Is it Bad To Eat Before Bed?

Many people wonder when the best time is to
eat a big meal. Are 10-course dinners before bed o.k., or
is it a must to eat a healthy breakfast? Instinctively we know the answer to these
questions, but here’s a breakdown of exactly why eating before bed isn’t such a sexy
idea. The 9 to 5 grind is making you fat and sick. Well, indirectly. For hundreds of years people have eaten one
big meal usually consumed right in the middle of the day. The benefit of eating a large meal mid-day
was that You weren’t likely to lay flat for the rest of your waking hours, even if
you took a little siesta after stuffing your face. The point is, you stayed active, and allowed
your body to burn all those calories you just consumed. Your digestion was also aided by a simple
fact – you remained upright. You didn’t suffer from acid reflux, caused
by your stomach acids leaking up past the esophagus. Then came the industrial revolution. Hello 9 to 5. Most of us started to skip breakfast. Millions of people are lucky now to stuff
some processed, nutritionless slop into our mouths in front of a screen for a few hours,
and then pass out before the next work-a-day grind starts as our alarms blare out ungodly
sounds before 7 AM. This causes some unfavorable outcomes. We don’t get the benefit of hormone regulation
we get when we eat most of our calories during the first part of the day. People who eat a healthy breakfast have lower
levels of ghrelin – the hormone that makes us want to eat more. And if we’ve just eaten a massive meal before
bed, our bodies have to focus on digesting it, instead of cleaning up the mess left from
meals and metabolic processes of the days before. So Is it bad to eat before bed? Well It has been since before the Industrial
Revolution when laborers were forced into early morning work and the daily grind – and
hey, lunch exists, too. Why not try that? Please share this video with your friends
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