Is Zinc Carnosine Good For Gut And Stomach Issues?

Hi there, Eric Bakker. I got lots of questions. I’ve always got from subscribers and different
people, preferably subscribers. Is zinc carnosine good for stomach issues? Zinc’s a very important mineral for people
to have in their diet all the time, especially for males, but for anyone who’s alive. If you’ve got a pulse, or a heartbeat then
you probably zinc in high amounts. It’s incredible how many people I’ve seen
over the years in my clinic with zinc deficiency. You can do a zinc taste test if you go to
your health food store and ask for a small bottle of Zinc Tally or zinc taste test, and
just read the instructions on the bottle to test yourself for zinc. Zinc’s very important. You can’t make stomach acid without zinc,
so you need zinc, B1, and B6, I believe. Those are the three core elements you need
to make stomach acid. The stomach can produce proper acid with zinc
and zinc can’t be absorbed without … with stomach acid, so it’s quite a vicious cycle. With a good acidification of that stomach,
and if you can’t remember I’ve mentioned this in other videos, you can’t convert enzymes
from the pancreas to their active form, so when zinc is in good amount, and the Ph of
the stomach is nice and low, it will stimulate also the pancreas to create this stuff called
picolinic acid. Picolinic acid is very important because it’s
one of the main binding mechanisms for trace elements to get into the body, so we’re talking
[lypromenia], [rilipdidin], vanadium, selenium. Many of these trace elements will not sufficiently
be bound. Well, they can’t be bound if they’re not bound
in picolinic acid you can’t really get them in. What I’m saying is, zinc’s one of the main
mechanism to allow this to occur. Zinc really overrides in terms of its deficiency
and capacity most other micronutrients, or trace elements, so it’s one of the key ones
you’ve got to get right. But, the question is zinc carnosine. Well, zinc carnosine is basically zinc bound
to carnitine. And again, which is a composite of a few different
elements. But, studies have definitely shown that zinc
carnosine is particularly good for stomach acid. I just read an interesting study from not
that many years ago where they give people a drink, something to stop the mucosa from
getting irritated from hyperacidity. They also gave people zinc carnosine, around
100 milligrams per day to see which one had the better effect. After several weeks, there was no doubt that
zinc carnosine had a significantly more protective effect on the gut, and improved the person’s
well being overtaking this mucous layer of drink that the person was having. Most people who take PPI drugs, proton pump
inhibitor drugs, will really benefit from zinc carnosine. Zinc carnosine has even been used in high
dose, short term for Helicobacter pylori patients. But in my opinion, zinc picolinate is also
just as good. One of my favorite companies, Spawn Research,
I started to use their zinc picolinate many, many, many years ago, 20 something years ago,
and I found it to be fantastic in clinic. Males lose more zinc with one emission of
ejaculation than a woman will lose in literally 30 days. The reason being is that seminal fluid contains
reasonably high amounts of zinc to buffer that solution, which would aid in fertility. Men definitely have lower levels of zinc than
women. If you look at oysters, were always consider
to be the main aphrodisiac for guys, and oysters are also nature’s highest zinc containing
food, so males really could do with zinc. I started to take a lot of zinc years ago,
not that I was deficient in it, but to experiment what would happen. I found my sense of smell really increased,
and my taste increased. I want to urge everyone who is watching this
video is to do a zinc taste test to make sure that you’ve got good zinc levels because zinc’s
critical also for RNA and DNA transcription, so if you want to prevent a lot of nasty diseases
you need to have good cellular reproduction, and zinc will prohibit a wonky or dodgy transcription
that when it comes to creating new life, so zinc’s critical for that. Also, for women who are going to conceive. They need good zinc levels. Zinc’s imperative for white blood cells. Leukocyte activity doesn’t really happen properly
without good zinc levels. It’s also very anti-viral. Then more recently, I’ve discovered the power
of zinc when it comes to neurotransmitters, so zinc really aids people with anxiety to
a huge degree, and also depression. Zinc, B6, and magnesium is the classic triad,
which we call the glucose tolerance factors, so having enough zinc in your body also stops
you from snacking on crappy food because it helps to regulate your blood sugar to a higher
degree. Now, you can start to see how excited I am
about zinc. I think it’s a real good thing to have in
your diet. There you have it. Is zinc carnosine good? It’s real good, but get your zinc tested,
all right. Have a great day.

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  1. What a cool guy! He plays the guitar, has lots of books, a plant, and cares about his health! Thanks dude! I love you in a totally non-sexual way! I think some men are zinc raisins (like totally deficient)!

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