a family history of glaucoma. Goes without saying that people
who have trouble sleeping might not want
to imbibe. Even just a single cup
at night can cause a significant deterioration
in sleep quality. Then there are case reports,
for example, of individuals with epilepsy having fewer
seizures after stopping coffee, so I guess it’s
worth a shot. We used to think caffeine
might increase the risk of an irregular heart rhythm
called atrial fibrillation, but that too was based
on anecdotal case reports like this one of a young woman
who suffered atrial fibrillation after chocolate
intake abuse. But these cases invariably
involved the acute ingestion of very large quantities
of caffeine. As a result, though, the
notion that caffeine ingestion may trigger abnormal heart rhythms
had become “common knowledge”, and this assumption led to
changes in medical practice. More recently, however,
the pendulum has swung in the opposite
direction. Why? Because we actually
have data now. Caffeine does NOT increase the
risk of atrial fibrillation. And low-dose caffeine,
which they defined as less than about 5 cups
of coffee a day, may even have a protective effect. Tea consumption also appears to lower cardiovascular disease risk, especially when it comes to stroke. However, given the
proliferation of energy drinks that contain massive
quantities of caffeine, one might want to temper any
message that suggests that caffeine
is beneficial. Seems a little patronizing,
but it’s no joke. 12 highly caffeinated
energy drinks within a few hours
could be lethal.

30 Replies to “Is Coffee good or bad ? | Dr.Michael Greger

  1. Is there any evidence that an increase in coffee consumption and being slightly dehydrated can effect a PSA test in men over 50?

  2. You've got to consider if sugar, milk, or cream was added to the coffee. I really don't think many people drink it black and according to Caldwell Esselstyn the milk or cream can be devastating to your health and longevity.

  3. The thing is… if you eat a whole food plant based diet, you don't need these so called "benefits" from coffee. I'm good off anything that can make me have mental and physical withdrawals.

  4. Remember, correlation does not necessarily imply or prove correlation.  Elevated levels of creamed coffee intake my cause public masterbation.

  5. I drink coffee day and night, am 65 and healthy. Never spent a night in a hospital, only been to an emergency room once due to a cut. I have learned that you can ask any question from the academic community and get different answers on everything. Might as well just live your life as you see fit , using a balance in everything. Excess causes problems not moderation. This is my way of seeing things. Has worked for me.

  6. 2 cups of green tea a little after my breakfast and 1 cup of coffee pre training makes me a lot more productive in all aspects of my life. Of course along with a whole foods plant based diet! 😉

  7. hi thanks for your information! glad that you share that 🙂 you can check mine if you interested about java coffee from indonesia:) thanks

  8. AWAKE YET PEOPLE? Most conventionally grown coffee plants are hybrids developed to flourish in open sun. Coffee naturally prefers the shade, but a crop grown in thick forest is more difficult to tend and harvest, and cannot be planted as densely.

    Forests are cleared to make room for open fields in which to grow mass amounts of this sun-loving coffee variety. Production increases, but the wild ecosystem of flora and fauna is DEMOLISHED. Natural pest-deterrents, like birds and lizards, are left without a habitat – and coffee-ruining insects overpopulate, leading to more pesticide use. And without the natural fertilizer of these ecosystems (bird droppings, leaf litter, and natural decay) the use of chemical fertilizer increases.

  9. ridiculous……you cant use a huge study to justify any health benefits from caffeine because every individual is different in their health issues and for many people coffee is an addictive poison which will result in big problems for them over time. Problems include everything from heart arrhythmia to IBS and arthritis and conjunctivitis..not to mention psychological issues!!….any substance that involves a painful withdrawal pattern should be suspect and denial such as scientific denial is just plain and simply flawed reasoning. Sure it may not hurt some people but for many it is a curse.

  10. Studies be damned. What happens when you're a habitual coffee drinker and stop drinking it? You go through painful withdrawal and become acquainted with the true health of your exhausted body. Habitual coffee use is to man what a whip is to a tired horse.

  11. What is all this shit about plant based – vegan – vegetarian lately !! Are people f×!"in stupid ???? Eat yer dang fruit and veggies ..its always been that way…duh…eat meat only once a weak…for petes sake it even says that as far back as Jesus in the Bible….stupid f×!"°s

  12. One cup in the morning using two TBSP of coffee (one half 'Starbucks strength') satisfies the desire for coffee. One half ounce of 100% cacao with coffee. Green tea the rest of the day. Usually two cups using two tea bags per cup steeped for two minutes.
    Steeping for only two minutes reduces bitterness and tea is enjoyable without adding sugar. This tip I picked up from my son.

  13. It's probably just from the fact that it inhibits iron absorption, and thus lowers ferritin, which when over 100 increases all cause mortality…

  14. You know a doctor is full of shit when they tell you that you can have 10 to 15% lower risk of death if you drink 6 cups of coffee a day! 🤣

  15. Its BAD! Common sense! It's a drug! It dehydrates the body and stresses the depletes minerals and vitamins and it makes us acidic which is not good!

  16. I've drunk coffee since I was five, I probably didn't drink much then. I didn't have much till I was in my career. I worked at one company that had free coffee, and I drank quite a bit, then I stopped suddenly – had blazing headaches!

  17. All plants are toxic. Coffee is hot water poured over a sludge of toxic seeds full of a neurotoxin called caffeine. Garbage. Look at this guy. He’s so malnourished it’s insane anyone would listen to this guy. Veganism is an anti human religion.

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