Matching Survival 1+1 | 썸바이벌 1+1 EP.17 Part. 1 [SUB : ENG/2019.11.12]

(Are you ready to fall in love today?) Live by your taste. – Matching Survival 1 Plus 1. / – 1 Plus 1. I’ve been waiting for this day. What day is it today? It’s my payback time. Heechul is a participant today. (Heechul has been wanting to be a participant) (I want to be a participant!) (Why am I always a host?) (So today, Heechul will be a participant on the show!) Heechul’s wish is coming true. He kept telling us that he wanted to be a participant on the show. – Let’s see how well he does today. / – How is… Heechul right now? (Male participants’ waiting room) I was so popular at clubs back in the days. I don’t really know how to seduce women. Because women just approached you? I really didn’t have to seduce them. Why don’t you do that today? Like the old days. I don’t think it’ll work today. (Feeling nervous) Let’s meet the participants now. Let’s. It’s a male celebrities special today and we have wonderful ladies to fall in love with them. Please come onto the set. We’ll have the ladies come first. (The female participants enter the set first) – Hello. / – Hello. (Nice to meet you) You’re all so beautiful. Thank you. (Charming female participants have all entered) Let’s have our first male participant come in now. I wonder who it’ll be. Please come onto the set. Now, our female participants are highly looking forward to this. (Who’s the first male participant?) (It’s him!) My brother! Hello. It’s Ddotty. – Everyone knows him. / – It’s President Ddotty. – Hello. / – He’s the king of children. (Ddotty) (He’s a popular YouTuber amongst children) (He’s taking over not only YouTube, but also TV) (Today, he’s a male participant) He’s quite the influencer. You’re basically the president of Korea’s children, don’t you think your fans may get disappointed when they see you on the show, falling in love and all? My subscribers, who are young, think 34 is very old. So kids always ask me why I’m not dating anyone and why I’m not married yet. I think they’ll be supportive. (You have such great subscribers) – Let’s see the 2nd guy. / – The 2nd guy. Please come onto the set! Who’ll be the next man? Taehun! (Who is it that everyone is cheering?) – Hello. / – We seem to have… At least one comedian on the show per week. (Welcome!) Hello. (Seo Taehun is one of KBS’ best-looking comedians) (He’s on the show as a representative male comedian) I wonder who the third guy will be. Please come out! (Wow!) Hello. (Blushing) – Nice. / – Hello. (Jungmo the singer) (Jungmo debuted as the guitarist of the group TRAX) (His incredible guitar skills make ladies swoon) (Today, he’s a male participant on our show) You’re here to fall in love, right? Of course. I even dressed up. Why are you looking at me and not the ladies? – I’m really shy. / – You have to look at them. (Laughing) (He’s cute) I know how that feels, being there makes you feel like that. It’s time for our last male participant. The participant whose wish came true. I can see him all the way from there. Is it Heechul? – Please come out. / – He’s our last participant today. – He’s the man of the show. / – How cute. You stand out too much. You’re too much. You tried really hard to look good today. Being a participant makes you blush. (Laughing) (This is too embarrassing) His face is so small. You’re right. Heechul, you’ve been wanting to be a participant forever. Hello, I’m Kim Heechul. Tell us how you feel right now. I’m… Why are you looking at us? Why are you looking at us? Look at the ladies. (He must’ve teased Soyou a lot) I’m very nervous. That’s exactly how I felt. I feel like I’m standing at the starting line of a 100m race. What are you saying? (Laughing) – I hope it works out for you. / – It’s really hot. You finally understand how I feel, right? I’m sorry, Soyou. Being a host is so much easier. Right? It’s time to introduce yourself and show off your charms. – Send Love Balloons! / – Send Love Balloons! Ddotty, you may begin. Hello, I’m a creator… Why do you keep looking at us? Look at the ladies. I run a YouTube channel. I’m Ddotty, Na Heesun. I was Korea’s first YouTuber to reach 2 million subscribers as a gaming channel. I currently have 2.5 million subscribers. I earned around 2.8 million dollars last year. (He makes so much) Thank you. Have you prepared anything? Since you may not know me, I’ll show you what I do by talking in my broadcasting voice. That sounds good. I’ll introduce myself. We get to watch a live show of someone who has over 2 million subscribers. Hello, everyone, I’m Ddotty. I’m here today to find love amongst these charming ladies. Hello. – Hello. / – Surprise. You’re very enthusiastic. Is he using this to get closer to the ladies? Let’s pose together. – What should we do? / – Like this. Cheese. Thank you and nice to meet you. Yes. Ddotty is awkward talking to adults. I’m really nervous. – Hello. / – Hi. (Ddotty is stammering in front of these ladies) You’re so charming and your earrings look wonderful. Are you confessing to her? (Ddotty is a player!) What a ladies’ man. Thank you. – I can’t do this anymore. / – You look so happy. I can’t do it. (Ddotty’s Love TV suddenly ends) Taehun, you’re next. I’m supposed to look in this direction, right? I’ll look at the trees as I speak. (So funny) I’ve been single for the past eight years. The last time I was on a movie date was when I watched “Rikidozan.” (What’s that?) Do you know what movie that is? I’ve never heard of it. (I’ve never heard of it) I’d like to meet a nice lady here and watch a movie with her, then spoil the movie for other people. (I want to spoil the movie for other people) (We hope your wish comes true) Next up is Jungmo. Please introduce yourself. This is really nerve-racking. Stop getting so nervous, all of you. Hello, I’m Jungmo the singer-songwriter. (Nice to meet you) I’m like a heating pad, who gets warmer as you get to know me. (A heating pad?) He prepared for this. (Whispering) I’m not anything special, but I’m a friendly man who’s easy-going. If you need a heating pad to rest on, please come to me. (I’ll remember you, heating pad) Heating pad. Have you prepared anything for today? I’ll play some guitar for you. (Applauding enthusiastically) (Jungmo is warming up first) (Doing fancy tricks) (He’s so good) (He’s all warmed up now) I’ll start now. – Was that a warmup? / – Yes, it was just a warmup. (I’ll show you who I am) (“Boy with Luv” by BTS) (Falling in love) (This isn’t fair!) (His performance is getting fancier) (All the ladies are falling for Jungmo’s performance) Jungmo, everyone! (He gives his guitar pick to Hanbok Queen An Seonmi) (What’s this?) (Jealous) (Jungmo is a man) Why? What’s wrong? I’m too embarrassed. (Will things work out between these two?) Next up is Heechul, who’s trembling in fear right now. Please introduce yourself. Here goes Heechul. (Nervous) Please introduce yourself. Hello. I’m not the star of the galaxy today. I’m here to be someone’s man. What’s up with your voice? I’m Kim Heechul. Someone’s man. This is really embarrassing. Your entire body is blushing. (He was so excited last week) Heechul, what have you prepared to show the ladies? Jungmo is going to play the guitar while I sing “Seoshi” by Shin Sungwoo. You can’t go again. There are no second chances. – There’s absolutely none. / – I’m sorry, Soyou. (While Soyou was singing the last time…) (Heechul stopped her from starting again) (I failed) (What’s up with you?) (I’m sorry, Soyou) (Heechul starts his performance seriously) (Before the sunset) – Can I go again? / – Absolutely not. Keep going. – There are no second chances. / – I’m sorry. It’s fine. You can do it! Hold on. I need a glass of water. He must be so nervous. There’s no such thing as second chances here! Seriously. (Relax) (I hope I don’t mess up) (Why is he so nervous today?) (Heechul, don’t mess up) (You can relax) ♪ With only a shy smile ♪ (Charming) ♪ You become me ♪ (Heechul is all relaxed now) (Getting serious) (Heechul is showing what “cool” is) ♪ So that you can see my love when you’re tired ♪ (Finishing off on a serious note) (Cheering) I’ll have to take this to my agency and they’ll autotune me. (Joking around out of shyness) (You did a great job) Let’s hear our female participants introduce themselves now. We’ll start off with Beagle Choi Munseon. Hello, I’m 22 years old and a college student. My name is Choi Munseon. (Beagle Choi Munseon) (She’s getting so many Love Balloons) They’re going crazy. (Thanks for the Love Balloons!) I’m very high-spirited and I have a lot of energy, so people say that I’m like a beagle. They’re calling you a dog. Right. (He’s just spitting out whatever due to nervousness) – Heechul. / – I’m sorry. That was a very dangerous comment. I prepared a little dance to show my excitement and my charms. – It’s nothing grand. / – That’s fine. Cue the music! Cue! I’m sorry! (This is where all the cuteness is!) (All the guys are dancing along) (Heechul is definitely enjoying this) Look at him. (Munseon and Heechul’s collaborative performance) (I can’t miss my chance like this) Here come Ddotty and Jungmo. I don’t even know what’s happening. (All the guys have joined the stage) (Impressed) Thank you. This is hilarious. (They’re so enthusiastic) Next up is Smiley Seo Hyebin. You look a little bit like Seo Yeaji. – Seo Yeaji the actress? / – Yes. – She looks like her. / – You’re right. Please introduce yourself. I’m so nervous. Hello, I have a very charming smile. I’m 22 years old and my name is Seo Hyebin. (We love bright smiles!) I majored in Airport Services. (We love Airport Services) It’s a female-dominated major, so there aren’t many guys. (We’re here) I never really had a chance to interact with guys, so I’m really nervous right now. (Don’t be so nervous) Everyone, you’re not at an arcade right now. We’re being serious. I hope I’ll melt someone’s heart with my smile today on the show. (We’re ready to melt) Heechul, you’re the winner. Honest Noh Jueun, please introduce yourself. Hello, I’m Honest Noh Jueun and I’m a college student. I’m quiet at first, but when I find someone who I’m attracted to, I’m really honest and I go right for the guy. I’m here to find a man who won’t play games and be honest about his feelings. – She’s a great talker. / – No games. (Time to show her charms without playing any games) (Jueun starts dancing) (Impressed) (Surprised) (Showing off her sexy charms) (What should we do?) (Ddotty is reacting so honestly) (Everyone is falling for her) Last up is… Hanbok Queen An Seonmi. Please introduce yourself. Hello, I was crowned as Korea’s queen of hanbok models. I’m Hanbok Queen An Seonmi. I majored in Korean traditional dance. (Impressed) I’m currently a freelance model. (The guys are getting very excited) Everyone is going crazy. I’m great at being a supportive girlfriend. I’m very supportive. – Very supportive. / – That’s so nice. Will you fall in love with me today? (Will you fall in love with me today?) Did you prepare anything for today? I prepared a Korean traditional dance. (Getting excited) (All the guys’ eyes are on Seonmi) (What will Hanbok Queen’s dance be like?) (Seonmi shows the elegant moves of Korean dance) (Guys are in awe) (Look at them) (Goodness) (The guys have fallen for her) (An Seonmi shows her skills) (She’s so good) (She finishes it off in an elegant pose) Give it up for her. (Applause) I really hope you watch this episode air. – Your faces… / – They were… Remarkable. Now, P.O will share an inspiring quote about love. This is today’s inspiring quote about love. “Love doesn’t just sit there like a stone. It has to be made like bread, remade all the time, made new. Everyone, don’t just sit there. You must show that you are in love. – Good luck. / – That’s very inspiring. Good luck. Now, we’ll see how your preferences match. Today’s topic for the preference matching is the rice soup you want to eat with your lover on a windy day. (The rice soup that will warm you up on a cold day) (Spicy beef rice soup) (The deep flavor of beef, seaweed rice soup) (The best hangover soup, dried pollack rice soup) (And ox bone rice soup with a deep flavor) (Which would you eat with your lover on a cold day?) What would you choose to eat, Soyou? If you were to eat rice soup with your boyfriend… I’d choose either ox bone soup or spicy beef soup. – How about you, P.O? / – Dried pollack soup. Dried pollack soup? I’d choose seaweed rice soup. Every day is my birthday when I’m with my girlfriend. “She’s like a birthday to me. I always bought her seaweed soup.” (His interpretation of seaweed soup makes us cringe) (Okay, please stop) Let’s see who will sit on the same table for the first preference matching. Please come on in. I think Ddotty will… I think he’ll choose ox bone soup or seaweed soup. – Hello. / – Hello. – What stall is this? Dried pollack? / – It’s… – Dried pollack. / – I see. This is for beef seaweed soup and this is for warm hangover soup. – I mean, spicy beef soup. / – Spicy beef soup, I see. – Ox bone soup with a clean taste. / – Okay. – Are you okay? / – Yes. I choose ox bone soup. I’m sure many will choose ox bone soup. (Welcome) It’s a popular menu. Why did you choose ox bone soup? I did choose this because it’s popular, and also because I can’t eat spicy food. – You can’t? / – No. Is there a lady you’d like to eat this food with? There is. Who? – Can I tell you? / – Yes. I’m a relationship manager. Number three. Number three? – Really? / – I’d be glad to have just anyone. I watched this show and it seemed so sad when someone ate alone. Once you sit… Actually, I’m not sure because I never sat alone. I hope I get lucky today. The second guy, Taehun is walking in. This is beef seaweed soup. Beef seaweed soup. (What will the shy guy, Taehun, choose?) I think he’ll choose dried pollack soup. What is that stall? – This is ox bone soup. / – It’s ox bone soup. It’s too ordinary. – I’m glad. / – I eat this menu often… After drinking. (Seo Taehun chooses dried pollack hangover soup) This looks delicious. I knew it. I can guess what will happen to others but not me. Jungmo is here. He’s a charming guy. – This is spicy beef soup. / – Spicy beef soup. – And that is for ox bone soup. / – Ox bone soup. You’re not coming here, are you? Spicy beef soup will stain your mouth… – So I wouldn’t eat it on the first date. / – Right? Right. I do like spicy beef soup… Right, people won’t choose it. But I didn’t choose it. I chose beef seaweed soup. Seaweed soup? I love seaweed soup. – Do you? / – Yes. – The fourth guy… / – He’s coming. Heechul is walking in. His hairstyle and fashion say he’s not a rice soup guy. (He’s dolled up to the fullest today) You like spicy beef soup. Is he a European guy? It must be either ox bone soup or spicy beef soup. Why are you walking like a model? No way. (The fashionable European guy on his way to pick) Are you going to the ox bone soup? (He turns at the end of the supermarket runway) – Is this a runway? / – He’s not coming here. He loves spicy food. I do. I like strong flavors too. So I was going to go for spicy beef soup. Right, that’s his type. But I don’t want the soup to stain on the first date. – I understand. / – It could splatter on my clothes. So I chose dried pollack hangover soup. Then I decided I should go for what I like, spicy beef soup. (He chooses spicy beef soup, the food he likes) We’ve never had a guy sit in each stall, have we? This is incredible. – This is funny. / – I’d hate to eat alone like this. Everyone chose different menus. Guys on this show are bound to get close because we talk a lot… – Behind the cameras. / – So… Who do you think will come here? – Here? / – Who do you want to come here? (He suddenly gets coy) I have a few ladies in mind. Who? – I don’t know. / – Let me guess. Be quiet. I’m sorry about last week. I’m sorry. Now, the ladies will walk in. What will they choose? I’m curious to find out. The ladies you are interested in. I’m not going to watch. Will she sit across me? Come on in. This is the first preference matching. – Beagle is here. / – Ms. Beagle. From the first impression, I liked Ddotty the best. – What would she like? / – Young people these days… Don’t really eat dried pollack soup. – I think I made a mistake. / – I know. Dried pollack soup looks delicious. – Seaweed soup. / – Beef seaweed soup. “My lovely girlfriend, you’re always like a birthday to me.” Okay. (She walks straight on without hesitation) – Hello. / – This is spicy beef soup. Do you like spicy beef soup or nighttime opening? (He made a joke inadvertently) – Why did I do that? / – I will… I got too relaxed. Not that one. Hello. – Hello. / – I’m glad. – She chose ox bone soup. / – You won’t eat alone. Munseon is easy-going. What are you talking about? Hello, I like your preference. What if I end up eating by myself? I told you we should choose ox bone soup. You did say it’s popular. Right, spicy beef soup could splatter on the ladies’ blouse. The second lady is walking in. He was so different from what I expected. Heechul was actually innocent. (Heechul was more innocent than she’d thought) She’s coming. (He’s actually innocent?) She’s coming. I don’t think she’ll eat spicy beef soup when she’s in a white dress. It’d be a disaster. (Will she avoid spicy beef soup due to her attire?) Welcome. (Smell this) If you had a drink last night, you’d like dried pollack soup. (She walks past dried pollack soup) – This is beef seaweed soup. / – She didn’t choose this. Today’s your birthday. – My birthday has passed. / – Did you hear Jungmo? “Today’s your birthday.” – It’s passed though. / – This is… Spicy beef soup. He’d like to go to a nighttime opening event with a lady. Let’s go to a nighttime opening event after eating this. Spicy beef soup. Heechul actually seemed innocent. (But Heechul has chosen spicy beef soup) (Glancing) (With much regret…) (She walks on) Ox bone soup? Did you choose ox bone soup? Because she’s in a white dress. It’s ox bone soup. (Her eyes are on him) He’s smiling so big. He’s lucked out. The ladies who are in white have come here. Ox bone soup. (Sad) But Hyebin was looking at you regretfully. – She sat like this. / – Hey. – This is what she did. / – Okay. (Her eyes lingered on him) Stop getting my hopes up. – You cheeky guy. / – I mean it. (He gets his hopes up) The ladies who are in white have come here. (Are her eyes lingering on Heechul?) (Heechul gets embarrassed and avoids the eye) I think no one will choose spicy beef soup. Why don’t the three of you sit together? It’s a waste of cameras. (Will all the ladies choose ox bone soup?) (Discouraged) (Let me wipe my tears) Now, the third lady is walking in. (It’s too early to be disheartened) (Honest Noh Jueun is here) She took the hearts of the guys with her great dance. I want to know more about Heechul. (I want to get to know Heechul) She seems like the type to go for spicy food. This is great to relieve a hangover. (She passes without even looking) She didn’t even look. – Today’s your birthday. / – Today’s your birthday. Which one do you like, spicy beef soup or marinated crabs with soy sauce? – You prepared that line. / – No way. (Did she choose ox bone soup too?) While she was dancing, I think her eyes met mine. Then my heart skipped a beat. (Is she going toward the ox bone soup spot?) It’s over for us. (But she turns around) I chose this. It’s over for us. (Heechul is startled) (Bowing) – Here. / – Spicy beef soup. – Welcome. / – Give us two bowls. Here you go. I love spicy food. (Disappointed) The fourth lady. Please come on in. I’m not going to watch. The last hope. What will she choose? (The fourth lady, Hanbok Queen An Seonmi) The last lady is walking in. I liked Jungmo’s first impression. He gave me a gift. (Jungmo showed interest in An Seonmi) – Hello. / – You chose seaweed soup. Today’s your birthday. (He says this line without thinking now) (Laughing) (Although she wants to sit with Jungmo) (She passes the stall) She’s gone. Did she choose ox bone soup? – Did she? / – Really? (Really?) This is unbelievable. (Hanbok Queen An Seonmi picks ox bone soup) It’s my lucky day. (The last female guest has made her selection) – Hello. / – Hello. (The last female guest has made her selection) I didn’t know we’d have four servings. I feel like I can’t eat it. – Do you like it? / – Yes. All the restaurants that I mention on TV sell spicy food. (Only one male guest selected seaweed rice soup) Why don’t things work out for me? – Go and give this to another table. / – I can do that? Of course. That’s how you do it. You shouldn’t be eating dried pollack soup right now. I thought it was my punishment. No, eat it slowly. Oh, right. We need spoons. I’m sorry. I didn’t know four people would come. We don’t have enough spoons. I’ll go bring some. Alright. Thank you. (Excuse me) You have many extra spoons, right? – Can I take one? / – Sure, sure. We lack spoons. (Running hurriedly) Try this while you talk. – Thank you. / – Thank you. I really like ox bone soup too. Excuse me. Hey. What are you doing? Taehun! Taehun! You’re wearing the same clothes as Ddotty from the back. You can’t tell, right? It looks like matching clothes. – Enjoy your meal. / – Thanks. – Hope you have an upset stomach. / – What? What did he say? He said, “Have an upset stomach.” Not, “Enjoy your meal?” He’s so funny. (Meanwhile at Heechul’s table…) – It seems like… / – Yes? I’ll just call you Heechul. – Oh, okay. / – I’ll just call you Heechul. Heechul, it somehow feels like you’d like a cute woman. – Me? / – Yes. What type of woman do I like? You look like you’d tease a lot. I’m actually shy, unlike how people think. Me too. I’m a little shy. No, I don’t think so because you have such curious eyes. I always try to meet eyes because that’s a proper way to talk. (She meets his eyes while talking) Then… (On the other hand, Heechul can’t meet her eyes) Where do you live? I mean… Hold on. This is… I asked her where she lives. I didn’t mean to be rude. Heechul. Don’t change the subject. – I’m embarrassed. / – You can’t seem to be focusing. No, it’s just that being with a woman alone… (Heechul is becoming a fool as he gets awkward) Love? When it comes to enticing women… (We’ve never heard Heechul talk in that tone) I’ve never given it much thoughts. (What?) Because… Well, since I was young, I mean, way before I made my debut, many women liked me. So I thought that’s how it is like for every man. I thought that was only natural. I never had to say things like, “What are you up to today?” “Would you like to go eat something with me today?” Or text things like “I miss you.” I have no concept of saying or doing such things at all. Do you have pets? Pets? I’m not yet in a situation where I can raise one. I… (Rummaging) (What’s he doing?) This is when he was a baby. He’s a Jack Russell Terrier. He basically flies around. This is my cat. (Heechul is excited) I really like the Dobermann. – You like that type? / – I like big dogs. So I… This is my Jack Russell Terrier. (He’s not listening to her) (Approaching) He’s cute. (It seems like Heechul is doing a good job) Heechul is more innocent than you think. (Heechul is more innocent than you think) (Heechul, you’re doing great) Isn’t this fun though? (How does she feel toward innocent Heechul?) Do you drink well? I like drinking. – Yes. / – Me too. – I see. / – But… My image is… Like a live Pororo. – Pororo? / – People see me like that. The one that kids love. So Pororo wouldn’t drink, would he? Right, he can’t. I have preferences too, you know. But when they don’t fit the ones that kids expect from me, I worried a lot about if it’s okay to tell those things. I’ve learned to let it go. I’ve been doing YouTube for seven years. Now, I have a fan who’s already serving in the military. So I thought it’s okay now. I can tell things like “I can make good soju and beer mix.” Do you all watch YouTube? – What’s the name of your channel? / – No, not mine. – The name of your channel. / – It’s Ddotty. – Ddotty? / – Yes. Then what’s your real name? It’s Na Heesun. – Heesun? / – Yes. – Heesun? / – Yes. – Really? / – Yes. – It’s a pretty name. / – It means “bright” and “nice.” I use that Chinese character for my name too. Oh, really? (Is she expressing her interest?) We had a lot of people at that table, and he did a good job leading the conversation. He has good manners too. And the conversation we had was so fun. That’s why I thought I’d like to get to know him more. You must be loving this. (Is he appealing his charms?) You’re actually genuinely jealous. (Is he appealing his charms?) Well, anyway, if we keep this going for long, it won’t be fair for some people, it could be good for some. But we have more coming up for you to spend time with each other. It’s time for us to check how you really feel inside. So that we can figure out things. Let’s all move to Love Tent. Let’s go to Love Tent. – I’m so full. / – Thank you for the food. (Part 2 will continue shortly)

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