Mailea Barker Describes Her Changed Life After an Unsuccessful Weight Loss Surgery!

welcome welcome welcome everyone here we
want to have a live interview with Miss Mailea Barker and we’ve got some
exciting information to share Mailea has had some weight loss surgery in the past
so anyone who has had weight loss surgery is going to be able to resonate
very well with Mailea because her weight loss surgery had been unsuccessful so
she’s going to describe what happened and how Viiva has actually changed her
life after that unsuccessful weight loss surgery so without any further ado Mailea
how would you like to share your story with us Hi Rich I’m happy to share my
story I love these products they’ve changed my
life about a year ago I started using the Trim Max at first I later
incorporated more products and then when Viiva
took over I now take as many products as I can get my hands on every month so I
did I had weight loss surgery when I was 29 years old so 20 years ago I’m 49
right now it was unsuccessful it was successful at first until I started to
eat real food again and then of course you know went right back to the same
issues and because of the weight loss surgery had a lot of health issues that
followed so I spent most of my 30s just miserable you know raising children
overweight no energy deficient in everything that my body needed for my
metabolism to be able to work properly and so I you know I would love to say
it worked and I was healthy and happy after that but it was the exact opposite
so about a year ago my mother and my mother-in-law who are both older and
using these products were seeing results and so I jumped in to help them sell
their product and as a result I began to see weight
loss and energy increase metabolism increase and eight weeks in eight weeks
in on this product I was down 18 pounds and went to see my rheumatologist who
first of all was very excited about my weight loss because she’d never seen
that before and at the time I had been giving myself prescription B12
injections in my stomach every two weeks or six years or so and still never where
I needed to be with my vitamins and was you know I was deficient in everything
protein B vitamins just and everything so eight weeks and my rheumatologist ran
my blood work she looked at all of the ingredients in the Trim Max that’s what
I was taking at the time and she was so impressed that she told me not only
continue taking this don’t stop what you’re doing it’s working
she also asked me for a sample for every one of her nurses so they were excited
as well you know about this new product when she read my bloodwork after only
eight weeks on this product I was no longer deficient in any of my anything
that I had been being treated for so she took me off of the B12 injections took
me off of the D3 units that I had to take every week and then we began at
that time to discuss weaning me off of the other medications that I was on
which included Cymbalta Neurontin or Gabapentin ties a Nadeem Baclofen I mean
there the list is endless of the different pain medications and things
that I was being did with that were only causing weight
gain and no energy and swelling and you know there was just nothing positive
coming from all of those medications so I’m happy to say now one year later I am
medication free I this is the first time in my adult life that I have not been in
bondage to several medications and it’s a good feeling it’s a really good
feeling and on top of that 65 pounds lighter I’ve dropped 8 dress sizes in
Wow yes eight dress sizes I went from
wearing a size 22 I am now in a size 12 and my goal is to be in a size 10 so
that is I I can’t even believe that I’m this far on this journey and I feel
great I have more energy than I ever had in my 20s and 30s I have I feel a desire
to get outside and do things I’m more focused on my on being productive I’m
more focused it’s like I have better clarity you know since I have
incorporated the shakes the shakes are amazing I had been deficient in protein
for years had hair loss had skin changes had calcium deficiencies
you know just terrible gut health and I’ve done my research on a healthy gut
and these P3 Probiotics are a miracle I just I could I have to be careful that I
don’t eat them all in one day all right they taste amazing right
awesome so what I want to do is is be able to for people to look more into it
and also to be able to see the ingredient list learn more about the
products at Trim Max and that the Pea Protein Shakes and the Amazon Superfruits and the Greens so you can go to so
where you can look at our products you can see what Viiva has to offer for
not just energy but a healthy lifestyle change I mean it’s an amazing
product I can’t say enough about it that’s fantastic
so Mailea we want to thank you so much is there anything else in about 30 seconds
you want to be able to share with anyone or is that it I will tell you in about
30 seconds I’ll try I will tell you that I my my 73 year old mother takes these
products as well as my 12 year old granddaughter she is taking as many of
the products as I am able to let her take she can’t take the trim max of
course because it’s got a lot it’s got some stimulants in it and she’s still
young but she is overweight at 12 and she loves the regular trim gives her
energy she is a dancer and she she’s loving that I would recommend these
products to every single person and I do recommend them to every single person
that I come in contact with because I know that they work and I know that they
change your life and are they can change your life and so yeah I mean to me Viva
means life and I have a whole new outlook on my health in my life in my
family’s lives now fantastic thank you Mailea for taking time today to be
able to share this information out with everyone it is so valuable we appreciate
you we appreciate again the time that you’ve taken with us today thank you so
much absolutely thank you rich have a good
day you too now thanks everyone for tuning in bye for now Hi my name is Richard Shafer and I
hope you enjoyed this interview with Mailea Barker as with all our interviews
we just want to remind you that any statements that have been made during
these interviews have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration and
anything that we share with you is not intended to diagnose treat or cure we
hope to see you on our next interview.

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