LINX | FAQ with Dr. Alisa Coker

(melodic chords)>>The LINX Reflux Management
System is a medical device used to treat gastroesophageal
reflux disease, or GERD. GERD results in symptoms of heartburn or regurgitation, and occurs when the valve between the esophagus and the stomach opens abnormally. The LINX system is a small
flexible band of magnetic beads that is surgically
placed around this valve. (melodic chords) The magnetic beads
encircle the lower half of the valve between the
esophagus and your stomach. This prevents the valve from opening as your stomach fills, and thus prevents the acidic contents of your stomach from entering into your esophagus. The magnets are not providing any pressure or squeezing the esophagus, the design of the ring of the magnetic beads is so that the ring can expand to allow
food to pass when you eat. (melodic chords) Patients that have
progression of their disease, despite adequate medical treatment with anti-acid medications may benefit from magnetic sphincter
augmentation with the LINX system. The traditional surgical
treatment for GERD is a fundoplication, or a stomach wrap. Which surgery is best for you should be a discussion with your surgeon, taking into account your
desired outcome and concerns. (melodic chords) We are able to place the LINX in a minimally-invasive fashion
without significant alterations to anatomy, this is typically accomplished through five small
incisions, as opposed to a single large incision with
traditional, or open surgery. The ring is placed around the esophagus and the ends are attached to each other. The procedure can usually be
performed in under one hour. After surgery patients often go home the same day, and are encouraged
to eat a regular diet. (melodic chords) we don’t encounter that often, but in the event you need your device removed, it can be done through
a surgery similar to that you underwent for placement. In most cases you would
still be a candidate for other surgical and
endoscopic treatments for GERD. (melodic chords) The LINX system is considered safe for most modern MRI scanning machines, and should not affect airport security. You will be provided an implant card that you can present to providers, or security, should a question arise. (melodic chords) Johns Hopkins has a history
of surgical excellence. We have multiple surgeons
within our division of minimally invasive
surgery that specialize in the treatment of GERD, and are prepared to discuss what the best
treatment option is for you, that matches your disease and your goals. There are still a limited
number of surgeons trained to perform LINX surgery, at
Johns Hopkins we pride ourselves in offering a variety
of treatment options, including the latest technology and advancements in patient care. (melodic chords)

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  1. We need to stop doing these procedures where we add mechanical devices that can cause erosion and scarring.  I think there are many patients out there and they are uncomfortable.   Instead,  they need to repair hiatal hernias with absorbable mesh,  change patients diets and have them lose weight.

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