8 Replies to “Norovirus is a nasty stomach bug

  1. Is this the virus that causes stomach flu after everybody gets their regular shots? Is that another strain? How much will you, the CDC, pay in restitution for lost wages to everyone? Seeing as how you make billions from selling vaccines and all, you can afford it.

  2. What do you do if you don’t feel like throwing up because your scared but your in pain?
    Also I have the stomach flu now and I am a kid and very scared

  3. just had it lastnight probably the worst thing ever you can imagine. you dont know what to do with yourself, it comes it waves of cramps..than u can lie down a bit, than puking comes on, bowel movements didnt help as i expected, plus im constipated regularly so, i dont wish this on anyone. im scared my wife will get . we bleached the whole house 🙁 it took everything out of me and than more when i coulnt give anything else, i wanted to die on the spot for 8 hours.

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