– Okay, we’re here with Carlie today. Carlie, when you first
started as a patient here at Summit Family Chiropractic, what were the main health issues
that you were dealing with? – I had headaches, every day, and I have GERD so I was on
medication for my stomach and I had a super sore
neck, back and achy hips ever since I had my kids. – The digestive issues and the
headaches and the neck pain, how long were you
struggling with those things before you came here? – Three years? – That’s quite a bit because you’re only, how old are you?
– 28. – So, I mean, at 25 years old, to start dealing with those things, that’s kind of a bummer
because if you fast-forward, you know, into your future, had you not started
working on those things, typically those things can get worse. – Right.
– It was pretty cool because you became a patient. We met you through a
health transformation event that you came to where you
learned all about nutrition, and all the essentials that we do. You started care about how long ago? – 4 1/2 months. – Over the four months, what have you changed in your lifestyle? Obviously, you’re getting
your spine corrected but beyond just coming
in to get adjustments, because a lot of people think, oh you go to a chiropractor, you get your neck popped and sometimes your neck pain goes away
and sometimes it doesn’t, but you’ve been implementing
a lot more essentials than just getting adjusted. What else have you done? – I’ve been doing my
home care and I’ve been – What is home care for
people that don’t know? – home care is the
things that we do at home for our chiropractic care. – Would you say it’s like
physical therapy for your spine? – Yes.
– Yeah. – And I’ve been eating a lot better. I cut out sugar, mainly, and I’ve been working
out several times a week and just basically being better. – Yeah, a healthier lifestyle. – Healthier lifestyle, yes.
– That’s awesome. In just four months,
because that’s relatively a short amount of time,
– Yes. – in four months, what changes
have you seen in your health? – I don’t get headaches pretty much ever. My neck, my back, nothing’s really sore. My hips don’t ache at all. I’ve completely got off
my Omeprazole medication for my stomach. I literally haven’t taken
the one since I started coming and I don’t take
Tylenol for my aches or my headaches or anything. I have a lot more energy, I’m not just lazy and
depressed and unhappy. Seriously, I’ve changed a lot
in a short amount of time. – Obviously, we can’t take all the credit because you’re the one doing the work and these aren’t things that we invented. These are just laws and
principles that govern health but would you say it’s fair to
say that getting your health back has changed your life? – Yes.
– Cool. I’m glad that we could help you with that, I’m really proud of your results. – Thank you.
– And I can’t wait to see what the future holds. Great job!
– Thanks!

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