Medical Animation: HIV and AIDS

HIV is the Human
Immunodeficiency Virus. If you have HIV, you
have an infection that damages your immune system
over time, and causes AIDS. AIDS stands for Acquired
Immunodeficiency Syndrome. It is the final stage of
an HIV infection, when your immune system is
damaged and too weak to fight off
ordinary infections. When foreign invaders, such
as bacteria and viruses, get into your body, they
can cause infections. These events activate
your body’s defenses. The white blood cells
of your immune system are part of your
body’s defenses. One type of white
blood cell, called helper T lymphocytes,
or helper T cells, strengthen your immune
system’s response to infection in two ways. First, helper T cells
release chemicals that attract other
white blood cells to the site of the infection. These additional
white blood cells attack the invading bacteria
or virus, as well as other infected cells. Second, helper T cells
release chemicals that cause other white
blood cells to multiply. These new white blood
cells create markers, called antibodies,
which can identify the same foreign invader
throughout your body. Antibodies attach to
the bacteria or virus, marking them as targets for your
immune system to destroy them. If you have HIV, it
travels through your blood and other body fluids to infect
and kill certain white blood cells. The virus enters helper T cells,
which are the primary target. Once inside, the virus
makes many copies of itself. As these virus
particles are made, they leave the damaged helper
T cell to infect other cells. The T cell loses its
ability to protect the body from the ongoing
infection and dies. In this way, HIV
spreads and kills more of your helper T cells,
weakening your immune system. As a result, other
types of infections are able to take advantage
of your body’s inability to defend itself. These infections are called
opportunistic infections. If you have an HIV
infection, and one or more opportunistic infections,
you have AIDS. Some of the common AIDS-related
opportunistic infections are inflammation of the tissues
covering your brain and spinal cord, called meningitis,
inflammation of your brain, called encephalitis. Respiratory illnesses, such
as pneumonia and tuberculosis. Intestinal illnesses,
such as chronic diarrhea caused by infectious parasites. And cancers, such
as Kaposi’s sarcoma and non-Hodgkin lymphoma. HIV passes from person to person
through infected body fluids. HIV can enter your body during
unprotected sex, while sharing drug injection needles,
during your own childbirth, while breastfeeding
from your mother, or from contaminated
blood or blood products. Although there is
no cure for HIV, drugs called
antiretroviral medications can reduce the amount
of HIV in your body. One class of
antiretroviral medication, called entry or
fusion inhibitors, disrupts the HIV
infection process by preventing the virus from
attaching to your cells. Other classes of
antiretroviral medications include reverse
transcriptase inhibitors, protease inhibitors, and
integrase inhibitors. These drugs prevent the
creation, assembly, and spread of new viruses. Your doctor may prescribe
a combination of these drug classes, known as highly
active antiretroviral therapy, or HAART. Antiretroviral medication
doesn’t completely remove HIV from your body,
but slows it down enough to enable your immune
system to fight infections. Regular blood tests
will let your doctor know how effective your
antiretroviral medication is in controlling HIV. If the number of helper T cells
is high enough in your blood sample, your
medication is working. Treatments for the
opportunistic infections of AIDS are medications specific
for each type of infection. For example, your doctor
may prescribe antibiotics if you have pneumonia
or tuberculosis. To avoid getting or
spreading an HIV infection, know your HIV status and
your partner’s status by getting tested regularly. The most effective way
to prevent HIV infection is to avoid vaginal
and anal sex. When engaging in
sexual activity, you will be less
likely to contract HIV if you only have sex with
one uninfected partner, or use latex condoms
for protection. Avoid using injectable illegal
drugs, or sharing drug needles, because the needles may
have the virus on them. Avoid intoxication
from drugs or alcohol, because you will be
more likely to engage in unsafe sexual behavior.

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  2. 3 month one time me blood donate any problem my body ma'am please tell me but my body very strong no problem

  3. They should show this video to teenagers in school. And parents should have this talk with their kids. (At an appropriate age of course) And people should share this video with their friends, especially if they’re sexually actively. to prevent the virus from spreading.

  4. This theory is completely wrong , the pharmaceutical industry has the blood of many on there hands , HIV can’t lead to AIDS, it’s the worst scientific mistake in history. I know of thousands of people with HIV who have never taken any toxic ARV’s & are completely ok after many many years. More & more people are waking up to this massive scientific mistake & learning the truth , African people especially are going to be really pissed off when they learn the atrocities of the pharmaceutical industry with there greedy ways . Shame upon you for killing innocent people including children & pregnant morhers

  5. The fear that has been put into generations is unexceptable & this has been going on for 30 years & more , the theory of HIV being the cause of Aids is the worst scientific mistake of the Century. This is common through history & unfortunately the masses just go with what ever they are told , I hope this time it’s different, HIV DOESNT LEAD TO AIDS , please look into these extremely professional people , Peter Deusberg, Kary Mullis, Dr David Rasnick, Rodney Richards, Dr Claus Kohnlein, Neville Hodgkinson, Joan Shenton, Thabo Mbeki, John Lauritsen, & many many more , these people know what there talking about, please don’t believe the hype

  6. Animation is the only that exists.
    I suspect injected chemicals and injected or inghalled radio active particles to blame

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  9. From what I read so far, the cd4+cells (that HIV target) have a property, when exposed to antigens that is called plasticity. I would have liked to find more materials on the internet describing what happens to this property when the cd4+cell is infected with HIV – that means the moment of first meeting between the cd4+ cell and HIV and, further down the road, the moment when HIV already made a home from the cd4+cell. If the plasticity of the HIV infected cd4+cell is inhibited can it be stimulated (by a special type of antigen or a chemical from the organism) so that it "eats" again and, once the antigen (who can be the most common type of bacteria) got inside the HIV infected cd4+cell to either attack the virus in his home or to provoke a reaction from the cd4+cell that cleans both of the foreign elements(HIV and bacteria)?

  10. "avoid anal sex" noooooooooooo, but it's so tight and feels good nooooo, i guess i will get aids then :/

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  13. That's why my mum always tell me to test a guy before I date if he have HIV or not😂
    Sorry for my bad English.

  14. I'm just here because 1.) staying informed and educated is always important and 2.) I need to scare the sh🖤t out of myself so I'll be motivated to be abstinent until I know what I'm really doing.

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  16. If it is to face this motherfucker, one can hope to catch it in an early stage and to neutralize it with antiinflamatory drugs and interferon. Things are more complicated if one is over 50 (the body doesn't produce any more lymphocites over that age) and if autoimmune diseases are present. The human organism has unbelievable power but, of course, only God decides who lives and who dies. Bare in mind those antiretroviral drugs cost 10 000 US dollars a year per person – not anybody can afford it. Even synthetic interferon is quite expensive. If a person is poor and alone, what it is to do? Buy naturist products that are affordable and pray to God. This is the reality. What would you do to a person that deliberately infects another person with HIV, in a criminal act?What does law say in your country, in these respects?

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  20. White cells are like: COME HERE WE HAVE FOOD!

    Bacteria is like: yay let's go!

    White cell: IMMA EAT YOU KNOW FOOL

  21. anyone has any idea how and what software do people use to make such video / animation. I want to create a similar video for my school project to visualize the anatomy of moving muscles when running. Help me out pls 🙂

  22. That disease killed our loved Freind Freddie Murcry. Aid should not exist but it does. Freddie Murcry Rest In Peace.
    Love you Fred.

  23. I had a doubt…whether a whole blood transfusion..can limit the number of viruses and d infected t cells

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  25. It’s the fact that the dna in HIV is reversed and copied in reverse that’s why it’s called a retro virus. It’s all biology. I don’t want to bring this up but one reason why some people have a problem with abortions is because some women say “ it’s just a clump of cells”….. uh so are you. We’re all just a clump of cells.

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  27. My biggest question is. If you two are gay you dont have HIV or AIDS. And you two start having coitus does that start something aids related?


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  31. Wait hold up what dose the “D” in “Aids” stand for? 🤔 acquired immunodeficiency dick syndrome?

  32. What is the cause of HIV?
    If two non-hiv person have a sex, is it possible HIV still occured?
    Or the cause of HIV is the badluck? I mean just like cancer even though you're have a healthy habit the cancer still possible to happened

  33. Our religions islam teach us never nearby zinah (sexual) forget doing even do not go to or near to sexual..
    According to quran,
    God punishes those who do homosexual.. like people's of ludh.. so when today world people become like animal.. doing zinah before marriages. And allowing homesexual in between them.. bad thing grow up then on their hands God bring them this punishment.. so now most people fear zinah bcoz of Aids but not fear for God..
    Subxanallah.. may God protect us from this evil punishment amen🙏🙏

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