Pipeline Pinch

Imagine no heat in your
house and the temperature outside is in the single
digits. Well, thousands of people in Rhode
Island found out what that’s like in early 2019
because their natural gas heating supply had to be
shut off. It was bad. The governor called a state
of emergency. And no doubt a few weeks later millions
of people across the northeast got a severe case of
heartburn when they opened their utility bills. Interestingly,
at the same time people in Rhode Island didn’t have
enough gas and millions of people across the region
were paying sky high electricity and heating prices, the rest
of the country was weathering the Polar Vortex just
fine. Weird, right? People in Texas are probably
saying, “What’s going on with those Yankees. Don’t they have
all that gas in the Marcellus and Utica Shales?” Well, yes,
they do. But what they don’t have, are enough pipelines
to get the gas where it is needed. You see the state of
New York has been blocking natural gas pipelines for
years. That matters to New England states because New
York is acting like a giant stop sign. It’s a land barrier
between it and the six states to the north. But New York is
also hurting itself. Pipeline capacity is such a problem
that new customers in Westchester County are being told they
can’t hook up to existing natural gas lines and construction
of 16,000 homes may be suspended. Long Island may be facing a similar
situation. The Empire State has been blocking two federally-
approved pipelines that could be bringing low cost natural
gas to northeastern customers from the giant shale formations
nearby. The Constitution and Northern Access pipelines have
been obstructed for four and three years respectively.
New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation claims
constructing the pipelines would be too dangerous for streams
and rivers. Never mind that there are thousands of
miles of pipelines carrying natural gas, other products
and waste material all over the state. These pipelines cross
rivers and streams countless times. The “We’re worried about our
rivers and streams” claim is a transparent excuse that allows
state politicians to cater to anti-energy activist groups.
It’s a costly maneuver for everyone who lives north of the Pennsylvania-
New York border. During the 2019 Polar Vortex people across the
northeast were paying four to five times as much for natural
gas than people in nearby states that have an adequate number
of pipelines. In January of 2018 gas prices in New
York City hit a record breaking $175 per Mcf. Spot
prices in the northeast region were more than 20 times
higher than in Appalachia. A 2017 report by the U.S. Chamber
of Commerce discovered that residents of the Northeast pay
44 percent more than the national average for electricity
and 29 percent more for natural gas. The report claimed if these
blocked pipelines and others aren’t built the region will
suffer a loss of 78,000 jobs and many billions of
dollars in labor income and gross domestic product.
And that’s not it. When the cold snaps come,
as they do every winter, the region imports liquified natural
gas from Trinidad & Tobago as well as Vladimir Putin’s Russia.
Imagine that. Buying gas from Russia when there’s a giant supply
of cheap, clean natural gas just across the New York state
line. People in Texas, Pennsylvania and Ohio must be shaking their
heads hearing about all those people up north unnecessarily
turning down their thermostats while shaking out their
wallets. For the Clear Energy Alliance,
I’m Mark Mathis. Power On.

19 Replies to “Pipeline Pinch

  1. And it's all for nothing. As a scientific theory, man made climate change due to atmospheric carbon dioxide levels has as many loopholes as a rodeo, and is about as accurate as astrology. Global warming theology has succeeded in captivating so many people because it is a dramatic new age doomsday religion that puts Mother Nature on the Cross instead of Jesus. Christian fundamentalists have End Times Theology. Secular humanists have the Church of Climate Change. Many actually fall in love with the art of climate change fear mongering, which feeds an unhealthy psychological need within them. Passionate Christians can see the face of Jesus in a random stain on a wall. Passionate climate change enthusiasts see Niagara Falls freezing under record low temperatures as a sign of global warming. PLEASE SEE NEW CLIMATE DISCOVERY at http://renewable.50webs.com/Zeller.Nikolov.html

  2. Only Countries that never felt a lack of ressources complain about scarce energy on a political level.
    And I can not believe I have to say it, but Russia is not the USSR anymor, that country is not communist at all. Do not use Hammer and Sickle for them.

    Also, why not district heating with nuclear reactors, or waste fired powerplants?

  3. And they are shuttering their nuclear power plants too. Clean fossil and fission is the base load energy that is needed in all states. Wind and solar are temporary solutions for clean energy. An all nuclear electrical solution is what will help with climate change more than any other combination.

  4. What a joke this is! What moron believes this garbage? Proud to have been a party to the first ever grassroots group to stop an interstate pipeline, the CONstitution!!! #banfrackingnow

  5. Brayton Point, the last major coal fired power plant in Massachusetts was shut down recently. Brayton Point generated over !,600 mega watts 24/7 regardless of the weather. To make up for the loss of coal fired power plants. Natural gas fired combined cycle gas turbine plants have been built. These power plants are dependent on natural gas transported by pipeline. The shut down of coal fired power plants in the northeast makes the area too dependent on a fuel which is already heavily used to heat homes, hospitals, schools, college campuses, etc.

  6. I just saw this video as a ad and I live in Maine and I didn't know this was happening. Its shamful that NY state is doing this

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