Popular Heartburn Medication Zantac Found To Cause Deadly Cancer & Avenatti Facing More Trouble

Researchers at Valisure discovered that Zantac,
the popular heartburn medication, is loaded with a cancer causing substance known as NDMA. They first notified the FDA about this in
June of last year, but just in keeping with the FDA, they did nothing about it. The FDA slept on this issue and now it’s killing
Americans. Joining me to talk about this is Daniel Nigh. Daniel, let’s start at the top. What’s the Zantac problem? Well, Zantac breaks down inside of the body. It’s an unstable molecule, it breaks down
inside with this toxin called NDMA and NDMA is a radical, terrible toxin. It causes cancer in numerous organs inside
of the body. You know, when they’re doing animal studies
and they want to induce an animal with cancer, the toxin à la choice is often NDMA just
because of how quickly it can induce a cancer and it can induce a cancer at any site. Okay, put it in perspective. We’re not talking about small amounts, as
you point out, this is a chemical that when a scientist wants to make an animal, induce
cancer in an animal, this is their go to chemical. That’s right. Now, there’s a number that the, and of course,
I trust nothing that the FDA says. This is the most dysfunctional, it’s almost
a useless entity. But they say, well it’s 96 nanograms is going
to be okay, but tell me how many nanograms we, we’re talking about with this. Well, there’s multiple different options out
there, theories that we’re still trying to gather a little bit more information about. You know, the petition from Valisure show
that it may break down into as many as 4 million nanograms. Four million? Right. There’s another, but that’s with heating the
sample, there might be some issues recognizably with that. But the other issue is when it goes inside
of the body and it’s, and it’s combined with nitrates, a high nitrate diet, like if you’re
eating pizza at the same time as taking your NDMA, they’ve shown also that under a simulated
testing that it may be hundreds of thousands of NDMA breaking down there. The FDA has even only tested the pill itself
and found nano, you know, high nanograms of NDMA in the pill itself. Okay, let’s back up on all that. Okay. First of all, we know we can begin here, that
we know GlaxoSmithKline, if I’m betting the farm on it, they phonied up results from clinicals. I see it almost every case that I handle. Well along those lines, Pap, in the 1980s
GlaxoSmithKline had a, Glaxo back then because keep in mind, Glaxo rode on the back of Zantac. That’s right. That’s their moneymaker. That’s how it became GlaxoSmithKline. They forced the merger because they weren’t
in superior position without Zantac, we don’t, I don’t know if they’d even be in the name. Right. You know, but they knew back in the 1980s
that combined with a high nitrate diet that it would break down the NDMA. Let’s talk about, okay, so right now we know
we’re way above the acceptable level of 96 nanograms. Right. We’re maybe 3000 maybe 4 million. Right. The argument is that, that we’re hearing from
the other side is, well, oh that’s only when it’s heated up. The point is, we know this, when the Zantac
goes into the human body and it can, it combines with nitrates, as you’re saying. That’s right. Nitrate is something you can get from smoked
sausage. You can get it from any, look, food is packed
with nitrates. Bacon has more than you can count. When you combine bacon with the Zantac pill,
those numbers can hit three thousand, four thousand, five thousand, that’s what this
is showing right now. Absolutely. Okay, so that’s the first part of it. The second part of it is that the company
has known about this for a very long time. They, and the FDA has known about it for a
very long time and done nothing. How long did it take the American FDA to react
after this was already pulled off the market around the world? Well, FDA was the 43rd country to actually
take some definitive action. Okay. We have countries out there like Guam and
Singapore taking definitive action before the FDA. It’s they, they slept on this, like they’ve
slept on many other projects, as we know. Tell us why in this case, the FDA and they
had to save face, that’s what I remember about it. They had to save face. Tell us that story. Well, the FDA tested the pill itself ,so they
can see that there are hundreds of nanograms in the pill. And so once we even have hundreds of nanograms,
that’s over the threshold level of 96. And the way that it actually started out is
even our pharmacies understood what a catastrophic problem this was. They pulled it off the shelves, even the generic
medication suppliers and now Sanofi, they all pulled it off the shelf. So really they all acted in the US well before
the FDA took definitive action. Sloan Kettering, probably one of the most
important cancer research hospitals in the world. Right. Comes out and says, we did this study. It scares the bejesus out of us. Tell us about that. Well, we know, what we know now is that Sloan
Kettering, the lead investigator, they made the, was interviewed by Bloomberg and they
had mentioned that as after they saw the study results they polled, using Zantac in their
hospital. Okay. So the hospital itself pulled the product
out of their hospital and they’re the ones that did the study. That’s right. They’re the ones who did the study. So we have pretty, pretty high confidence
that there’s going to be some significant results in this study. Well, surely it’s going to be in one of the,
one of the medical literatures. Surely that study is going to be published
so the public can know about that. Tell me, when will it. I think it was supposed to be published in
JAMA, and it was supposed to be published a few days ago, and here’s, here’s one of
the big stories. Now, you know, in terms of proving this case,
we don’t have to have Sloan Kettering study to prove it, but it almost makes it a slam
dunk when Sloan Kettering comes out because it’s so clear that if you’re taking Zantac
with a study like this, that it increases your risk of cancer. Okay. So just to be clear, Sloan Kettering comes
out with a report where they completely substantiate everything that you’re alleging. The study shows it, it’s very clear. But nevertheless, even though that study,
most of the time would be published in like the JAMA or one of the medical pieces of literature,
it’s not showing up yet. That’s right. And we, and if I’m guessing, because I’ve
seen this before, I’ve seen the FDA get involved and hush a story. I’ve seen the, the lobby, the pharmaceutical
lobby work together with the FDA to make a story go away. Is that what’s happening here in your estimation? Well, we’ve seen on numerous of these science
blogs online that it’s already leaked, that JAMA pulled the study preemptively. We don’t know why. You know, I hope, Pap, I hope that it’s just
to look at it and see if it’s more accurate and just, you know, make, give it a little
bit more vetting and make sure that the findings are robust. But we’ve seen this time and time again, we’ve
seen this in past projects. Oh, I’ve seen it a dozen times. Where the company or the FDA tries to figure
out a way to bury a study and I’m concerned that’s what we’ll be seeing here. But here, we’re talking about a product that
causes cancer. There’s no question. I mean, anybody that says no, there’s no evidence,
where do you find a scientist that comes out and says, yeah, this does? That the pill itself generates the chemical
NDMA. You understand what I’m saying? Yeah. NDMA, it’s not contaminated with NDMA. It goes into the body and synergistically
creates the chemical NDMA, which is the chemical that scientists use when they want to promote
cancer in a laboratory animal. And this is four, this is thousands of times
higher than even the FDA’s number, which is 96, it’s thousands of times higher than that. Right. And so here we are right now, and my supposition
here, I’ll bet on this all day long and when we do the discovery on this and take the depositions,
what we will show, I promise you, will be that lobbyists for the pharmaceutical industry
and the FDA worked together to suppress the Sloan Kettering study. I promise you that’ll happen. Not only the Sloan Kettering study, but other
studies. Tell me what scientific, what’s the best support
for Zantac and it’s cause to cancer? What do you rely on? Well, we know that Zantac breaks down inside
of the, into NDMA. Even the FDA has already known that there
are some levels that it’s, that it’s breaking down. So that alone, there’s a mountain of literature
in terms of animal studies, in terms of human dietary studies, in terms of occupational
exposure studies that show that NDMA causes cancer. But we also even have a few studies that were
done back in the day, not understanding that NDMA was breaking down inside of the body,
but done back in 2008 showing an increased risk of breast cancer for people who were
taking Zantac. And also we’ve seen an increase in the risk
of bladder cancer. Bladder, colon, stomach, what do people need
to be really aware of? If they’ve been popping, look, there’s people
that pop Zantac all day long because they have acid reflux, they’ve got ulcers, they’ve
got doctor says, yeah, take as many as you want and they pop them like, like candy. What should they be conscious of? Well, I think, I think some of the main cancers
we’re going to see is we’re going to see bladder cancer, kidney cancer, colorectal cancer,
stomach cancer. But I would say this, when we’ve looked back
and we found that it even causes an increase in the rate of bladder cancer in terms of
Zantac users. We know from our work in Valsartan where it
caused NDMA to break down inside of the body. That breast cancer, you just wouldn’t see
that in the animal studies, dietary studies, occupational studies as much. So if it, if it causes that and an increased
risk, then I think all cancers are on the table at this point that NDMA from Zantac
may cause any type of cancer. Now, I can hear it in trial, GlaxoSmithKline
says, gee, we voluntarily pulled it off the market. Truth is when should they have known and put
this relationship together and not put any more people at risk? As you look at the facts of this case, when
should that have been done? Clearly in the 1980s. They were, they were also warned internally
that this should at least, at the very least, it should be marketed with a warning to not
take Zantac at the same time as eating, especially with a high nitrate diet, but they did the
exact opposite. Their campaign was to show that you could
take Zantac at the same time as a high nitrate diet so that you wouldn’t have the heartburn
and you would be able to eat whatever diet you want it to. Clearly against what their own internal scientists
were telling them. So, in about 30 seconds, what are their defenses
right now? What are they saying? What are the, I mean obviously they know this
is a multibillion-dollar problem for them. I mean, because just the call, just the calls
that you’re getting from people, they’re staggering numbers, aren’t they? Very staggering numbers. I mean, at this point, you know, we have thousands
of clients already internally, but if I look at the scope of this problem, I mean, Zantac
was the most popular pill on the, on the market back in the 1990s and still popularly prescribed,
even as you know, 2016 had 15 million users at that time. Fifteen million. It was very, very popular common drug and
what we, what we think is that they’re going to be many people who got cancer as a result
of taking Zantac. Yeah, and people think it’s like taking aspirin. There’s no problem here, because that’s what
their doctors think because the doctors haven’t even been educated really about the NDMA relationship. That’s right. Daniel, give them hell. This is, this is an ugly, ugly case. Stay in there and fight them. Absolutely. Thanks for joining me. Okay. Thank you. Finally tonight, some good news. A district judge last week refused to dismiss
several charges against celebrity lawyer, Michael Avenatti. As he awaits the start of his trial, Avenatti
has attempted to get two charges of extortion and charge for defrauding a client dismissed. These charges are related to the alleged extortion
scheme that Avenatti had against Nike. The charges claim that Avenatti threatened
to release damaging information about the company unless they agreed to pay him $20
million. It wasn’t even clear where the $20 million
was going to go. The judge in the case understood that Avenatti
has to face the music for his actions and this case is going to proceed to trial later
this month. In addition to extortion charges against Avenatti,
he’s also been accused in separate cases of stealing millions of dollars from a disabled
client, stealing money from a book advance his client received, as well as wire fraud,
tax fraud, embezzlement. In total, Avenatti has been hit with 36 different
charges. Avenatti represents all of the ugly caricatures
of trial lawyers that corporations have been trying to push for years. His greed and arrogance are going to be used
as an attack on all lawyers for years to come. But if these charges can just stick, we’ll
at least have one less bad lawyer out there bringing down the reputation of the legal
profession. That’s all for tonight. Find us on Twitter and Facebook @facebook.com/rtamericaslawyer. You can watch all RT America programs on Direct
TV, Channel 321 and also stream them live on YouTube. I’m Mike Papantonio, and this is America’s
Lawyer, where every week we tell you the stories that corporate media is ordered not to tell
because their advertisers won’t let them. Have a great night.

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    All I take for occasional indigestion/heartburn is a level 1/2 teaspoon of Arm & Hammer bicarbonate of soda dissolved in warm tap water and freshly squeezed lemon juice. It turns fizzy and quickly bubbles up the gas.

    If you're on the road, bottled club soda also works. A cheap, overcarbonated type like Safeway's house brand.

    Lock up Avenatti in the most dangerous prison around and throw away the key! Crooked lawyers and bad cops deserve the worst punishments!

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  16. Since my gastroenterology course in med school(31 years ago), Iยดve known that the LACK of acid in the stomach for prolonged periods of time, caused stomach cancer. That goes for ranitidine and all anti-ulcer medication. Acid in the stomach is normal & has to be there. What I never understood of U.S. physicians is, why use ranitidine for acid reflux? There is a better medication to deal with acid reflux & it works a a physiological level, not inhibiting acid production in the stomach, but rather giving the lower esophageal sphincter better tone, thus avoiding acid reflux.

    This medication(in generic), is called DOMPERIDONE(ask your physician to switch you to this). It works better than any proton inhibitor drug in getting rid of acid reflux, without the risk of being a cancer producing medication.

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