It was like, oh, oh, okay. Hmm. I puked my guts out. It’s just another day, it feels like. Doing what we gotta do. ♬ Don’t you think we’re better together ♬ ♬ Oh Honey ♬ ♬ I think we are ♬ Good morning. Good morning guys. What was that? Your nurse. Oh. Stay tuned. Okay, we’re back. We’re back at ya. A lot of interruptions in the hospital, but that’s part of it and… [Peter] Mary just got back from… going to the gym today and… I guess I could have known that it wasn’t gonna go great because right before we left, before I left for the gym I had just taken a nap and then I sat up and I started coughing and then I started to throw up. Not a ton but it was like oh, oh, okay. Hmm. Like… stop thinking about life or else you’re gonna puke more. So I just tried to like, it’s gonna be okay. And… I just wasn’t feeling good. It was the end of the ceftaroline, which is making me nauseous and I, we, we’re trying to cut back a little bit on the anti nausea meds. So I did kind of a full dose of one and a half dose of the other and I made it through the whole… dose of ceftaroline and then… at the end that’s what happened. But then I was like, I either have to do chest PT or go to the gym, like… I’m in the hospital. Like, that’s what we’re doing. We’re clearing my lungs. I have to do something. So I was like no, I’ll just go to the gym and maybe just like, ride the gym bike. What’s it… [Peter] Stationary. Stationary bike and so we got to the gym, which is literally down the hall, and I started coughing. And that’s fine. Coughing is fine. But then I was like, oh… Like, I felt like oh, this is not, this is not good. And everybody who was in there, like… There were three PTs in there. My nurse was in there because my IV was beeping. Anyway, they like, were so sweet. And they got me a bucket and like, a wet rag and like, I puked my guts out, like, I don’t even know where all that came from. But whatever. They were sweet, and they rubbed my back and… I felt cared for and I felt nasty. [snorts] But anyway, I did, I was able to get on the… exercise bike for ten minutes. My legs were burning. Holy moly. My heart was pounding. But I did it and I guess that’s just part of it. I guess my body needs more anti-nausea meds. Yeah. Fooey moofey. Well, I’m glad we have those…to use. Yeah. And… Well, it’s another day in the hospital. The team came around this morning and Mary’s blood work is… her kidneys at the same exact spot that it was yesterday, which… is good and bad, like… It’s good that it’s not getting worse. We would hope that it would be getting better each day with all the flushing that we’re doing with all the fluids and everything, but… the nephrologist said it’s gonna take time. [singing] A whole lot of precious time. Gonna take patience and time to do it right. And flush those kidneys back to… baseline. But… her other blood numbers are down a little bit, which they’ve been trending down, but… they’re still still at a place where we just keep going with what we’re doing. Oh and, oh my gosh. I’m not even kidding. [Peter] What? I literally moved my arm. [Peter] Oh man. Which I shouldn’t even do that. It was like this. I like, moved over like this. And my port. Well, okay, whatever. We were using my port. It wasn’t giving us draw back. So, okay. Hold on. Pause. [Peter chuckles] First we needed to draw blood, so we were drawing it from my line and I was literally thinking in my head, I’m so thankful that this time around my port is giving us all the blood we need. And… right then it was like, not working. Like, we got 1 CC of blood and I was like, ugh. So I sat up, we wiggled it around a little. We ended up flushing it with saline, heparin, saline, and then it worked. So we were like, yeah! We conquered this port problem. Then I laid down like this. [Peter] This was like two minutes later. Yeah, then I laid down like this and- [Peter] The IV started beeping. Patient side occluded and my nurse was like… Cuz she was here the other day when the same thing happened whatever, like, when my port ejected itself. Anyway, I sat up, it wouldn’t flush at all. Nada. Not in, not out. So Peter ended up kind of… maneuvering the needle in further and that worked. Ah, I was like… oh my word. All three of us were in here. My nurse, Peter, and I were all like big wide eyes at each other like, no! And this was…we had been trying to like reposition it and get it to work for like a few minutes before. I was just like trying to move it whatever direction I could. Basically, if this is her port needle and it goes into the port, it had come out a little bit like that. So the tip of the needle wasn’t all the way in and so I was able to push it in a little, but it is a finicky… placement so… So we’re thinking maybe put more gauze underneath the needle so that it’s jacked up into position. [Peter] Mm-hmm. But we already have a bunch, but we’ll try, whatever. Next time. But for now. How dare I move my left arm. How dare you. But we slept pretty well last night. Yeah, we did. That’s something we’re very thankful for. [Peter] And we’re thankful for… [Peter] another day. Yep. [singing] It’s a new season. [Peter] It’s a new day. Hey guys. It’s getting cold out. Look at this. I’m wearing a flannel shirt, a sweatshirt. I took a little walk down the street and… was sitting at Starbucks working on some work for church and writing my sermon and one of you guys came up and said hello, and it kind of um, I was in the zone, had my headphones in, and it kind of startled me, but it’s always fun to meet you guys. [Mary] Uh oh. Uh oh. America’s Got Talent is back on. We’ll update you in a minute. Okay, guys. Sorry for that brief interruption while we finished watching America’s Got Talent, the finale, and it was full of surprises. It’s the only time that we ever turn on the TV in the hospital room, and Mary is actually hooked up to IVIG. It just so happens that every three weeks she gets IVIG and she is… in the hospital for this one and I think because it’s so dark it keeps going out of focus. Sorry about that. But Ollie and I are out on a walk and it’s been a little bit of a mundane day in the hospital. Mary’s been kind of fighting nausea and this evening she’s been, she’s had a low-grade fever, which is kind of weird just because she was getting low-grade fevers before we came into the hospital and we… we usually correlate that with the infection that her body is always fighting and it, kind of those low grades come and go and they’ve been more consistent before in the past couple of weeks before we came into the hospital than kind of ever. Uh… But it seemed like since we have gotten into this course of IVs that the low grades had stopped but today she’s…it’s kind of, her temp has gone up and down. But it’s just one of those things we keep an eye on and kind of monitor and use to gauge things. But right now Mary and I were talking about it, like does it mean anything and whether it means anything or not, we’re doing what we need to be doing and doing these IV antibiotics. But I guess what I was gonna say was it feels like a mundane day, like… I don’t know. Uh… Another day in the hospital. We’re looking at blood numbers and Mary’s doing all her IVs and I was thinking about it today, in a couple of weeks I am going to be speaking at a college to a bunch of college students and I was thinking about when I was a college student and kind of what I dreamed life would be like and… I don’t know. I think as I reflect on life and… So much of life is mundane, like, it’s lived in seasons of waiting, of in between… Uh… What we… where we are right now and where we hope to be and all of that and like, so much, whether it’s health stuff or just… work stuff or whatever we find ourselves in life, there’s seasons of waiting and I’ve been learning a lot about embracing the mundane of waiting and… embracing the blurriness of nighttime filming. Look at the clouds. Nighttime clouds. But anyways, sometimes life is mundane and you embrace it and you walk through it and you… come out for a walk and you go pee and you do the normal stuff of life. And so that’s what we’re doing today. Mary’s doing the…I mean, for her normal stuff is not so normal. And I posted this on Instagram, but I’m really really proud of her. She is working her booty off. She’s always a fighter but especially right now. She’s exhausted and I’m really really proud of her. So… Ollie and I are gonna run around on this grassy lawn and go check in with Mary. [Peter] Go run! Here she is. Join me as I finish my last cup of water for the day. Good work. She is downing water like it’s her job. I feel like I didn’t do so great today. I mean, still got all my fluids and everything, but like… She was nauseous for a lot of the day or a lot of the afternoon. Yeah. But… Part of it. We did it. Another day in the books. Like day eight, nine? Something like that. It’s just another day it feels like, you know? Just doing… Doing what we gotta do. Do what you gotta do. Yeah, we’re doing what we gotta do. Thank you guys so much for your encouragement and response to the vlog that went up today, which is yesterday for you guys. Um… With Colby’s song in it. I’m so glad that you guys loved it as much as we did and… Yeah. It’s cool. I just think that she’s so, articulated so well that… That reality of the hardness of CF but that there is also purpose found in a life full of tears or a life full of… Trials. Yeah. So, anyway. I am really glad that you guys enjoyed that and it was a good pick me up for tonight to read through your comments and how it impacted you. [IV pump beeping] That which is beeping, that which is beeping is IVIG… which, long story short… a different brand was originally sent up and so they had to send up the brand that I normally use. I had already pre-dosed with benadryl and Tylenol. So now I’ve had two pre-doses. They’re coming in. So. [both] As always, we’ll see you tomorrow. Good night. Good night. ♬ [Peter] And goodnight to the Ollie boy. Good night. ♬♬


  1. That was…unfortunate 🙀 But you know what?! We conquered it, and here we are! I’m sending you a high five as you conquer today!

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  5. Question. Is there any way you can have the port moved? Or get another one all together? I'm not sure if that's considered elective surgery or if you'd even be a good candidate for surgery at the moment but the placement of this one is just so awful, it really seems to give you nothing but problems and it just generally seems to be more of a hindrance than a help. Feeling frustrated for you and the awful placement that lady chose.

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