New Coronavirus (COVID-2019) – Is The New Disease a Modern Black Plague

From the nation that brought you the Black
Death, the SARS outbreak of 2002, and the swine-flu pandemic of 2018 comes the year’s
newest, hottest plague: the deadly coronavirus of 2020! It’s a new year, and a new decade, which means
only one thing: new you, new pandemic. But what in the world is the new coronavirus
ravaging China, and now making landfall in the United States? A coronavirus is a catch-all term for a virus
that infects the nose, sinuses, mouth, and throat. SARS for example is a coronavirus that made
the leap from animals to humans, and pretty quickly went mainstream on a tour of the south-east
Asia region. Most of these viruses are limited to giving
you mild cold-like symptoms, but others like Middle East Respiratory Syndrome and the infamous
SARS can actually be deadly. This new outbreak of coronavirus got its start
in the city of Wuhan, one of China’s largest cities with a population of 11 million. It was just a small-town virus, with dreams
of big-city life, and soon it had infected dozens of Wuhan’s residents- though the real
number is impossible to estimate given the flu and cold-like symptoms of the virus. What became immediately obvious though was
the fact that this virus was far deadlier than the cold or the flu, and the elderly
were at particular risk. The first victim of the coronavirus was a
61 year old man who died on January 9th. This was followed by the deaths of two more
on January 15th and 18th. The fourth man to die was an 89 year old man
admitted to the hospital a day earlier with severe breathing issues. From there the death toll continued to climb,
reaching 25 deaths due to the virus. The World Health Organization convened to
discuss measures to protect the global population from a possible pandemic, but ultimately decided
that the virus was not virulent enough to warrant an international emergency. Despite this, China has instituted an unprecedented
lockdown on Wuhan and other affected cities, enacting a travel ban that is now affecting
approximately 33 million people. The lockdown is seen as critical given the
fact that the Chinese New Year was pending at the time of the lockdown, and authorities
feared the spread of the virus across the rest of China and beyond. The authoritarian Chinese government was perhaps
better suited for locking down entire cities than other world governments, but the restriction
of information regarding the virus has angered many Chinese citizens. In a bid to not create panic over the virus,
the Chinese government has kept the story out of its state-run media as much as possible,
and Chinese citizens afraid for their health and angry with their government have turned
to social media to try and inform themselves. Because social media isn’t exactly the number
one source for fact-checked information, many Chinese citizens have in fact panicked exactly
the way the Chinese government had tried to prevent in the first place with the information
blackout. The American CDC has responded to the coronavirus
outbreak by screening passengers at five of the nation’s largest airports who come in
on flights from known Chinese contagion sites. The service has developed a field test that
can tell if a person is infected, and is hoping to spread that knowledge with international
partners in a bid to help combat the potential epidemic. While the American government is not considering
ban on travel to affected Chinese citizens, it has issued a level 3 travel alert- the
highest possible- warning travelers to consult with their physicians and take all possible
precautions to avoid infection while in affected areas. The news of the first American infection though
may soon change the government’s mind, as a passenger aboard a flight from China was
diagnosed with the illness in Seattle, Washington. The passenger was quickly quarantined, but
it was determined that they had come in close enough proximity to at least sixteen other
unnamed individuals before being discovered. At the time of this episode’s writing, an
American college student studying at Texas A&M university was suspected of having been
infected, which might mean that hundreds of other students were also exposed. By the time this episode is live on YouTube,
you’re probably watching it from an underground bunker somewhere as the virus has decimated
humanity and the survivors are forced to flee the surface and avoid extinction. All we can say is that hey, it’s been a wild
ride- thanks for the likes and shares. But how do you know if you are infected and
harboring a potentially civilization-destroying virus? The virus is airborne, meaning it can be transmitted
via coughing or sneezing directly onto another person. The exact transmission methods are still unclear,
though a Chinese victim spread it to fourteen hospital workers while being treated. Symptoms of the new coronavirus include coughing,
sore throat, chest pains- typical flu or cold symptoms. This makes it difficult to ascertain if what
you’ve caught is the hottest new deadly disease, or just a boring old cold. Advanced symptoms though include extreme difficulty
breathing, intense chest pain, and a loss of greater intellectual functions followed
by an appetite for human flesh. Ok, fine, there are no confirmed zombies yet,
but we say just give it time. The real question though is at you even at
risk of being infected? Well, if you’re living in China then yes,
you definitely are. But infection is only seen as a serious health
risk if you happen to be elderly and with a compromised immune system. Like many other diseases, the virus is a greatest
threat to the sick and old of a population- or so we used to think, because a stunning
new development has turned that assumption on its head. On January 23rd, a completely healthy young
Chinese man who was living 1,500 miles from the outbreak’s epicenter became the 26th victim
of the virus. As the virus continues its rampage, Chinese
hospitals have become overcrowded, supplies have run low, and doctors are reaching their
breaking point. To add to Chinese tensions, the government
has canceled all temple fairs and festivals in many Chinese cities in order to limit large
crowds and the spread of the disease. In a bid to quell fears, the Chinese state
broadcaster aired footage from a large Spring Festival banquet in Beijing attended by President
Xi Jinping and top Communist Party leaders- because if there’s anything that reassures
a panicked public is showing top government officials enjoying a nice banquet while the
public’s own festivals have been canceled and they can’t check into hospitals because
they’re overcrowded. The virus has now spread well outside of China’s
borders, and is popping up in Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, the US, and Singapore. Given the wide dispersion of the virus, it’s
only a matter of time until it spreads across the rest of the world, and while officials
have not been too concerned until now, the death of a formerly perfectly healthy young
man has many reconsidering the threat to the world’s population. With mankind’s reign quickly coming to an
end, maybe you should enjoy another one of our awesome videos before we’re all forced
to live underground like sewer rats- click on this video over here, or maybe you’d prefer
this other one instead. You know what, why not both? Life’s short anyways!

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  2. If I was the Owners of Corona Beer I would be taking the virus and parties responsible to court for “ trademark infringement “

  3. Guy next to me: coughs everybody: *stops yelling me: "HES GOT THE VIRUS!" pulls out machine gun guy next to me: "no i dont have the corona virus" random guy who walked in: "Did somebody say coroma?! Me: starts shooting guy next to me The random guy who walled in: "so i guess thats a no on the croma?"

  4. It's not a wold crisis yet you are over scaring people but I live in U.K. And the NHS is the best healthcare service in the world

  5. corona virus was made by America. America wanted to be a larger country so they created a virus and called it Coronavirus. They were after China. But when China got it America got it and many more countries. They are everywhere except for Macedonia Netherlands and some other. Please stay safe its gonna be a long year.

  6. The Chinese might have a Vaccine ! Just an update ! If they do, we’ll be safe ! But they’re testing possible vaccines rn.

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