LSA seeds – Do’s and don’ts | Drugslab

LSA seeds are small, natural-grown seeds
that can cause intense tripping. So if you want to try them,
here are the do’s and don’ts. The do’s: eat LSA seeds on an empty
stomach and wait before you take extra. Never take LSA seeds on your own
and preferably with a sober trip sitter. Take them at home,
not in a party setting. Only take them if you feel good
physically and mentally. And don’t take them if you’re susceptible
to psychoses or depressions. The don’ts: don’t take LSA seeds regularly
and only in dosed quantities. If you’re not used to psychedelics,
the experience may be overwhelming… and cause feelings of anxiety,
paranoia or extreme insecurity… since they reinforce your emotions. Never combine LSA seeds
with drugs, medicines or alcohol. And participation in traffic is dangerous,
especially during but also after the trip. Always buy your LSA seeds at
a smart shop, not at a garden centre… because then they may contain
harmful pesticides. If you want to know what LSA seeds do
to your body and mind… watch our other video,
in which Bastiaan tries LSA seeds.

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