Magnets Aid in Weight Loss Surgery

– [Man] The following program
contains graphic images that may be disturbing. Parents are advised that
these images may not be suitable for young children. – Medicine is constantly
evolving and it’s exciting when breakthroughs offer
patients less incisions and an easier recovery. Now surgeons are using magnets
in the O R to do just that. Bariatric surgeon
Dr.Carson Liu joins us now to talk about this and
why they’re using them. So how do the magnets
actually play a role? – Yeah so , as you can see
here in the monitor here, this is like a little grasper here, and it actually can be
deployed inside the body, and we’re gonna use an external magnet. So in this case we’re gonna show you how we retract the liver,
this is our fake liver here. – [Blonde Man] Okay. – [Dr.Liu] And we’re gonna
go through the belly button, and we kind of go in and we
grab the edge of the liver, and then I’m gonna shake this off, and then I use the magnet
on this grasper here. Now bring it up. This here is demo unit, so
it’s a little bit less than the real thing that we
use in the operating room only because it’s a
plastic abdominal wall. – [Blonde man] So you’re
using the magnetic fields to help retract and open up
the operative visual field for you and it’s just a temporary solution during the surgery itself. – Yes and this is held by a
little holder that we mount to the side of the bed, so
we’re able to like expose the stomach which is what
we usually operate on. And now we’ve freed up this access port to continue working
through this working port, without having to have an extra opening in the abdominal wall. – [Man on the far right] But
you normally would have used to retract that liver up, you would have had to do
that with another instrument, with another hand. This way it’s out of your way, you can get to where you’re going. – [Woman] And who’s an
ideal candidate for this? – Usually anybody that’s
considering weight loss surgery, heartburn surgery for
hernias in the diaphragm. In 2016 it was approved
for a gall bladder surgery, so it can retract the gall bladder, and expose the areas where
we take out the gall bladder. And that’s the most
commonly performed procedure in laparoscopic surgery, is
the gall bladder removal. – This has to be one
strong magnet correct? – [Dr.Liu] Yes. It’s very strong so
they ask me not to have a scalpel anywhere near
about 10 centimeters because it’ll fly towards it. – So you keep all of that
at a great distance– – [Dr.Liu] At least 10,
12 centimeters away. – [Blonde Man] You could
see some chaos there if someone wasn’t paying attention. Like wow! Instruments flying across the
room attaching themselves, but I think this is
just proof that doctors are grown up kids. You go to work now and
you play with magnets. Just like when you were a kid. – Playing that game operation. I bet you played that didn’t you. – [Dr.Liu] I played few times yes. And video games too so. – Well thank you for
sharing this with us– (audience clapping)
– Thank you. – [Blonde Man] Truly a cool innovation.

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