Natural Treatment for Indigestion | Stomach Ache/Pain | Trapped Wind

Hello viewers Do you have stomach ache or pain? Or do you have indigestion and you have loss of appetite? And do the children complain of tummy ache? then let me show you a simple yet effective natural homemade remedy the ingredients we need are as follows dry mint powder ajwain seeds salt lukewarm water add 1 tsp of dry mint powder onto a plate then add 1 tsp of ajwain seeds and a pinch of salt if you have high blood pressure then salt can be left out mix all the ingredients together now its ready it is to be taken with glass of water half an hour before main dinner this is an effective remedy for stomach pains, loss of appetite both adults and children may take it it is also good for gas trouble this is an easy to make remedy and you’ll sure to benefit from it why don’t you try for yourself if you liked this video please like, share and subscribe bye

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