Lets Reduce Your Stomach Acid!

[Music] How can you make your body alkaline when you have acid in your stomach? Wouldn’t they neutralize each other? I mean that’s actually a pretty good question. The alkalinity doesn’t actually take place until the food is digested. The acid in your stomach which by the way most people out there that we’ve tested and we’ve evaluated over the last 20 years have a disproportion of acid in their stomach that’s why so many people have GERD and that’s why so many people digestive system they either don’t have enough acid or they produce too much acid. If you don’t have enough acid, you’re seeing an increase in H. pylori. H. pylori is a bacterium that lives in the stomach. A lot of people are not chewing their food properly and they’re not chewing their food till it’s a liquid before they swallow it, and that’s what messes up the acid levels in the stomach. And it’s also messed up by the types of food that we eat right because if you have very highly acidic foods like meat, and like beverages, carbonated beverages, processed food, microwave food, dead food, chemical ingredients in food, pesticide residues in food. All of that stuff causes an imbalance and causes your bloodstream to be acidic. What you really want is you want alkaline forming foods. It’s really alkaline forming foods that once they’re digested, and once they’ve gone through the liver they create an alkaline environment inside the body and that’s gonna to be your fruits, your vegetables, even apple cider vinegar, which I saw some people are actually mentioning on there. Raw organic apple cider vinegar is acidic, but when it goes into your system because it’s high in minerals it actually creates an alkaline environment In a lemon, for example, a lemon is very highly acidic, but when it gets processed in the system because of its high electron capability it produces alkalinity in the fluids in the body. Now that’s different for many people everybody has a biochemistry that’s different across the board. But… Taking in the right type of water, not drinking alcohol, not taking in the things that are the high meat concentrations, the alcohol concentrations, the sugar concentrations, All of those things are going to contribute to causing an acid alkaline imbalance within your system. And there are many people out there that say disease is manifested by an acid environment. And that’s what we found. We found that a lot of microorganisms, a lot of fungus, a lot of… different types of harmful organism like to live in an slightly acidic environment. That’s why again, it’s so important to heal the bowel and balance out that alkalinity that acid alkaline. You should be slightly alkaline. Okay, so that’s why. It is a good question, you know, you have acid in your stomach. You know, wouldn’t neutralize each other, and most of the time depending on on how you’re breaking down those it doesn’t necessarily neutralize those. I mean, we could go into further detail about that, but mostly it’s the fresh organic live foods that you eat. Live foods is going to be alkaline forming. Dead food, processed food, meat, any type of chemical drinks that you’re drinking they’re all gonna be acid forming, and those are what you want to avoid. There are some waters out there. Some alkaline waters. I don’t necessarily… I’m not saying those are necessarily bad. I’m not saying those are necessarily good. I always am under the philosophy that if you are drinking alkaline waters you know, drink some distilled water, You know, don’t let your body ever get used to one thing at a time. It’s not bad, but you know. Drink your alkaline water one day. Drink spring water the next day. Drink distilled water the next day. You know, just cycle it because in nature, if you were out gathering your food, you might drink from one spring one day, you might drink from another lake the next day. You might, you know, be traveling and drink from another spring the next day, or you might be, you know, boiling water sometimes and drinking that as well. I personally think that switching up your water, like I drink hydrogen water, I drink alkaline water sometimes. I drink distilled water. So I switch out my water concentration, so my body doesn’t necessarily get used to one specific type of water. [Music]

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  1. Been following you for a few years and using GHC supplements. Thank you for all that you do to educate and speak the truth. You rock

  2. What do you know about cyclic syndrome? my husband came down with this in Desert Storm and have been searching for a cure or a way to keep him out of the hospital. Over the yrs he has been hospitalized hundreds of times. We know his stomach doesn't empty food. We saw the food laying on his stomach that should have been digested and moved on down. any thoughts on this??

  3. The great Herbert Shelton said, "If people insist on eating meat, I must show them how to do it so they don't get sick." He proposed only one serving in any given day, only up to two or three times a week. Also, ideally meat would be eaten when digestion is strongest, mid-day. A serving of protein can be accompanied with three servings of greens, dark leafy–ideally grown naturally or organically. If not eating greens, proteins break down best with fruits that are acidic, like citrus or berries (raspberries, strawberries, or blackberries). Kiwi fruit would also be okay. Sweet fruits, however, ferment when eaten with high protein foods. Sweet fruits are like bananas and dried fruits. Sweet cherries would also fall into this category. Grains ideally should be eaten separately from protein, and the grains, including grain products, require two servings of greens to render the action in the assimilation phase of digestion as alkaline. Fruits are great energy starters at breakfast, higher proteins at midday, and starches for dinner, as digestion tends to be waning. Water may be taken 20 minutes before a meal, but not with the meal, as digestive juices tend to get diluted. The American Hygienic Society, as it was called in the 70s, strongly advocated distilled water, pure H2O, under the theory that the primary function of water was to act as a coolant. Additional substances in the drinking water reduce the effectiveness of this function, and minerals are hard to process if not chelated (linked to a protein or enzyme molecule). Stress, of course, plays havoc with digestion. Blessings!

  4. I am not convinced by the science of all this. The reality is the body has varying ph systems, that it self regulates. We have sophisticated systems to regulate ph, such as breathing faster, as it HAS to remain within a certain PH. The medical science seems to have disproved this theory. However, of course, we need live foods for their enzymatic action, the health of the microbial, their polyphenol and antioxidant capabilities, I think rather more than PH.

  5. We surely swallow our food with out chewing it we learned that in elementary chew your food properly break down. To liquid and dead foods yes dead foods dead foods only you i hear say i say the same. I just seen black come out the facet water. Thank you Dr.

  6. Blood cannot be impacted by diet the bodies natural buffers control that. If you lack minerals then your body will steal it from your bones. Avoid sparkling waters, soda etc (the bubbles interfere with the stomachs acid). IF FOOD COULD IMPACT OUR BLOODS Ph WE WOULD ALL BE DEAD.

    It’s impossible for diet to impact blood ph. Diet impacts the bodies ability to absorb minerals. SODIUM is what creates stomach acid, and excess salts go to that purpose. Doctors telling us to avoid sodium is a hoax to sell blood pressure meds.

    Health is all about ones body and how it absorbs amino acids, minerals and vitamins.

    I’m sorry but your advice on impacting blood is false. YOU CANNOT SWAY THE BODIES PH. It’s impossible.

  7. Oh yes you are right I love lemon every morning with 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda and this is great!!!1 hour later I eat cantaloupe honey eggs in olive oil and what away to start the day and lunch oatmeal with blueberries ww toast 1 piece dinner broccoli sweet potato and black beans and all is fresh organic twice a week maybe three I add beef or chicken fish once a week.I do vary with fruits and veggies.I do love me some spinach and apples 5 days a week to.God Bless

  8. Body alkalinity is an old myth. Your body takes what it's given and formulates your blood chemistry. All the lemon juice and alkaline foods won't matter

  9. A few days ago, I read about Dr Jack Goldberg who, after researching this in his laboratory, discovered that the method used to calculate carbs in certain fermented dairy foods such as yogurt, buttermilk, and kefir, are misleading. According to his research, the active bacteria in these products consume the lactose and convert it into lactic acid, which is not actually a carbohydrate. Based on that theory, the carbs in a cup of plain whole-milk Greek yogurt would effectively be more like 4 carbs instead of 8-10. What’s your take on this?

  10. I've been drinking alkaline water for two years now and I have not had one cold or flu the whole time even when my wife had the flu I still did not get it people at work coughing next to me sicker than shit I still did not get sickI believe in alkalizing your body drinking alkalizing water it makes a difference

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