Peppermint Oil for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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  1. My husband is a doctor and I swear to you he has IBS yet he lives in denial… I am going to try this and … I am just wondering should I try it on him without telling him what I'm trying to treat or should I tell him…

  2. @nav177 if he's got IBS and he's In denial…you can't help him. Lol and peppermint kinda helps. But it's more like a band-aid for a cut….it's like oh yay thanks, but it doesn't fix anything. Anybody wanting to cure themselves from a fucked up central to enteric connection aka (IBS) needs to start eating high carb low fat. As in upwards of 3-5 thousand cals a day in fruits and veggies. Take it from me I have IBS worse then anybody I have ever even heard of. And I have cured myself and experience little to no simptons.

  3. I have lived with this problem my entire life.  It has limited me in so many ways, caused me to miss out on many important events, lost jobs, and rendered me albeit disabled.  The doctors I have spoken to about this for the last 3 decades all prescribe anti-D's and each time that caused more and different issues without solution.  I refuse to live life in a cloud and still have symptoms.  I regularly drink Spearmint Tea made from fresh plants I grow.  My question is… does it matter which type of Mint?  Spearmint, Peppermint or Mint etc…?  I often wonder if there is a difference between the various mints.  Is one mint more affective than others?  Even with the essential oils they don't offer various types of mints, at least I haven't seen them.  Does anyone know?

  4. Big Pharma ever hears of this it won't be long until some sell out congressman offers up a bill to make Mint an illegal substance.

  5. Nice work, doc'!  I spray my room with a bottle of water + essential peppermint oil drops. Makes everything smell fresh and brand new ^_^

  6. this was literally my life for many many many months. my GI doc wanted to give me drugs, didn't talk to me about how to change my lifestyle. doc never called my pain IBS. and i only started calling my situation as IBS after my ordeal was mostly over. still have a very delicate GI system, but i wish that my daily pain that left me paralyzed many days had been legitimized with a named diagnosis. 
    (i did drink peppermint tea when things were bad but not so bad that i couldn't get up to make tea, so knowing that there's a study on this, makes me optimistic about future sufferers of IBS!)

  7. Just wanted to share I have never tried the oil but before I went vegan about 4 years ago and had upset stomach regularly was to make peppermint tea and suck on peppermint candy and it helped some. My husband says peppermint tea usually helps his stomach aches as well so I keep some in the cabinet.

  8. I've had this and it's the worst pain! Doctor said I should eat more fiber, drink more water, and eat fruits and veggies.

  9. That acupuncture is no more effective than placebo doesn't show the effectiveness of placebo, it shows the ineffectiveness (and bullshit) of acupuncture.

  10. From what I understand.. IBS could be for either constipation or diarrhea.  Peppermint oil from what I researched works when the case is with constipation because it increases motility. So if someone has diarrhea and taking peppermint oil to help it, is probably making a bad move.

  11. Do you know anything about IBD in dogs? My dog has the disease and we've taken her to a few different vets but they are generally very unhelpful. She does pretty well now on her medication but I just wondered if peppermint could be given to dogs at all or if it's even similar?

  12. I do agree that if you can use something cheap and traditional for a condition try that first before letting big pharma reach into you wallet and rob you blind.

  13. ever notice the FDA always approves the drugs that can jack u up more but don't approve the natural ones, who in their right mind would combine drugs and food together. I tell u it seems they only wanna keep you sick and if they didn't then why even have an FDA at all. Bums killing their own people, no wonder medical malpractice is the 3rd leading killer in America, right there under cancer and heart disease then its medical malpractice.

  14. I did thumbs up this however, only because he seems to actually care as a doctor. He cant be American, those doctors hate their patients.

  15. I bet some(maybe most) of the people in the Placebo study do not have a clue what the word Placebo means…

  16. This is probably the only nutritionfacts video that I don't like. Peppermint can cause acid reflux! It relaxes the lower esophageal sphincter. I've suffered hell for days after consuming one cup of peppermint tea.

  17. I watched Bill Nye's new show recently where he debunks "all" holistic and naturopathic remedies with science and claiming when they do work it is simply the placebo effect. He had an expert skeptic on that kept insisting there is "No research to back these claims" and he even said if they were effective, they would be regulated. I was just wondering if you have a specific video where you cover these types of claims. I have experienced relief with natural remedies before and consider (as you said) a first-line treatment. I feel ilke there is room for both holistic and western medicine practice.

  18. I've been taking enteric coated peppermint oil for about 4 years now.  I buy Pepogest at Vitamin Shoppe.  The doctor prescribed me a Prevpac, which made me feel worse and cost over $400!  The peppermint oil cured me.  You should use a probiotic supplement as well.  I take the Pepogest 30-60 minutes before breakfast, 2 hours after lunch and before bedtime.  The best under $10 investment you can make.  Foods won't repeat on you either.  You can have rich foods without the bad burps after.

  19. Something tells me the patients simply got fed up with their doctors after the open placebos and decided to stop complaining about their IBS.

  20. I have had a dull pain under my right rib for a couple of months, kind of like where my gallbladder is located, I went to the doctor two days ago, and he suggested me to buy IBGARD as it might be IBS, which are oil peppermint capsules. I have felt an immediate relief on my pain, and my head has clear out because this pain has been taken my sleep and well being.

  21. Ok so the past 3 months I had moderate IBS and now it’s gone here’s what I do
    Be sure to eat healthy I personally avoid beans, nuts, too much sugar, and rice also with chicken makes digestion worse and eat food that you now you’ll be ok with.Drink before your meal I been drinking alkaline water for my stomachs to soothe with gerd. Drinking before helps digestion do one at a time. In morning I do this yoga video and also I bend down to the floor idk y but it helps. Then I have raspberries and any berry to balance hormones and just be healthy. I bought a mint plant and eat it time to time for any bloating and digestion. Peppermint oil helps I put it on salads and helps a lot. Avoid spicy foods of course and go on With your day with just healthy food helps a lot I have eat apples especially the skin helped me. Rly just any food without it to betoo unhealthy doesn’t hurt but I don’t know ur stomachs so make sure to get all vitamins in types of foods or eat it by tablets. Evening I do this yoga and have dinner no later than 8 also for my gerd. Then before bed I have tea preferably chamomile or peach and honey helps and tastes better. Then a little snack or anything I eat yogurt with berries in it for next morning. Then sleep with ur head up idk for anyone this is nessiscary cuz I have gerd but helps . And just be calm I had anxiety and ate horrible which made me get this and I honestly don’t care what others think of me cuz nerves can impact digestion a lot which was me.

  22. I have spent quite a while investigating foods to eat if you have irritable bowel syndrome and discovered an awesome resource at Stomach Oracle Omnibus (look it up on google)

  23. I've just recently been newly utterly struck down with IBS, it's been lifechangingly awful. I'm glad to have seen this vid – I've been taking peppermint oil capsules and didi think they made a huge difference – it's awesome to get some confimration. I think I'll persevere with them instead of seeking any prescription drugs now 🙂

  24. Is it safe to use Peppermint essential oil drops? I bought some but then noticed the label that it's dangerous to ingest and you should immediately seek for medical assistance if you do :/

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