Jugo natural para curar acidez en el estómago, agruras o reflujo acido en pocas semanas

Heartburn occurs when gastric acid from the stomach goes up into the esophagus, causing a burning sensation in the chest and a bitter taste in the back of the throat. This sensation can last from minutes to hours and normally occurs after eating, as long as this condition is better today in todo en salud we will teach you to prepare a juice that can help you to solve this. The necessary ingredients will be:
– 2 cups peeled and chopped carrot – 4 cabbage leaves
Before starting we must wash, peel and chop very well the ingredients to facilitate the extraction process, then in the juice extractor we must pass each of the ingredients, carrots and cabbage, if you do not have juice processor you can do it in A blender just make sure you add water and strain the contents when you finish. When we process all the ingredients we will obtain this healthy juice that will help us to combat acid reflux or acid reflux. This juice should be taken every day on an empty stomach, this way you will prevent excess acidity in the stomach. This juice is good due to: – The carrot contains alkaline compounds that help us in the regulation of the stomach and also provides protection to the stomach and esophagus against the damage that can cause gastric acid. – Cabbages for their part help regulate the functions of the stomach, liver and intestines, and additionally neutralize acidity and prevent and treat gastric ulcers. As you see this natural juice can be very good to combat stomach acid problems, If you suffer from this condition and you are looking for a solution this drink may be the right one, so do not hesitate to try it and tell us what you thought. We hope this video has been useful to you, remember that your opinion is very important so score, comment and share and if you have not subscribed, sign up every day upload new videos.

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