New Procedure Treats GERD

– New this morning, GERD
is a common condition, but what isn’t so common is one of the ways it can be treated. It requires very little down time, and the results are life changing. KCTV-5’s Amy Anderson talked with the first doctor in our area
to offer this procedure. – I probably had reflux issues for at least 10 years before this,
maybe a little bit longer. – [Amy] Michael Spiegel says if there was a medication
out there for GERD, he’s probably tried it. Everything from Pepto, to Pepsid, to prescription strength medications. – And I took pretty much every medication they had out there, and,
as soon as they would work, a year or two later they may stop working. And, it would just be an overnight, all of the sudden you wouldn’t
have the relief any more, and you’d be back to burning, and a lot of times it
would take several weeks to find a medication that
would manage the symptoms. – [Amy] And those
symptoms are not pleasant. – Pressure in my chest, I mean, it felt like constant burning in my chest, and sometimes into my throat. In the evenings, I
couldn’t lay down in bed, because it’d make it worse. – [Amy] After he tried everything, Spiegel’s doctor referred
him to Dr. Jonathan Patterson with Centerpoint Medical Center. – It effects about one in five Americans. We spend $10 billion a year, just, worldwide, on acid blockers. – [Amy] Patterson was the
first doctor in the Metro to offer the LINX procedure, a procedure that is surprisingly simple. – The LINX procedure
takes a ring of magnets, and puts it at the junction of the stomach and the esophagus, so it sort of recreates the natural valve that
you’re supposed to have, but allows the food to
still be able to go through. – [Amy] The procedure
is minimally invasive and done laparoscopically. Most patients go home the same day, and nearly all of them are
permanently off their medications from day one. – We put in probably
close to a couple dozen and almost uniformly across the board, the patients are doing great. – [Amy] The procedure has been offered now for about 10 years and is
becoming much more widely used as a treatment for the
troubling condition. – I can sit here and talk about studies that we have published in major journals. There’s a lot of those but, for me, when I talk to a person like Michael and they come in and they say, “I’m off my medications and I
can eat a cheeseburger again.” I think, that speaks volumes. – Go and see Dr. Patterson. He really changed my life on this. – [Amy] Amy Anderson, KCTV-5 News. – There are a lot of conditions
that cause GERD symptoms. Patients who have GERD due to obesity are not good candidates
for the LINX Procedure. Doctors say the ideal
candidate has a normal BMI.

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