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  1. Why would you go to Poland? It’s one of the countries with the highest rate of cancer diagnosis. 😱 Just ask American book authors on cancer, they sell the most books translated in Polish than in English. The Polish people cite the neighboring country to their right for this, environmental issue.

  2. This is the Key to the NEW AGE

    Sharing What We Know & Speading the Message…

    Learn about Wim from a friend about two years ago. Been practicing at the beginning elementary stages of holding my breath

    It has actually helped me to relax more. Still afraid to take cold showers but this program has re inspired me..

    I loved the story about the elephant, I couldn’t stop laughing …

  3. Thanks for sharing this Lewis. What a brilliant experience for you all and to be able to feel like we're sitting there with you… I've attended a few Wim Hof workshops in the SF Bay Area and always enjoy the circle after the breathing and the ice bath where everyone shares their experience. So many of my teachers over the past couple years in that room…. Wim,, Jesse, Aubrey, and yourself Lewis. Only thing that would have made this better is to have been there with you all. 😉 Peace profound!

  4. This is such a great circle of men! So good to see male realness and vulnerability. Lewis, is there any way you could do another one for women, too? Just a thought. 🙂

  5. This whole adventure you guys went on was epic and being able to have a sneak peek into an important conversation like this one is priceless. Thanks Lewis.

  6. I've been blessed to have experienced his method on a one-day fundamentals workshop, a full week would be a dream come true. I am sure you truly feel like a changed man! Congrats to nurturing that brotherhood through this out of body experience.

  7. Lewis you're a true leader! Putting this adventure together for you and your friends is something that they will never forget.

  8. All these bound up tight burly white guys. Can tell they never get on the ground. Cheers to wim for letting them access pranayama techniques

  9. Beautiful video,, I was in Poland last month and sat in that same room sharing and doing what you guys have done. Can't express how grateful I was for this experience. Watching this gave me this full body high like after an ice bath as it brought back all the amazing emotion I felt. Spread the love! 🖐️

  10. I’m so grateful that you all were open to sharing this conversation and personal experiences. It never gets old to me to see men circle together to be their FULL selves. It’s comforting to the feminine within me. Thank you again. ♥️

  11. I saw a depiction of an Ice Man from 20 thousand years ago at a museum that looked a lot like Wim Hoff so I guess he is our modern-day iceman.

  12. Onnit, pleas tell us where your outfit is from!! Lovely to listen to you wonderful human beings, wonderful MEN! Thank you

  13. This was awesome to watch! To see men regain their power, to be together without any women; men can live without women, women can live without men. But when you make the choice to live with someone you love, you should be the best you can be…because if you know who you are, you will know who to choose.

  14. Aubrey changed his name and hides he’s the child of crazy wealthy family. Good dude it seems, but come on man. For once he needs to listen in a setting like this instead of going off on a lecture and needing the attention. For a guy that has been in countless ceremonies his ego is still GIANT

  15. This deserves more views. Lewis, if you see this I’d like to thank you for all of the beautiful work you’ve brought to us. I’ve been listening to your podcast for years now and it’s been pure greatness every time. There is always something to learn, no matter how much we might think we know. We know nothing. Much love and positive energy heading your way💜

  16. Great to see ye lads with no ego and no superficial bullshite,just plain normal emotions, well done.🔑💚🍀🇨🇮🤝

  17. Wim and Lewis are my heroes 💪. I’m wondering how Lewis is always smiling, is so contagious…thank you both for this amazing video

  18. Lewis, thank you for sharing this part of your experience with all of us.

    My biggest take aways are, being in a great and powerful brotherhood….working to admire me for my inner strength not just others.
    Vulnerability around brothers who can hold that space for you in safety of each other, truly rare these days.

  19. First thing I noticed about that group photo is that everyone is a normal weight. Which is very unusual now in this day and age. It’s beautiful.

  20. Amazing to watch these giants be vulnerable and honest…..women need to watch this and learn that you guys have it just as tough (emotionally) as we do but on a different level. I watched this with gratitude and my soul was humbled. Thank you Lewis for sharing the moment with the world. We need more of this. 👍❤

  21. Thank you so much for this! This was so incredibly powerful. I laughed & cried with you guys. I shared this on Instagram because I want the men in my life to take care of their mental health, and be more open to different techniques that can help them in their every day life.

  22. These are the kind of men I want in my life.. vulnerable, wanting to learn and grow, and open to amazing experiences.. you guys are incredible!! Thank you for sharing this special time from your awesome trip.

  23. What a beautiful display of authentic vulnerability. The Wim Hof Method has also changed my life and I feel called to share it with others too. Sometimes it seems like humanity isn't changing but you can see it here. The change starts within first before it reflects externally. Have an epic day!

  24. All right I do my cold shower every day.
    For two years 5 days CHALLENGE
    no coffee let's get tough.
    U don't trying to be here so dramatic for creating another bussines. 🤣🤣🤣
    Like Dan Pena with Londo Real

  25. Brotherhood is just a sacred as sisterhood, and I wish there was so much more of it in our western culture! Everything about this video made me feel warm & fuzzy, or downright inspired. So glad you did this (& shared it!) Lewis 🙏😊

  26. Win Hoff's son thinks he'll lose his strength if he follows his father 34:00. But I think being around other men who use this vaunrabillity to create even more strength would have been an eye opener for him. Sometimes you need to see and hear it from someone outside your family circle.

  27. “The most spiritual men, as the strongest, find their happiness where others would find their destruction: in the labyrinth, in hardness against themselves and others, in experiments. Their joy is self-conquest: asceticism becomes in them nature, need, and instinct. Difficult tasks are a privilege to them; to play with burdens that crush others, a recreation. Knowledge–a form of asceticism. They are the most venerable kind of man: that does not preclude their being the most cheerful and the kindliest.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

  28. I'm simple and humble yet I'm going to change the world. Where is the humility? He has elevated himself in a storm of paradox

  29. My first comment on any Youtube vid! You guys are REAL MEN!! Thank you for sharing your vulnerability and your experiences with TRUE brotherhood with the world. Ground breaking stuff and I admire and applaud all of you. !!!

  30. Incredible, transparent and empowering experience. It was a joy to see how much all of you perform with your mind. Transforming in many ways. Life touching your mindset took you to another level. Wim Hof share his knowledge and experience. Your Will power can take you to different levels.

  31. Kudos to the young man 21 years old. Takes guts to pal around with intentional, successful people and how beautiful that he can be with men who are willing to be real people with hearts open.

  32. So you use cold 🥶 to break the precipice and thrust yourself foreword using breathing techniques to break down walls of toxic masculinity in order to embrace raw emotion and become vulnerable? 😅

  33. You guys are so lucky to have an experience like that with Wim himself and everything….once in a lifetime experience. Nice video….group podcast!!!

  34. This is incredible, I am full time mommy, cooking dinner and watching you, hm, you are amazing boys, I would like to inspire my children, thank you Lewis and all boy's, you made my afternoon, I am so grateful, to be able watching this, God bless you all life it's moore beautiful with people like you, I believe life it's about giving everything love and stay ourselves 🤗🙏❤️🍀👌

  35. Bruh! Wim Hof & H7mble tha Poet (I’m not familiar w/ tha other ppl besides Steve Weatherford kicking a football) in tha same room! This is fire.

  36. Seems you guys had lot of fun 😝 😍 Humble First time jump in water lol Yeah Your Environment makes lot of difference.

  37. Really appreciate this posting, I feel men do not come together enough in the spirit of self observation, growth and health. Thank you. Can barely wait for my visit with Wim in May of this year. Deep Bow

  38. The most phony guys in Wim Hof videos as the Wim Hof method practitioner I could say none of them really appreciate the Wim Hof method so shut the fuck up all of you

  39. I have a lot of respect for those man who will never find the answer, but they are respecting themselves and find the key to their heart. Love you all xxx, 🔑❤️

  40. THAT WAS SO AMAZING!!!! I am so inspired by everyone. Thank you Marq for being so real!!! Thank you Enahm and Humble for being brave.

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